Staff Of Bordeaux

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Item Information

Item ID 1648 Type Weapon - Staff
Identifier Staff_Of_Bordeaux Equip Locations Main Hand
NPC Buy 20 zeny Equippable Jobs Mage / Wizard / Sage
NPC Sell 5 zeny Item Use Script

1 bonus bMatkRate,15; bonus bInt,2; bonus bDex,1; if(getskilllv("SA_DRAGONOLOGY")==5) { bonus bUseSPrate,-15; bonus bInt,3; }

Weight 50 Equip Script None
Defense 0 Unequip Script None
Attack 30 Refineable Yes
Slots 0 Min Equip Level 50
Weapon Level 4

Dropped By

Monster Name Drop Chance Monster Level Monster Race Monster Element
Moonlight Flower 1% 67 Demon Level 3 Fire