The Highlights

Weather System

Enjoy an immersive day and night cycle with rain, snow, or sunshine and dynamic monster spawns.

Thoughtful Balance

Carefully planned and rebalanced job classes and monsters that remain true to original design.

Modifications and Rigidity

Thousands of unique combinations of weapons and armors waiting to be discovered.

Overarching Story

Entirely optional story that spans the duration of your journey from beginning to end.

A welcoming and interactive community awaits.

Asgard Legend strives to be create a warm, welcoming environment for all. With so much to learn, our community and staff are always ready to help.

With new dungeons, instances, and bosses to tackle, you'll want to bring some friends!

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News and Events

January 2 2022
Asgard Legend in 2022
The Upcoming Year in Asgard Legend   Happy New Year, everyone! Asgard Legend has now been open and running for three years, and I just wanted to take a moment t…
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October 25 2021
Changelog 10/25/2021 - [Halloween Event]
Changelog Additions Added in the Fall (Halloween) 2021 event. Runs from 10/25/2021 through 11/14/2021 Talk to Shaman (izlude 120, 26) to learn more about the Lost Souls seen w…
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September 9 2021
Changelog 09/09/2021 - [Asgardian Mode]
Changelog Additions Added in Asgardian Mode (see below for details). Available from the Izlude Ship when creating a brand new character. Asgardian Mode is intended to introduc…
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August 25 2021
Changelog 08/24/2021 - [Episode 6: Rachel / Job Balances]
Changelog Additions Added in new client protection: Gepard Shield. Added in a few new commands associated with the new client protection. !vsync - Removes the FPS limit from t…
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June 15 2021
Changelog 06/15/2021 - [Battlegrounds / Voting Specialist]
Note: The Izlude Dungeon event has ended.   Changelog Additions Added in Battlegrounds See full guide below. Added in Build Swapper to !settings as well as the Build Man…
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