News and Updates

June 2 2019
Summer New Player Event
Summer New Player Event June 1st ~ June 30th   New Player Battle Manuals and Quest Skills Upon creating a new character from June 1st to July 31st, new players are given…
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June 1 2019
Changelog 06/01/2019
Important notes: Quest skills have been wiped for all players. However, simply logging in will grant all players all quest skills in the new format so that they are not erased…
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May 18 2019
Changelog 05/18/2019
Changelog Additions Added a cut-off time of 30 days for all rankings on the main site. Characters related to accounts that have not had a login in 30+ days will not be include…
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May 6 2019
Changelog - Episode 2.2: Taekwon Job Branch
Changelog Additions Added in the Taekwon Job Branch (Taekwon, Star Gladiator, and Soul Linker) All skill descriptions are implemented correctly in-game for these classes. Howe…
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April 26 2019
Changelog 04/26/2019
Changelog Additions Added in Forging Legend NPC to Izlude (153, 119) which converts older blacksmith-forged weapons to the newer forging system. Notes The weapon must be equip…
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