News and Updates

June 26 2020
Third Jobs Classes on the Horizon
As we come ever closer to releasing the first round of third job classes, I'd like to take the time to refresh all players on third job class information as well as explain ho…
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June 6 2020
Changelog 06/06/2020
Changelog Additions Added in the Poring Labs event (June 6 to July 4) Bio Labs Dungeon 1 and 2 Teleport Disabled. EXP + 50% Drops +25% Bio Labs Dungeon 3 EXP + 10% Drops + 10…
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May 30 2020
Changelog 05/30/2020
Changelog Additions Added a progress page to view our progress towards 3rd job classes. Link for those who missed it: Once all 3-1…
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May 2 2020
Changelog 05/02/2020
Changelog Additions Added a basic instance to challenge Valkyrie Randgris. Starting location: odin_tem03 275, 226 Instance Duration: 2 hours Cooldown: 20 hours (master ac…
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April 25 2020
Changelog 04/25/2020
Changelog Additions Added a new command - !report <message> Used for reporting other players for violating our Terms of Service. Examples: kill-stealing, mob dropping, e…
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