Thanatos Tower Quest

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Thanatos Banner.png

Thanatos Tower Quest
Base Level: None
Party: None
Item(s) (Consumed): 7437.png 1 Fragment of Misery
7436.png 1 Fragment of Agony
7438.png 1 Fragment of Hatred
7439.png 1 Fragment of Despair
Item(s) (Not Consumed): Equippable Level 4 Weapon
Quest Prerequisite(s): Register for entry at entrance
Quest Reward(s): 1708.gif

Ability to Summon Memory of Thanatos (Repeatable)


A flash of lightning has struck the top of the Tower, Angels and Demons appeared from within. The Renkenber Corporation is calling for courageous heroes to exterminate the monsters, but a looming secret lies at the top.

I recommend - E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E - to read the entire guide a couple of times before starting in order to have a smooth run.

Everyone who wants to ascend the Tower should be at least Level 85 and be in a Party, also don't forget to carry Potions, a good amount of 601.png Fly Wing , and some 610.png Yggdrasil Leaf.

Having a Shield compounded with 4138.png Anubis Card helps as there are a lot of Angel monsters at the upper levels and they hit hard.

Don't forget to kill these monsters scattered in the upper levels to obtain their Fragments needed to summon the MVP Memory of Thanatos.


  1. Starting from Izlude, take the Airship izlude20473 towards Hugel.
  2. From Hugel , make your way through the fields to reach the Tower Keeper hu_fild01141162.
  3. Enter the tower by paying him 5 000z.
  4. On Thanatos Tower 1F find the Representative tha_t0114978 who is looking for recruits for those wishing to explore the tower. Sign up with her for the quest.
  5. Make your way to Thanatos Tower 2F and meet the Entrance Guide tha_t02231161. Talk to him and he will open a portal for the next floor.
  6. On 3F, Investigate the Rune Device tha_t036667 with your Equipped Level 4 Weapon to obtain 7421.png Red Key. Head towards the next floor.
  7. On 4F, at the top right part of the map, interact with Rune Device tha_t04185188 to crack a code. Once cracked, you should obtain 7422.png Yellow Key. Head towards the next floor.
    • This Numerical Mastermind Puzzle can be easily cracked with this site.
  8. On 5F, Investigate the cracks of the Brilliant Statue tha_t0559178 in the middle of the top left quadrant. Type in Red Key then Yellow Key and you should receive 7423.png Blue Key. Head towards the next floor.
  9. On 6F, Investigate the Wheels of the Brilliant Statue tha_t06226226 in the very top right corner of the map. Arrange the wheels as follows to obtain 7424.png Green Key. Stay on the same floor.
    • 1st Small Wheel - Option 1
    • 2nd Small Wheel - Option 2
    • 1st Big Wheel - Option 3
    • 2nd Big Wheel - Option 1
    • 3rd Big Wheel - Option 1
  10. Walk in the middle of the top right quadrant and Observe the Splendid Sword tha_t06200181 then choose the 2nd Option each time to obtain 7425.png Black Key. Head towards the middle of the map to access the next floor.
  11. On 8F, Interact with the Shining Crystal on each quadrant of the map, the goal is to convert every single key into 7426.png Red Charm Stone 7427.png Yellow Charm Stone 7428.png Blue Charm Stone 7429.png Green Charm Stone 7430.png Black Charm Stone. Head towards the next floor.
    • From 7F onwards, you won't be able to Teleport anymore.
    • On 7F, just follow the Red Line on the map to reach the portal to 8F.
    • Note: By walking to the portal at the bottom right of the map, the quest will allow the entrance NPC to warp you directly to the 6th floor for 25 000z.
  12. From here, just make your way until the 12F. At that floor, interact with the statues in a specific order to activate the portal in the middle.
    • 1: Gold Religious Statue on the Middle Right side.
    • 2: Green Wiseman Statue on the Bottom Right side.
    • 3: Blue Angel Statue on the Bottom Left side.
    • 4: Bloody Knight Statue on the Middle Left side.
    • 5: Dark Devil Statue on the Top side.
  13. You have now reached the peak of the Tower but it's not over yet. Talk with Thanatos to start an Instance where your Party (or just yourself) can battle this Legendary Hero. Upon Entering the Instance, you have to first put the Fragments of Thanatos in each island except the 5:Top in which Memory of Thanatos will appear after you visited the other islands.
    • 1: In the Bottom Right island, you have to type Fragment of Agony.
    • 2: In the Middle Right island, you have to type Fragment of Misery.
    • 3: In the Middle Left island, you have to type Fragment of Despair.
    • 4: In the Bottom Left island, you have to type Fragment of Hatred.


Image Name Level HP Size / Race / Element
1708.gif Thanatos
99 445,660 Large / Demon / Ghost 3
1707.gif Dolor of Thanatos 83 59,922 Small / Undead / Ghost 2
1706.gif Maero of Thanatos 83 62,000 Medium / Undead / Ghost 2
1705.gif Despero of Thanatos 88 86,666 Large / Undead / Ghost 2
1704.gif Odium of Thanatos 92 72,389 Large / Undead / Ghost 2
1700.gif Dame of Sentinel 81 65,111 Medium / Angel / Neutral 3
1701.gif Mistress of Shelter 80 38,000 Medium / Angel / Holy 3
1702.gif Baroness of Retribution 79 46,666 Medium / Angel / Shadow 3
1703.gif Lady Solace 77 25,252 Large / Angel / Holy 3
1295.gif Owl Baron 75 60,746 Large / Demon / Neutral 3
1320.gif Owl Duke 75 26,623 Large / Demon / Neutral 3
1698.gif Deathword 65 18,990 Medium / Formless / Neutral 3
1699.gif Ancient Mimic 60 8,080 Large / Formless / Neutral 3
1377.gif Elder 75 21,592 Large / Demi-Human / Neutral 3
1195.gif Rideword 59 11,638 Small / Formless / Neutral 3
1191.gif Mimic 51 6,120 Medium / Formless / Neutral 3
1275.gif Alice 62 10,000 Medium / Demi-Human / Neutral 3
1693.gif Plasma 56 8,400 Small / Formless / Wind 3
1694.gif Plasma 43 5,700 Small / Formless / Fire 3
1695.gif Plasma 47 7,600 Small / Formless / Earth 3
1696.gif Plasma 49 5,900 Small / Formless / Shadow 3
1697.gif Plasma 44 8,200 Small / Formless / Water 3