Soul Destroyer

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Soul Destroyer.png Soul Destroyer
No skill prev.gif
Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 10, selectable
SP Cost: 20 (Lv 1~5)
30 (Lv 6~10)
Cast Time: 1 second
Cast Delay: [1 + (Skill Level × 0.1)] seconds
Target: Enemy
Range: 10 cells
(Assassin Cross) Cloaking Lv. 5, Enchant Poison Lv. 5

Soul Destroyer is a 3rd class offensive skill available as Assassin Cross.


Looses a shockwave at a single target to inflict Ranged Hybrid damage. This skill ignores the accuracy check.

The skill deals an additional 33% final damage multiplier when used from Cloaking or Cloaking Exceed.

Level Damage
Crit Chance
Cast Delay SP Cost
1 190% 2% 1.1s 20
2 280% 4% 1.2s
3 370% 6% 1.3s
4 460% 8% 1.4s
5 550% 10% 1.5s
6 640% 12% 1.6s 30
7 730% 14% 1.7s
8 820% 16% 1.8s
9 910% 18% 1.9s
10 1000% 20% 2.0s


  • If dual wielding, then the cards of both weapons factor in, but if using a weapon and a shield/nothing in the left hand, then only the right hand's cards increase damage.
  • Damage % Cards only work for the Physical damage portion of the skill only.
  • Weapon element affects both the physical and magical portions.
  • Status cards' effects do not carry over.
  • When using this skill, there is no penalty from not having Righthand Mastery or Lefthand Mastery skills when dual wielding.
  • Enchant Deadly Poison boosts both the Magical and Physical damage portions.

Magic portion

Physical portion

  • Can inflict a critical hit, but only uses the crit value displayed in the skill window. As such, +crit to race effects will not work for the critical portion of this skill.
  • Is fully affected by the target's DEF values
  • Does not work with def inversion items such as Ice Pick, but works with def-ignoring items such as Combat Knife.