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Shadow Slash.png Shadow Slash
No skill prev.gif
Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: `0
SP Cost:  ??
Target: Enemy
Range: (Shadow Jump) cells
(Ninja) Mist Slash Lv. 1, Shadow Jump Lv. 1

Shadow Slash is an offensive skill available as Ninja.


Leaps from the shadows toward a single target and performs a slicing move to inflict DEF ignoring physical damage. Requires the user to be in Cloaking status (attainable through the Mist Slash skill), which is removed upon using this skill.

The damage of the skill is multiplied for each cell traveled. (ex. if the ninja uses level 10 Shadow Slash on a target 10 cells away, it will deal 1500% damage.

If the distance of the caster results in less damage than 100 + 65% skillLv damage, that formula will be used instead. (ex. when using level 10 Shadow Slash at less range than 6 cells)

Level Damage
1 15%
2 30%
3 45%
4 60%
5 75%
6 90%
7 105%
8 120%
9 135%
10 150%


  • This skill does not inflict ranged physical damage. Therefore its damage is not affected by Archer Skeleton cards.

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