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ATTENTION: War of Emperium rewards are currently disabled due to low activity

War of Emperium (WoE) is a player versus player game feature that allows guilds to fight eachother in order to conquer a castle.

Castle Locations

Only one castle is currently available in Asgard Legend and it is the bottom-leftmost castle in the Prontera castle area.

The Prontera Castle area can be quickly accessed by talking to the guild flags in southern Izlude.


  • All players are allowed to enter WoE castles.
  • Only players belonging to a guild with the Official Guild Approval skill can damage an emperium.
  • The emperium will only be available at certain hours a week, dependent on server. These periods are known as WoE periods. The castles are still accessible outside of these hours, and PvP does apply.

Asgard Legend WoE takes place at on Saturdays at:

  • 1 PM Server time (Central Standard Time).
  • 2PM Eastern time.

At the beginning of WoE, characters from guilds other than the castle owner will be teleported out.


The character to deal the last hit against the Emperium in the final room claims the castle. All characters with a different guild, allied or not, will be warped out at that point. Only normal attacks can damage the emperium, as all active skills miss (except Gloria Domini and Gravitational Field). After a castle is claimed, other guilds can immediately re-enter and attempt to break the emperium. The last owner before the emperium disappears at the end of the WoE period holds it until the next period.

Guild mates and Allied Guilds are considered allies in castles and can not attack each other. Members cannot be expelled, and alliances cannot be broken, by members inside a castle.

The owning guild of a castle has several advantages. Guardians are summoned upon the request of the castle owner's guild leader. They will automatically attack all non-allied characters. Guild members can also click on Flags outside of the castle to be instantly teleported to a specific location inside the castle.


WoE in Asgard Legend uses traditional WoE first edition castles, however, the Barricade System from WoE 2 is used. Barricades appear at several Chokepoints in the caslte to prevent enemies from moving through them. The attacking guilds only need to destroy one barricade in order to pass through, however, destroying multiple may prove beneficial to move larger amounts of players through at a quicker speed.

Name Barricade Race Formless Lv  ?? ATK 0 ~ 0
Image Barricade.png Element Ghost 1 HP  ??? Def  ??+??
Size Large Exp 0 / 0 MDef 0+?
Notes Immobile, Passive

Once destroyed, barricades can be repaired by the defending Guild Leader by speaking to the nearby Guardian Stone.

Repairing barricades costs # Trunks, # Steel, and # Star Crumbs. When repairs are initiated, the guild leader will be immobilized and "casting" for approximately 20 seconds

Disabled Skills

The following skills cannot be cast within castles:

Skills cast outside the castle will not disappear upon entering. Using items that activate the skill will also fail, but Autocast equipment can grant the skills in a castle.

Battle Mechanic Changes

  • Flee is reduced by 20%.
  • Long range normal attacks are reduced by 10%.
  • All skill-based damage except Gloria Domini and Gravitational Field is reduced by 30%.
  • All Magic-based damage is reduced by 40%.
  • Hunter Traps last 4 times as long.
  • All knock-back effects are disabled. Some skills may lose some functionality due to this.
  • Equipment preventing skills to be canceled during casting (phen card and similar items) do not function.
  • Asura Strike and Acid Terror each have a unique final damage modifier of -30% and -20% respectively, which is applied after the above reductions.
  • The Coma status effect drains 50% of current HP rather than reducing it to 1.

Other Gameplay Changes

  • /noctrl does not work; players must hold down the mouse button for normal attacks.
  • Damage numbers do not appear.
  • /mineffect is automatically activated.
  • A character's guild emblem is shown above their head.
  • Death does not cause experience loss.
  • Food items are not dispelled on death.
  • Character immunity lasts 5 seconds whenever entering a portal, until the character moves, uses a skill, or consumes an item.
  • Entering a portal inside of a castle will cause the player to warp to a random cell within a large entrance.
  • Entering the emperium room provides a dialogue box which allows the player to choose where in the room to enter from.


Every day at 12:00 AM at server time, the Treasure Boxes spawn in a room accessible only by the guild leader from a NPC in each castle. Items drop from these boxes, and drop rate-improving items may assist in obtaining rares. Steal does not function here.

Items that drop include standard equipment (such as Boots, Manteau, Coat, etc), refining ores (elunium, oridecon) and level 4 weapon quest ores.

Castle Management

A butler NPC is provided in each castle for the guild leader to manage the castle. The following functions may be influenced by what Guild Skills are available.

Invest in Commerce Development Invest to increase the castle's economy. Every 5 points on investment adds one new treasure box to the castle's master room. The type of treasure box alternates between the two available at that castle.
Invest in Defense Increase your castle's defense by investing in it. Each point of defense investment will improve the Guardian HP and Emperium HP by 1000, and also improve the defense and attack power of the guardians by an unknown amount.
Hire Guardians Hire a guardian to ease the task of guarding your guild's castle. The guild must have the Guardian Research Skill in order to do this.
Hire Kafra Employee Hire/fire Kafra NPCs inside the castle. Through the employed Kafra NPC, guild members can use the Kafra storage free of charge. The guild must have the Contract with Kafra skill in order to do this.
Enter Master Room Enter the room where treasure boxes spawn.

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