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This page lists down the changes Asgard Legend implemented that veteran RO players may be interested in.

Asgard Legend is based on the Classic Ragnarok mechanics and calculations, but heavily modified.

Character changes

  • Element table completely reworked:
    • All level 4 elements removed.
    • Poison, Undead, and Ghost have been removed from the elemental table. Their properties have been transfered to Shadow and Holy elements, as well as Undead race.
    • Damage bonuses and resistances have been rescaled to fit the new table.

Stats, Skills & Effects

  • Most skills in the game have been updated or rebalanced and new skills have been added. See New Skills & Skill Changes for detailed information.
  • All skills have a global irreducible delay of 0.15 seconds.
  • SP Recovery and HP Recovery ticks now take much less time (original HP regen tick times: 8s standing - 4s sitting, Asgard Legend HP regen tick times: 4s standing - 2s sitting). This means HP regenerates twice as fast, and four times as fast if the player is under the effect of Magnificat relative to traditional RO servers. SP Regen is increased even further, to every 2.5s when standing. SP recovery formula also increased.
  • The 50% weight limit has been changed to 70%. 90% overweight still functions identically to traditional RO servers.
  • STR, DEX, INT, no longer have any "Breakpoint" bonus effects. Total values still reflect classic RO at their original "breakpoint bonuses", but the value of each point is now significantly higher.
  • DEX
    • now provides additional HIT bonus at high amounts.
    • Instant Cast is no longer achievable, but DEX cast time reduction has been evened out more, with greater increase at lower Dex instead of all the effective reduction only being at high dex.
  • INT now provides Cast Delay reduction.
  • AGI has additonal Flee bonus at high amounts.
  • LUK now has additional Crit bonus at high amounts. LUK also increases critical damage dealt by 1% every 5 points.
  • Minimum/base player movement speed, FLEE, HIT, ASPD, MATK, ATK and cast times have been improved to compensate for the changes to Blessing and Increase Agi.
  • Many buffs have dramatically shorter active duration, and instead auto-refresh when standing near the original caster. For self buffs, this means you only need to cast them once and the duration will auto refresh infinitely until death or dispel, provided you or the original caster are active.
  • The lowest HIT you have by default is 35%. (so even if you have 1 hit vs a 999 flee enemy, you hit 35% of the time)
  • FLEE rate has no cap, but the formula is different - penalty for fleeing against multiple enemies is less harsh, but achieving "perfect flee" is more difficult.
  • Perfect Dodge has a maximum value of 90%.
  • Hard DEF and MDEF formulas have been rebalanced. Lower def amounts will provide more damage reduction than before, but higher def amounts will have diminishing returns. (See Refinement System for additional DEF changes)
  • Status resistance gained from Stats have been tweaked:
    • Bleeding is now VIT-only instead of AGI reduction. 90 vit for immunity. (1.12% resist per point)
    • Blind is now 1% resist per VIT and 0.33% resist per INT
    • Confusion is now only resisted by INT at 1.12% per point.
    • Critical Wounds resistance only by LUK at 1.12% per point.
    • Curse is now only resisted by LUK at 1.12% per point. (chance from being inflicted and reduces duration of being Cursed) NOTE: VIT may play a part in resisting as well.
    • Poison is now LUK-only reduction. 90 LUK for immunity (1.12% resist per point). This status also now reduces VIT def to 0 instead of reducing it by 25%.
    • Sleep is now 1% resist per AGI and 0.33% resist per LUK.
    • Stun is now VIT only and 90 vit for immunity. (1.12% resist per point)
    • Silence is now 1% resist per VIT and 0.33% resist per LUK.
  • Skill Quests have been removed. All former quest skills are now granted immediately upon changing to their respective jobs.
  • ASPD formula has been reworked:
    • Attack speed is now represented as APM (Attacks per Minute) in the in-game status window in order to provide more tangible information about how fast the player is attacking as well as provide more accurate displays of relative attack speed changes. (Example: 60 APM means 60 attacks per minute or the same as 1 attack per second.)
    • Note: A new temporary command, "!aspd", is available for older players to adjust to APM.
    • All ASPD% buffs' values have been increased and now stack multiplaicatively instead of additively. See ASPD for more detailed information.


  • Asgard Legend features a custom EXP table.
    • Reaching job 50 on first job is much quicker.
    • Second class reaches job level 50 around base level 70.
    • Level 1-70 should feel significantly faster, whereas 71-99 may be a more familiar pace to a 3~5x exp rates server.
    • Less of a sharp exp required to level up at high levels - the exp curve should be more smooth and gradual.
  • You now immediately gain 5 skill points when changing to first and second job. (10 more skill points overall)
  • Quest skills are now automatically obtained on switching jobs.
  • It is now mandatory to change to second jobs at job level 50. You can no longer change jobs below that.
  • There is a Stat and Skill reset NPC. See Hypnotist for details.
  • Ranked Alchemists, Taekwon, and Blacksmiths now have special auras.
  • Overall, item farming portions of job change quests have been either removed or reduced requirements.
  • Homunculi also now use the same EXP table as players, and receive shared EXP from the alchemist even if they don't participate in combat
  • Gunslinger has been split into a first class and second class, Recruit being the first class and Gunslinger being the second.
  • Ninja has been split into a first class and second class, Apprentice being the first class and Ninja being the second.

Job Advancement

  • Asgard Legend uses a different job progression system than traditional ragnarok online.
  • There is no Rebirth process, and players can switch to Third Class at level ~80.
  • Third Classes are both "Transcendant" and "Third Class" jobs offered as branching paths. (Note: These classes are fully rebalanced and may not have the skills you are accustomed to)
    • Example: a level 80 Knight can choose to become a Lord Knight OR a Rune Knight.
  • EXP requirements for third jobs are massively increased relative to other classes.
  • Third jobs gain Prestige Skills which offer minor passive bonuses for completing specific tasks.

Economy and item Changes

General Economy

  • All skills which alter the buy/sell price of items to NPCs have been removed (Overcharge, Discount, Haggle, etc). NPC buy/selling prices have been adjusted accordingly. Merchant skill Vending has also been removed from Merchants and is now part of the Novice skill tree - this means you can now actually stick to just using one character without being "forced" to create a merchant alt for OC/DC and Vend!
  • Completing a 2nd job change quest awards the player 80,000 zeny instead of any previous rewards.
  • Card drop rate is 2.10% - (0.05%*Monster Level) and a minimum of 0.10% droprate. This means low level monsters drop their cards at a much higher rate than normal.

Item, Cards and Weapon Balance

See Item Changes for detailed information.

  • Dead Branches are disabled on MvP maps.
  • Healing item system has been reworked. Potions now have a very short cooldown, but heal significantly more HP. (SP restoratives remain unchanged)
  • Weapon size modifier table adjusted. Any weapon that dealt 50% damage to a size now does 75% to that size.
  • Two-Handed weapons now have greatly increased ATK values. (See these patchnotes 06-22-2019)
  • Certain one-handed melee weapons have additional effects to differentiate lower-level equipment.
  • Fire Arrows are no longer sold by NPCs. However, Arrow crafting yields more arrows on certain crafts.
  • Items which are normally rebirth-only are now fully equipable by non rebirth jobs.
  • MVP cards have been rebalanced as their droprate has been adjusted to 0.10%. (See this thread for more details.)
  • +Stat (STR, DEX, INT, AGI, LUK, VIT) Food buff items are no longer dispelled on death.
  • Awakening Potions may now be used by Priest.
  • Attack speed potions (Concentration, Awakening, Berserk) are no longer removed by Dispel.
  • Slotted stat accessories (Ring, Earring, Necklace, Glove, Brooch, Rosary) level requirement reduced from 90 to 70.
  • Monsters no longer drop NPC-Buyable equipment with inferior slots (EX: Pike[3] vs pike[4]). All of those drops have been replaced by their superior version. If a monster dropped both, it now drops the superior version at a higher rate. (See this thread] for a specific list)
  • Characters wielding Book class weapons now calculate their melee attack damage with the DEX stat instead of STR.
  • Gunslingers and Recruits now have access to Elemental Bullets. They are obtained via the Manufacture skill.

Crafting & Refining

  • Alchemist Brewing and Blacksmith Forging success rates no longer take stats into account and now scale directly on base and job level. No more need for dedicated crafter builds that don't contribute to combat meaningfully.
  • The Merchant Card Set (Raggler, Hylozoist, Zipper Bear, Myst Case, Baby Leopard) has an additional effect which increases both forging and brewing success rates by 10%.
  • New crafting professions have been added, which can be used on any class.
  • Refinement System for weapons have been adjusted in order to make level 3 and 4 weapons more competitive with carded level 1 and 2 weapons.
  • There are new crafting professions which bring new items to the game.
  • Rigidity System added to weapons and armor.
  • Armors are now classified as Light or Heavy. Heavy armors receive additional DEF when refined. DEF from over-refining armor now provides more DEF than on safe refines.

World & System Changes

  • Kafra teleportation system has been removed in favor of the Town Wings system. (Find Town Wing dealers in each major town that sell custom items that will warp you to the item's respective towns)
  • All players have access to mounts from the novice skill Call Mount.
  • There are new custom instances designed for party play that offer good EXP for various level brackets.

Monster changes

  • See Monster Changes for more detailed information.
  • The exp rates of all monsters have been adjusted individually, as well as their spawn locations and density.
  • Some monsters have had their item drops, stats, or skills altered from what you may be used to in traditional Ragnarok.
    • ex: Many monsters now drop their respective hats (ex. Ridewords drop Rideword hat) at 0.10%.
  • The Champion monster system from Renewal is added.
  • MVP spawn times have been decreased for weaker mvps. See this thread for more details.
  • Certain MvPs now have larger sprites to make them easier to target.
  • Bio Labs 3 MVPs now only summon more slaves when their slave count is 1 or less. Their summon slave range is also decreased from 2 to 1 cell. This means the popular "Ledge strategy" is no longer possible for Bio3 MVPs, with the exception of Cecil. Try new strategies to defeat these tough MVPs!
  • Many monsters' stats have been rebalanced and may be harder or easier than what you may be used to from traditional RO servers.
  • Some monsters have new skills designed to promote class diversity in parties.

Map changes

  • Teleport and fly wings are enabled on certain maps that had them disabled, such as Amatsu Dungeon 1.
  • MVPs generate a Tombstone when killed, interacting with it will display which character killed it, when it died, and when it will respawn.
  • Entering a map with a slain MvP generates a chat message informing the user that the MvP is dead, and in how much time it will respawn.


  • Many NPCs have been removed or relocated and new NPCs have been created in their place.
  • Party EXP Share range is now unlimited, but there are diminishing returns for the lower level members of the party based on the distance in levels.
  • Maximum party size has been increased to 15 from 12.

WoE Changes

See War of Emperium for more detailed information

  • Asgard Legend uses a modified WoE 1 which includes customized Barricades and repair stones.
  • Entering any portal within a castle spawns the player at a random spot within a large area from the portal they entered to combat precasting.
  • Treasure chests from WoE Economy now also drop stones used in Level 4 Weapon quests.
  • WoE is 1 hour and only has 1 castle (Bottom left Prontera castle).
  • The WoE area automatically resets the player's build (both stats and skills) and has an NPC to save their WoE/BG builds - this NPC also allows free reset and saving on this build.
  • WoE features a global reduction on healing effects, as well as more finely customized skill damage modifiers.