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For the status effect, see Status Effects#Undead.

Note: The undead element has been removed. All monsters which were previously undead are now Shadow. See Monster Changes for more information.

Undead is a Race of monster in Ragnarok: Asgard Legend. They are fairly common and usually found within dungeons.


Cards which concern Undead Race include:


  • Geographer Card: Add the chance of auto casting Blessing on the user when receiving Physical Damage. If the user is equipped with items compounded to the Rideword, Enchanted Peach Tree, Cookie and Fur Seal cards at the same time, it reduces spell casting time by 10%. VIT + 10. If Acolyte Class characters are equipped with items compounded to the set of cards listed above, they receive 30% less damage and receive 5% more Experience Points from Demon and Undead monsters.


  • Fur Seal Card: Accuracy +10, FleeRate +3. If worn by Acolyte Class characters, it adds Critical +9 on Devil and Undead monsters.
  • Goblin Archer Card: Inflict 10% more damage with Critical Attack. Critical +7 on Undead monsters.
  • Scorpion King Card: Increase damage on Undead monsters by 20%. (not implemented)
  • Zombie Master Card: Gain 5 SP each time an Undead monster is killed by Physical Melee Attack. Drain 5 SP as the weapon is unequipped.


Foot Gear

  • Zombie Prisoner Card: Receive 10% more Experience Points from Undead monsters. Receive 20% more damage from Undead monsters.



Equipment which concern Undead Race include:

  • Divine Cross: Two Handed Staff. Reduces damage received from Demon and Undead races by 15%. Set bonus with Spiritual Ring: Dex +2, MAtk +10%, Reduces damage received from Demon and Undead races by an additional 10%.
  • Golden Mace: Mace. Increases damage inflicted on Undead monster by 10%. Indestructible.
  • Munak Hat: Headgear. Reduces damage received from Undead race by 10%.
  • Sabbath: Axe. Increases the user's Crit rate on Undead race targets.
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