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The Test server (Yggdrasil) is a separate server used to test stats, builds, an items with a certain array of Game Master commands. This can help plan your character on Asgard Legend's main servers.

Note that the administrator (Insomnia) also uses the same test server to develop upcoming changes and fixes occasionally, so it may come up and down without notice. When the server is down, the error message will either read "Connection Closed" or "Failed to connect to server"

Creating a Test Account

Account Credentials Field.
  1. Launch the Asgard Legend patcher.
  2. In the account name field, enter any account name, followed by _M for male characters or _F for female characters. These account names can be identical to your main server account names if desired.
  3. In the password field, enter any desired password.
  4. Press the Start button.
  5. Select the Yggdrasil test server.
    Server Select.
  6. Create a character.

Note: The _M and _F in the name field are only necessary for test account creation. Once the account is created, you no longer need to add that to log in.


Type !commands in game to view a full list of commands. They are as follows:

  • !item: Generates any item using the database item name or item ID.
  • !item2: Behave as !item does, however extra properties can be added to equipment as follows:
    • Identify_flag: Determines whether or not the item is created identified or unidentified. (0 for un ID, 1 for IDed)
    • Refine: Determines the refine value of the item (0-10)
    • Attribute: Determines whether the item is Broken or not (0 is not broken, 1 is broken)
    • Card: 1/2/3/4: Determines what cards are socketed into the item, ignoring the item's actual slot configurations. Use 0 to add no card.
    • Example: "!item2 knife 2 1 5 0 0 0 0 0" will generate two Knife[3] +5 identified, not broken, with no cards added.
  • !job or !jobchange: Changes the user to the specified job.
  • !blvl <number>: Increases the user's base level by the specified amount.
  • jlvl <number>: Increases the user's job level by the specified amount.
  • !zeny: Increases Zeny owned by the specified amount.
  • !refine <equipment position> <amount>: Refines currently equipped equipment by the specified amount. (Ex. "!refine 2 10" will refine your right hand weapon by 10.)
    • 0: All
    • 256: Top Headgear
    • 512: Mid Headgear
    • 1: Lower Headgear
    • 16: Body Armor
    • 2: Right Hand
    • 32: Left Hand
    • 4: Garment
    • 64: Shoes
    • 8: Left Accessory
    • 128: Right Accessory
  • !allskill: Grants the user all of their class' available skills at maximum level. (Note: to obtain "quest" skills, relog the character)
  • !heal: Full heals the user's HP and SP.
  • !alive: Resurrects the player if dead.

Test Area

The test server's accessible area is limited to a modified version of Izlude. No warp commands or ways to exit the town exist currently.


  • Rental Agent: Provides any class specific rentals to the player (cart, falcon, peco).
  • Ananias: Provides Rogues with a skill to copy via Plagiarism.
  • Mob Summoner: Summons a monster of a specified monster name or ID from the database. Inactive monsters are cleared from the map every 30 seconds.
  • Hypnotist: Resets Skills & Stats.

Mystery Eggs

As with the Live server, the bottom right area of izlude near the Airship has stationary Egg monsters that have various stat configurations in order to test potential damage per second.

When the eggs are hit, every few seconds, they print a damage readout based on damage received over a specific time window.

The eggs' stats are as follows:

All eggs are Formless race, Medium size, and have 500,000 HP.

Sprite Name Element DEF MDEF
EggA.gif Mystery Egg A Neutral 3 0 0
EggB.gif Mystery Egg B Earth 3 0 0
EggC.gif Mystery Egg C Holy 3 45 0
EggD.gif Mystery Egg D Shadow 3 0 30