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Job Base: Novice
Job Type: Extended
Changes At: Payon
Number of Skills: 17
Total Skill Points: 88
Total Quest Skills: 0
Job Bonuses
+6 +6 +0 +0 +6 +0


Taekwons are practitioners of the art of TaeKwon-Do. They forego the use of weapons and instead specialize in a variety of kicks. Their equipment is limited to equips that are usable by all jobs except novices. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule (i.e. Manteaus and Boots can be equipped by them).

TaeKwon Ranker

TaeKwon rankers are permanent first class characters, utilizing the bonuses from the TaeKwon Missions/ranking system to maximize their potential. Rankers must complete TaeKwon Missions (see link below) in order to become and stay ranked.

TaeKwon Kid's max HP is low (2676 hp at lvl 89 with 1 vit. 50 vit at the same level is 3975 hp), so agi builds are heavily advised for early levels if you're going to solo. Once more missions are completed, their base HP gradually increases.

Jobchange Guide

See Taekwon Job Quest for information.

Class Data


See Star Gladiator Skills or Soul Linker Skills for second class skills.


Stances must be toggled to use their corresponding kicks. The exception to this is Break Fall being toggled to use Flying Side Kick, though due to their secondary functions they still should be categorized as such. Each stance has a base 29% chance of triggering, but the chance decreases for each other active stance:

  • 2 Stances: 20% Chance
  • 3 Stances: 17% Chance
  • 4 Stances: 15% Chance
Skill Description Levels Type
Prepare Whirlwind Kick.png Prepare Whirlwind Kick
29~15% chance to activate on hitting a target. 1 Supportive
Prepare Axe Kick.png Prepare Axe Kick
29~15% chance to activate on hitting a target. 1 Supportive
Prepare Round Kick.png Prepare Round Kick
29~15% chance to activate on hitting a target. 1 Supportive
Prepare Counter Kick.png Prepare Counter Kick
29~15% chance to activate on hitting a target. 1 Supportive
Break Fall.png Break Fall
20% chance to dodge ranged magic and AoE attacks. If in Spurt status, also 20% chance to dodge melee attacks. Enables to use Flying Side Kick as a counter. Usable by Soul linkers. 1 Supportive


Kicks are the TaeKwon Kid's damaging attacks. Their respective stance must be toggled. The exception to this rule is that Break Fall does not have to be toggled to use Flying Side Kick.

Skill Description Levels Type
Whirlwind Kick.png Whirlwind Kick
5*5 AoE kick, up to 250% damage. 7 Offensive
Axe Kick.png Axe Kick
Stuns target, up to 350% damage. 7 Offensive
Round Kick.png Round Kick
Up to 450% damage to target, pushes back and stuns enemies surrounding it. 7 Offensive
Counter Kick.png Counter Kick
Up to 500% damage, never misses. 7 Offensive
Flying Side Kick.png Flying Side Kick
Up to 100% base damage, increases if activated after Break Fall or while Running. Instantly moves user to target. 7 Offensive

Other Skills

These skills do not fit into the above categories.

Skill Description Levels Type
Running.png Running
Grants the user +55% movement speed for 5 seconds. The movement speed effect is canceled once the user attacks a target or the 5 second duration has passed. Once the effect is canceled, passively increases unarmed damage and kick skill damage. At level 7 or higher, buff self for +10 Strength 10 Active
Healthy Rest.png Healthy Rest
Recover a fixed amount of HP based on party members in a 13x13 area around the player. 5 Active
Quick Rest.png Quick Rest
Recover a fixed amount of SP based on party members in a 13x13 area around the player. 5 Active
Fighting Chant.png Fighting Chant
Increases the ATK and MATK of the user for 30 seconds based on the number of alive party members in an 13x13 area around the player. 5 Active
High Jump.png High Jump
Jump over cells, including impassable ones. 5 Supportive
Taekwon Mission.png Taekwon Mission
Gives you a mission to hunt a specific monster type to compete for Taekwon ranker status. Not usable by Soul linkers or Taekwon masters. 1 Active
Warm Wind.png Warm Wind
Change the element of your weapon for a duration. 7 Active

Job Bonuses

Job Bonus
Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6
STR 1 2 3 4 5 6
AGI 20 21 22 23 24 25
DEX 10 11 12 13 14 15

Level Up Angel

Taekwon Kids, Taekwon Masters and Soul Linkers share a unique level up angel that provides the following bonuses when a new base level is reached:

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