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Ragnarok: Asgard Legend features a brand new original storyline, divided into chapters. As of this writing, only Chapter one is available.

Chapter one: Asgard Legend

  1. Talk to the Sailor in Izlude (198, 207) to begin the quest.
  2. Head to the Prontera Library in Prontera (120,264) and talk to the Strange Man inside. He tells you he is conducting research on the behalf of King Tristan III, introduces himself as Kruhl, and gives you some information on the history Glast Heim.
    Kruhl. (Prontera Library)
  3. He asks you to bring him the following items:
    • Blood Dyestuffs x1
    • Green Potion x1
    • Powder of Butterfly x10
    • Orcish Voucher x100.
  4. 3. To create Blood Dyestuffs, speak to the Stylist in Izlude (110, 257). The stylist requires the following items to craft Blood Dyestuff:
    • Medicine Bowl x1
    • Ruby x3 (Can be purchased by a jewel seller in morocc)
    • Red Blood x10
    • Blood of Wolf (Drops from Wolf)
  5. Once you return to the Stylist with the materials, his services will be discounted by approximately 70% from then on.
  6. Deliver the materials to Kruhl in the Prontera library. He opens the magical seal on the book, and instructs you to head to Glast Heim to find additional information.
    Glast Heim Khalitzburg.
  7. Travel to Glast Heim and go south after entering, until you see a Khalitzburg NPC at 348, 207. After speaking to the Khalitzburg, return once more to Kruhl in the Prontera Library.
  8. Kruhl instructs you to obtain a Mirror of the Past from a mage at the top of Geffen tower, which is located at the center of Geffen (120,110). Once you reach the top of the tower, speak to Raspmondious in the corner of the room.
  9. Raspmondious transports you to the bottom of Geffen tower and hands you a Mirror of the Past, on the condition that you report back to him after using it in Glast Heim. (Note: The mirror is not an item that is added to your inventory.)
  10. Enter Glast Heim once more, from the entrance, and select "Use mirror of the past" when prompted.
  11. Upon using the mirror, you will be teleported to a past version of Glast Heim, in the era of King Tristan the 1st. You can find various npcs that give some lore on old Glast Heim, as well as utilities you would expect in any major city, including storage, a healing service, weapon and armor upgrade NPCs, tool dealers, weapon dealers, etc. Note that any of the portals in old Glast Heim will still lead to their actual dungeons. This concludes the story for Chapter one.

Mirror of the Past can also be used to Access the Geffenia and Nightmare Toy Factory dungeons.

Note: Completing this quest on one character unlocks Mirror of the Past for all characters in all game accounts under your master account.

Chapter Two: ???

Chapter two is not yet implemented.