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Job Base: Rogue
Job Type: 3-1
Changes At: Yuno
Number of Skills: 13
Total Skill Points: 84
Total Quest Skills: 0
Job Bonuses
+9 +11 +4 +3 +12 +6


If you're being pursued by a Stalker, you'd best give up all hope of escape. They specialize in spying, sabotage and stalking, stalking, stalking! They possess many new deadly combat techniques to alter the field of battle.

A Stalker is an advanced variant of Rogues. Their main fortes are inflicting status effects, dealing damage, and disrupting enemies.



Class Data


For more information about Rogue skills, click here.

Skill Description Levels Type
Bloody Lust.png Bloody Lust
Create an area that drains HP but enables life leech of allies inside. 5 Active
Bow Master.png Bow Master
Increases Damage dealt, provides DEF penetration, and adds damage resistance while wearing Bows. 10 Passive
Chaos Panic.png Chaos Panic
Create an area that reduces enemies' Status resistance and inflicts a random negative status every few seconds 5 Active
Deadly Infect.png Deadly Infect
Purge negative status effects from the Stalker, distributing them in a targeted AoE. 5 Active
Dimension Door.png Dimension Door
Create an area that teleports monsters based on their size. 3 Active
Emergency Escape.png Emergency Escape
Backslide a large number of cells while laying an Ankle Snare at the original location. 5 Active
Explosive Satchel.png Explosive Satchel
Plant an explosive at the targeted location, exploding for AoE damage after a delay. Equipping a bow increases the cast range. 5 Offensive
Feint Bomb.png Feint Bomb
Create a fake Copycat of yourself, backsliding several cells, hiding and forcing enemies to attack the copy. The copy explodes for AoE damage after a delay. 10 Offensive
Manhole.png Manhole
Creates a hole in the ground, sucking enemies into it. Enemies caught inside cannot be damaged. 5 Active
Reproduce.png Reproduce
Activates an SP draining toggle that allows the Stalker to copy the last skill used to inflict damage on them. Can copy stronger skills than Plagiarism. 10 Active
Stalker's Instinct.png Stalker's Instinct
Increases the movement speed bonus granted by Tunnel Drive and improves damage dealt against enemies that are inflicted with negative status effects. 5 Passive
Triangle Shot.png Triangle Shot
Fire a volley of 3 arrows at the target, with a chance of knocking them back. 10 Offensive
Violent Stab.png Violent Stab
A dagger attack that causes Bleeding and hits twice against Bleeding enemies. 10 Offensive

Skill Tree