Sphere Mine

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Sphere Mine.png Sphere Mine
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Type: Supportive Skill
Levels: 5
SP Cost: 10
Target: Ground
Property: neutral
Catalyst: 1 Marine Sphere Bottle
(Alchemist) Pharmacy Lv. 2


(Alt. Summon Marine Sphere) Summon a Marine Sphere to a targeted cell. Marine Spheres will cast Self Destruct upon receiving damage. The explosion deals Neutral property damage based on the sphere's remaining HP at the time of detonation.

The Marine Sphere's max HP can be increased via the alchemist's VIT stat, thus increasing the damage upon detonation.

  • Each cast requires 1 Marine Sphere Bottle.
Skill Level Marine Sphere base HP
1 2,400
2 2,800
3 3,200
4 3,600
5 4,000


  • In PVM environments, an exploding Marine Sphere will do Neutral damage to all Monsters in range. It will not damage allied units such as a Homunculus or Bio Cannibalize plants.
  • In PVP environments, an exploding Marine Sphere will damage allies, enemies, and yourself.
  • Summoned Marine Spheres are still considered plant type monsters and thus will bypass Demihuman reduction effects.
  • The Marine Sphere will travel in the direction you tap it and move approximately 7 squares before detonating.
  • Self destruction damage is based on the remaining HP of the marine sphere. Healing it prior to explosion will maximize damage.
  • A Marine Sphere's explosion does not cause an EXP tap on the effected monsters.
  • Summoned Marine Spheres will drop typical Marine Sphere monster drops.
  • Monsters killed via a marine sphere explosion count towards quest kill counts.
  • Ranked alchemists' summoned marine spheres are larger. (Cosmetic only)
  • Only two Marine Spheres may be active at one time on a per alchemist basis.
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