Skill Quests

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Skill Quests have been removed and these skills are now granted immediately upon changing jobs

First Class

First class skill quests can be started in the Dining Hall of the Izlude Academy (first floor, to the right). Each quest will require you to obtain materials and deliver them to the quest giver.


  • Auto Berserk - 10 Decayed Nails, 10 Honey, 10 Horrendous Mouths, 35 Powder of Butterfly
  • Fatal Blow - 100 Silver Arrows, 1 Banana Juice, 30 Snake Scale
  • Moving HP Recovery - 200 Empty Bottles, Any Equippable Armor, 1 Moth Wing


  • Energy Coat - 3 Glass Beads, 1 1 Carat Diamond, 5 Shells, 1 Solid Shell

(Note: Glass Beads and the Diamond are purchasable from shops.)


  • Crazy Uproar - 7 Pearls, 50 Mushroom Spores, 1 Banana Juice -

(Note: Pearls are purchasable from the Gift Merchant in Izlude.)


  • Arrow Crafting - 7 Mushroom Spore, 1 Red Potion, 20 Resin, 20 Solid Trunk, 30 Barren Trunk