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Job Base: Acolyte
Job Type: 2-1
Changes At: Morocc castle
Number of Skills: 34
Total Skill Points: 198
Total Quest Skills: 2
Job Bonuses
+5 +4 +5 +5 +4 +7


Jobchange Guide

See Priest Job Quest for detailed information.

Changing into a Priest from an Acolyte requires the player to complete a number of tasks:

  • Exorcism and Temptation Tests
  • Purity Test
  • Pilgrimages


The differences between Priest builds are generally who and where they will support; Battle builds support themselves, WoE builds support in WoE, and Full Support supports in PvM situations.


Battle priests play similarly to monks but can also function as a support when necessary.


Full Support - PVM

Base Stats at Level 99:

This is a build with lots of SP, a high Heal and high vitality. Used with maxed Kyrie Eleison and Angelus, this build is fairly effective at tanking hits in PvM situations. Some Full Support priests opt for a compromised build with less VIT and more DEX for better cast time and serviceability in WoE.

WOE Support

Base Stats at Level 99:

Similar to the previous full support build, INT is generally less preferred due to the large amount of potion use in WoE. High Dex to cast Safety Wall and Kyrie Elesion is preferred, and of course VIT for survivability. Some priests opt for some STR thrown in there for better carrying capacity. The important skills for WoE support include all your typical support skills with more emphasis on Safety Wall and buffs. A powerful WoE skill is B.S Sacramenti for breaking precasts, however some WoE priests forgo this skill in favor of higher level support skills.


Turn Undead Build

Base Stats at Level 99:

The TU build is often treated as a hybrid build. Most TU priests double as Support due to the compatibility of stats and availability of support skill points. INT and LUK are the two stats that directly affect the success rate of insta-killing a target with TU, and a must-have skill is Gloria. There is debate about the practicality of having any LUK at all (success rate difference of 2-3%), especially if the priest is hybrid, in which case those extra points can be invested into either VIT or DEX.

Magnus Exorcismus Build

Base Stats at Level 99:

The main concern of ME priests is their MATK (INT dependent) and cast time (DEX dependent). This is a solid soloing build often used with level 10 Safety Wall and Lex Aeterna to mass kill Undead and Demon monsters through the use of Magnus Exorcismus. ME priests can also effectively instant kill Undead by using their level 1 Resurrection, which is ranged and has no cast delay. Due to their large repertoire of prerequisite skills, ME priests are reasonably efficient in PvP and WoE situations. With fast cast times, a ME priest makes for an effective Sanctuary and Safety Wall slave, and can shoot off a fast stream of high MATK Holy Light in self defense. They can also supplement their AoE damage with Signum Crucis.


It is often useful for a priest to buff themselves before buffing their party. In doing so, the priest's buff is the first to wear off, and will instantly alert them that their party members' buffs will also wear off soon. This is especially useful for new priests who may forget to buff party members. There are exceptions, however, such as when one is low on SP.

Priests should remember that Lex Aeterna loses its rather long after-cast delay if used under the effect of A Poem of Bragi, to the point when it can be constantly cast. This is a great way to double the damage output of parties.


See Acolyte Skills for first class Skills.

Skill Description Levels Type
Aspersio.png Aspersio
Temporarily enchant a target's weapon with the Holy property. Requires a Holy Water. 5 Supportive
B.S Sacramenti.png B.S Sacramenti
Temporarily enchant a target's armor with the Holy property for 20~60 seconds. 5 Supportive
Gloria.png Gloria
Temporarily increase the luck of all nearby party members by 30. 5 Supportive
Impositio Manus.png Impositio Manus
Temporarily increase a target's attack power by 9~45 for 60 seconds. 5 Supportive
Kyrie Eleison.png Kyrie Eleison
Create a barrier around a target player protecting them from physical attacks. (120 seconds, up to 12~30% of maximum HP or 5~10 hits) 10 Supportive
Lex Aeterna.png Lex Aeterna
Inflicts a status effect on the target which causes it to recieve 1.5x damage for 1.5sec. 1 Supportive
Lex Divina.png Lex Divina
Silences the target for 30~60 seconds. 10 Supportive
Magnificat.png Magnificat
Doubles the HP and SP regeneration rate of all nearby party members for 30~90 seconds. 5 Supportive
Magnus Exorcismus.png Magnus Exorcismus
Summons a holy cross on the ground that lasts 5~14 seconds, damaging all Demon race, Shadow, Ghost, and Undead element monsters 1~10 MATK×1 hits at 3-second intervals. Requires a Blue Gemstone. 10 Offensive
Resurrection.png Resurrection
Resurrects a dead player with 10~80% health. Requires a Blue Gemstone. 4 Supportive
Safety Wall.png Safety Wall
Create a pillar on a cell that protects whoever stands in it from 2~11 melee attacks, for up to 5~50 seconds. Requires a Blue Gemstone. 10 Supportive
Sanctuary.png Sanctuary
Enchants the ground with restorative powers for 4~31 seconds, healing up to 4~13 players which stand in it by 100~777 health. Requires a Blue Gemstone. 10 Supportive
Slow Poison.png Slow Poison
Halts the HP draining effects of Poison for 10~40 seconds. 4 Supportive
Status Recovery.png Status Recovery
Cures the target from Frozen, Stoned and Stun status effects. 1 Supportive
Suffragium.png Suffragium
Reduces the cast time of the next spell the target player attempts to cast by 15~45%. Cannot self-target. 3 Supportive
Exorcismus.png Exorcismus
Damages Demon and Undead race monsters, and Shadow element monsters, with a chance to instantly kill them. 5 Offensive

Quest Skills

Skill Description Levels Type Job Level
Redemptio.png Redemptio
Resurrects all nearby party members with half HP. 1 Supportive 40 Redemptio Quest

Job Bonuses

The levels at which a Priest receives a certain bonus.

Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7
STR 4 11 17 27 35
AGI 6 29 37 48
VIT 7 14 34 36 45
INT 8 9 22 42 43
DEX 16 20 25 32
LUK 1 3 10 21 31 39 50


Weapon Base ASPD Base Delay
Unarmed 160 400
Book 140 600
Mace 140 600
Rod 140 600
Knuckle 0 2000