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Asgard Legend features a variety of player-based ingame commands for quality of life improvments. They can be accessed by simply typing them into the chatbar and sending the message.


This command lists all available commands.


Allows to user to turn the following settings ON or OFF:

  • Display EXP: Displays a message in the chat log specifying the amount of EXP gained as well as the EXP % contributed towards your next level.
  • Disable Night: Related to a visual-only effect of night mode which dims the screen a little.
  • Disable Weather: Turning this ON will prevent the display of visual weather effects such as fog, rain, and snow.
  • Disable #main chat: Disables the player from seeing any messages posted in #main
  • Disable #trade chat: Disables the player from seeing any messages posted in #trade
  • Arealoot: Enabling this setting allows clicking on dropped items to pick up all items in an area around the item.
  • Mute BG: Enabling this setting hides any server-wide Battlegrounds related messages.
  • Disable Blind Fix: Enabling this setting removes the full widescreen effect on the Blind status.
  • Disable Zeny Messages: Disables gained/lost zeny from being shown in chat.


This command reloads all assets on the screen. Useful for "resetting" your character's true position after being affected by position lag, or to despawn some "dead" enemies whose corpses did not vanish.

!trackexp <start/calc/end/pause>

Allows the user to track their experience gain over time based on a start and end timer.


Allows a Vending or buy shop stall to remain open while logging you out of your game account.

!shopsearch / !ss

Searches all currently active Vending stalls for a specified item name or item ID.

!buysearch / !bs

Searches all currently active Buying stalls for a specified item name or item ID.

!memo 1-9

Saves a warp slot (up to 9) for Book of Memories.

!report <playername> <message>

Sends a report to the moderation team on the specified player. Since this only sends an ingame message, it's more efficient to contact a moderator or administrator on discord.


Adds the player to the queue for Battlegrounds.


Removes the player from the Battlegrounds queue.

Homunculus Commands

These commands are available for Alchemist players to better monitor their Homunculus.


Displays homunculus' stats, intimacy, and more.


Displays the homunculus' growth rate.


Displays the player's attack speed in the traditional RO value.