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Ragnarok: Asgard Legend features many new skills, changes to skills, and revamped mechanics. Below is a broad overview of all new skills and skill changes that have been made to the game. For more detailed information, please visit that specific skill's wiki page.

Please note that the base version of Asgard Legend references pre-renewal RO. As such, many renewal changes to skills (such as the kRO Zero updates) are not universally applied. Any references third class skills will refer to versions that existed in the level 175 update (prior to major third job balance reworks)

Global Skill Changes

  • All Mastery-type skills now additionally grand a 5% card-like damage bonus at max level when wielding the appropriate weapon. Raw ATK damage lowered by 5 at max level. Each of these skills have unique effects as well.
  • Quest skills are now referred to as 'Class Skills' and are obtained automatically upon changing jobs.
  • Skill Trees have been modified to be more lenient on skill requirements, allowing for more flexible build configurations.
  • Auto Refresh System:
    • Many buffs have had their duration drastically shortened and now are automatically refreshed when near the original caster as long as the caster is actively playing (must be using skills every now and then to register as "active".
    • This change was implemented to reduce strain on repeatedly buffing when playing in parties, allowing more active participation, as well as reducing the power of dual clienting.
  • Attack speed buffs now stack multiplicatively instead of only using the highest value. See APM for more details.

Note: If a skill is not listed, it may have not had any changes. Please check the respective class' page to see if the skill is available.

Anovice ico.png Novice

Novice now has 9 separate skills to place skill points into as opposed to just one skill in the original RO. All novice skills have a maximum level of 1. Players must still reach job level 10 in order to change jobs into any of the first class jobs.


Changed Skills:

  • Basic Skill.png Basic Skill - Now only goes to level 1 to cover all the basics of creating parties, opening storage, trading, etc.

New Skills:

  • Mount.png Call Mount - Allows the user to summon a mount for increased movement speed. Note: Players cannot attack while on a mount nor use skills. It is also not possible to call a mount in dungeons or instances.
  • Pick Up.png Pick Up - Picks up all items in a 5x5 radius around the user. Costs 0 SP to cast and cannot be used in towns.
  • Pushcart.png Pushcart Basics - Allows the user to rent a pushcart from the Kafra Employees. Walk speed is drastically reduced with a pushcart.
  • Change Cart.png Change Cart - Allows the user to change their pushcart into various different styles based on the player's level.
  • Vending.png Vending - Allows the user to vend items from their pushcart. Although this skill can only be raised to level 1, up to 12 items can be vended at once.
  • Monster Memory.png Monster Memory - Recalls information about a previously defeated monster such as stats, item drops, and spawn locations. This skill does not work on monsters the player has not yet defeated or Sensed.
  • Item Finding.png Item Finding - Identifies which monster drops a particular item
  • Sense.png Sense - Displays an information window with the target monster's stats and properties. Also creates entries for Monster Memory.
    • Skill removed from Sage and Wizard.

Bnovice ico.png Super Novice

Super Novice

Super Novice's job EXP table has been altered to have much lower requirements, in order to be able to change to Expanded Super Novice at a lower base level.

New Skills:

  • Super Novice has access to most of the new first class skills in Asgard Legend, (Except Expanded jobs such as Taekwon, Ninja, and Gunslinger) listed below.


  • Super Novice can reset their death count at the reset NPC for a zeny fee.
  • After level 70, Super Novice can equip all level 4 weapons of categories SN can naturally equip (As soul links were reworked)
  • After level 80, Super Novice can equip any headgear and any armor that normally specifies "Any job except novice".
  • After level 90, Super Novice can equip all Shield, Helms, Armor, Garment, Shoes, and Accessories.
  • Death count is no longer increased when dying on a PvP map or inside of an instance.

Cnovice ico.png Expanded Super Novice

Expanded Super Novice

Expanded Super Novice is a class advancement available to Super Novices.

Expanded super novices have a max job level of 50, but gain 2 skill points per job level.

Unique Skills:

  • Breakthrough.pngBreakthrough (5): Passive - Increases Max HP, SP, ATK, and MATK.
  • Transcendence.pngTranscendence (10): Passive - Increases healing effectiveness and attack speed. Reduces all aftercast delays by a percentage, and all cast times by a flat amount.
  • Novice's Fury.pngNovice's Fury (1): Increases Critical Damage by 30% and critical rate by 50.
  • Angel Help Me.pngAngel Help Me (1): A lengthy cooldown ability that heals HP and SP over time to the Super Novice and all party members.

Available second job skills: See Expanded Super Novice page

Note that there is a limit to the amount of skills one class can have. As such, if eSN is missing something you might expect it to have, it was due to that limit being maxed.

First Classes

Swordsman ico.png Swordman


New Skills:

  • Iron Defense.png Iron Defense - Increases the player's VIT-type defense, increasing with higher skill level used.
  • One-Hand Quicken.png One-Hand Quicken - Increases the player's attack speed with one-handed swords, although not as much as two-hand quicken (knight skill) or spear quicken (crusader skill).
  • Spear Mastery.png Spear Mastery Removed from Knight/Crusader and added to Swordsman. Now grants additional Perfect Dodge +1 per skill level when wielding a spear. No longer adds bonus damage when mounted, and unmounted damage normalized, matching other mastery skills.

Changed Skills:

  • Endure.png Endure - Now endures 2 hits per skill level used for a maximum of 20 hits or until the skill duration runs out.
  • Sword Mastery.png Sword Mastery - Now increases damage done with all swords and daggers by 5% and 25 ATK at max level. Additionally, when wielding 1H swords or dagger, each skill level passively increases the chance of stun on Bash (swordsman) or chance of critical wounds (rogue). If wielding 2h, each level also increases crit rate.
  • Two-Handed Sword Mastery.png Two-Handed Sword Mastery Has been removed and its effects are merged into Sword Mastery.
  • Bash.png Bash SP cost reduced from 8/15 to 6/10.
  • Magnum Break.png Magnum Break max level reduced to 5 while retaining the same damage. After-cast delay reduced from 2 sec to 1 sec. SP Cost reduced from 30 to 15. Added 1s cooldown.
  • Increase HP Recovery.png Increase HP Recovery no longer doubles the final healing value of Potion Pitcher, instead increasing the heal from the main part of the calculation.
  • Provoke.png Provoke now forces the provoked monster to attack the Swordman for up to 7 seconds.

Mage ico.png Mage


New Skills:

  • None

Changed Skills:

  • Napalm Beat.png Napalm Beat reworked:
    • Max Level reduced to 5
    • Damage has been increased for each skill level used.
    • Cast time and delay reduced.
    • Damage no longer divides among targets in the AoE.
  • Soul Strike.png Soul Strike - Damage slightly increased. Deals bonus damage to undead race.
  • Safety Wall.png Safety Wall - Requirements changed to Napalm Beat 5 instead of 7.
  • Fire Bolt.png Cold Bolt.png Lightning Bolt.png Fire Bolt, Cold Bolt, Lightning Bolt improved:
    • Base cast time reduced on all bolt skills from (Skill Level*0.7) seconds to (Skill Level*0.5) seconds - meaning 7 seconds to 5 seconds at max level.
    • Aftercast delay reduced from (0.8 + (Skill Level*.2)) seconds to (0.3 + Skill Level *.15) - meaning 2.8 seconds to 1.8 seconds at max level.
  • Frost Diver.png Frost Diver Aftercast delay reduced from 1.5 seconds to 1 second.
  • Fire Ball.png Fire Ball reworked:
    • Max Level reduced to 5
    • Skill is now level-selectable
    • Damage increased to 25% + (Skill Level*75%) from 70% + (SkillLevel*10%). Max level difference: 400% vs 170%
    • Cast Time increased from 1.5~1 second to 0.5 + (0.5*Skill Level) seconds
    • After cast delay reduced from 1.5~1 second to 0.5 + (0.1*Skill Level) seconds.
  • Thunderstorm.png Thunderstorm reworked:
    • Damage increased from 80% MATK per bolt to 100% MATK per bolt.
    • Cast time reduced to 1 + (0.5*Skill Level) from 1*SkillLv seconds
    • After cast delay reduced to 0.3 +(0.15*Skill Level) seconds from 2 seconds

Merchant ico.png Merchant


New Skills:

  • Cursed Tomahawk.png Cursed Tomahawk - Throws a cursed axe at the target from a distance that deals damage and has a chance of inflicting the curse status. Requires an axe or mace type weapon to cast.
  • Efficiency.png Efficiency - Decreases the amount of zeny consumed when using the Mammonite skill.
  • Finder's Fee.png Finder's Fee (Quest skill) - Allows the user to find zeny by chance when killing monsters.
  • Axe Mastery.png Axe Mastery - Now increases damage done with Axes by 5% and 25 ATK at max level. Additionally, when wielding Axes, each skill level passively increases the chance of inflicting curse with the Cursed Tomahawk skill.

Changed Skills:

  • Cart Revolution.png Cart Revolution
    • No longer a quest skill and is now directly part of the merchant skill tree.
    • Now has a maximum level of 10 and has increased damage.
    • Skill levels 7 and below have no knockback to make it easier to use rapidly at high aspd.
    • No longer needs a full cart for maximum damage.
  • Mammonite.png Mammonite zeny use is now scaled heavily by Base level, using much less at lower levels.
  • Pushcart.png Pushcart removed as it is now a novice skill. Replaced by Pushcart Mastery.
  • Vending.png Vending has been removed from Merchant and is now part of the Novice skill tree.
  • Discount and Overcharge - These skills were removed. However, items purchased from Weapon Dealers, Armor Dealers, and Tool Dealers are a bit cheaper than in pre-renewal RO and items sold to NPCs also sell for a bit more than in pre-renewal RO as compensation for not having these skills.

Archer ico.png Archer


New Skills:

  • Precision.png Precision - Deals 400% damage with a high chance of being a critial hit. Causes a 2 second global skill cooldown on use. Can be used with melee weapons.
  • Heavy Arrow.png Heavy Arrow - Uses an unusually heavy arrow that slows down the target, pierces DEF, and has a chance of stunning the target.

Changed Skills:

  • Arrow Crafting.png Arrow Crafting
    • now yields more arrows when using Crystal Blue, Wind of Verdure, and Green Live. [150->450].
    • Glittering Jacket removed from the crafting pool.
  • Charge Arrow.png Charge Arrow - No longer a quest skill and is part of the archer's skill tree. Has a maximum level of 5. Can now be used with Whips and Instruments. Cast Time removed.
  • Arrow Shower.png Arrow Shower - Max level reduced to 5. Is now level selectable. Damage and knockback increases per level. Can now be used with Whips and Instruments.
  • Double Strafing.png Double Strafing - Base damage increased from 380% to 400%. Added 1% extra damage per base level of the player.

Thief ico.png Thief


New skills:

  • Quick Strike.png Quick Strike - Slashes the enemy dealing damage that has a chance to cause Critical Wounds. Damage is increased further if the user is wielding two daggers, swords or axes (assassin job only).
  • Increase Speed.png Increase Speed - Temporarily increases the player's attack speed.

Changed Skills:

  • Throw Sand.png Throw Sand - No longer a quest skill and is now part of the Thief skill tree with 5 levels. Can be used at a distance of 7 cells. Damage has been increased (125% to 200%) and now deals damage in a 3x3 AoE around the target. Blind chance increased to 50%.
  • Envenom.png Envenom - Damage has been increased (+150 to +350 at max level). Poison Chance increased to 75% at max. Max level reduced to 5. SP cost reduced from 12 to 8.
  • Steal.png Steal is now able to steal Cards. It also displays a message in chat when the monster has already been successfully stolen from.

Acolyte ico.png Acolyte


New Skills:

  • Repel Evil.png Repel Evil - Increases damage against demon and undead monsters by up to 15% while also reducing damage taken from demon and undead monsters by up to 15%. This skill now also affects Magic damage.
  • Mace Mastery.png Mace Mastery - Now increases damage done with maces by 5% and 25 ATK at max level. Additionally, when wielding maces, converts the damage of Signum Crucis into Physical instead of Magic.
  • Increase SP Recovery.png Increase SP Recovery - Passively increases SP recovery when not moving.

Changed Skills:

  • Heal.png Heal Improved:
    • skill formula has been improved from (Base Heal = 4 + 8 * Skill Level), floor((Base Level + INT) / 8) * Base Heal to (Base Lv + INT * 2) / 9 * (4 + (Skill Lv * 8)). This change allows for higher heal scaling with INT.
    • Heal can now be used offensively on Undead and Demon race monsters.
  • Holy Light.png Holy Light - No longer a quest skill and is now part of the acolyte skill tree. The skill has a maximum level of 5 and has increased damage. Cast time lowered to 1 second.
  • Signum Crucis.png Signum Crucis - Now deals AoE damage based on MATK to enemies around the user. Note: Having a mace-type weapon and Mace Mastery skill will make this skill deal damage based on ATK.
  • Angelus.png Angelus reworked:
    • VIT-type DEF bonus increased from +50% to 100% at max level. (Note: Vit Def formula has been reworked)
    • Grants Max HP based on the player's base level and skill level used.
    • Aftercast delay reduced to 1s from 3.5s. Now has an individual skill cooldown of 3.5s
    • Duration changed to 30 seconds, auto refresh near caster enabled.
  • Warp Portal.png Warp Portal Reworked:
    • Removed from Acolyte skill tree. Now used via Book of Memory item accessible to all classes.
    • Now uses the !memo # system instead of /memo, allowing more precise control over which maps you overwrite.
    • Has a maximum of 9 memo locations.
  • Increase AGI.png Increase AGI reworked:
    • Duration changed to 30 seconds. Auto-Refresh near caster Enabled.
    • Now a ground target skill that affects party members / self in a 7x7 AoE
    • No longer grants a movement speed bonus or bonus AGI (Note: base movement speed is greatly improved.)
    • Flee Bonus: +2 * Skill Lv
    • Perfect Dodge Bonus: +1 * Skill Lv
  • Blessing.png Blessing reworked:
    • Duration of 30 seconds. Auto-Refresh near caster Enabled.
    • Now a ground target skill that affects party members / self in a 7x7 AoE
    • No longer grants +10 STR/DEX/INT (Note: Base values for ATK, HIT, MATK, Cast Time have been adjusted to compensate for this)
    • Hit: +2 * Skill Lv
    • After-Cast Delay: - 2% * Skill Lv
    • Cast Time: -2% * Skill Lv
    • Can now cancel stone curse during the "waiting" period before becoming fully petrified.
  • Aqua Benedicta.png Aqua Benedicta is now a class skill granted automatically upon job change.
  • Demon Bane and Divine Protection - These skills were removed and replaced with the Repel Evil skill above.

Second Classes

Listed values are of skills at max level.

All second class Quest Skills are now automatically granted upon job change. Several quest skills have been reworked, and there are also new ones.

Knight ico.png Knight

  • Twohand Quicken.png Twohand Quicken improved:
    • Adds +2 flee per skill level for 2H swords
    • Adds +3 critical per skill level for 2H swords
    • Attack speed bonus increased from 30% to 50% (see ASPD)
  • Brandish Spear.png Brandish Spear
    • Damage increased to 450% minimum.
    • No longer requires the user to be mounted on a Peco Peco.
    • Fixed bug that prevented hitting enemies that share a cell with the caster.
  • Spear Stab.png Spear Stab Damage increased from 200% to 400%
  • Spear Boomerang.png Spear Boomerang damage increased from 250% to 450%
  • Bowling Bash.png Bowling Bash reworked
    • Damage rebalanced to 2 hits of 400% damage. (Additional +25% final damage modifier when using a two-handed sword)
    • Forces all targets to be knocked back in the same direction based on the knight's facing direction
    • Removed gutterlines bug
    • Has an additional recursive effect that can extend the splash AoE, provided enough targets are close to eachother.
  • Auto Counter.png Auto Counter SP cost reduced to 2 from 3. CRIT is guaranteed on successful counter.
  • Cavalier Mastery.png Cavalry Mastery reworked:
    • Now named Movement Mastery.
    • Still regains ASPD when mounted.
    • Gains a passive +3% per skill lv movement speed bonus when unmounted.
    • Gains +100 max weight limit per lv when unmounted. (+200 when mounted, for a total of +1000).
  • Peco Peco Ride.png Peco Peco Ride Weight bonus move to Movement Mastery. Spear size modifier now applies even when unmounted.
  • Charge Attack.png Charge Attack casting time greatly reduced. Sp cost lowered from 40 to 25.
  • Spear Mastery.png Spear Mastery Removed from skill tree and given to Swordman.

Crusader ico.png Crusader


Skill tree & Requirements reworked. Crusaders now have more freedom in how their skill points are spent.

  • Faith.png Faith Max level reduced from 10 to 5 . Total Max HP bonus increased to 2500.
  • Shield Boomerang.png Shield Boomerang Reworked
    • Damage increased from 250% to 500%.
    • Aftercast delay changed to 0.5s. Added cooldown (can't be reduced) of 1s.
    • SP cost reduced from 12 to 9.
  • Shield Charge.png Shield Charge reworked
    • Damage increased from 200% to 900%
    • Aftercast delay changed to 0.5s. Added cooldown (can't be reduced) of 1s.
    • SP Cost increased from 10 sp to 12 sp.
  • Cure.png Cure no longer has skill requirements
  • Holy Cross.png Holy Cross no longer has skill requirements. SP cost reduced from 20 to 12.
  • Grand Cross.png Grand Cross rescaled:
    • Quadruple damage bonus from targets weak to holy has been removed.
    • New damage scaling against Demon, Undead, Shadow added to compensate. Damage is now higher against targets not weak to holy, while weak to holy is around what it was before.
    • SP costs reduced to 25,30,35,40,45,50,55,60,65,70.
    • HP cost reduced to 1* SkillLV % from 20% at all levels.
    • Self damage rescaled from always full damage to Damage / (13 - Skill Lv).
    • Skill is now level selectable.
  • Heal.png Heal requirement changed to Grand Cross level 5 and Cure level 1
  • Providence.png Providence Reworked:
    • Effect changed to: Bypass DEF at a rate of 10% * Skill Lv when vs. Undead and Demon Race monsters. This effect is 3% per skill level versus other monsters.
    • Duration changed to 30 seconds. Auto-Refresh near caster Enabled.
    • Now a ground target skill that affects party members / self in a 7x7 AoE
    • Cast time decreased to 1 second
  • Spear Quicken.png Spear Quicken improved:
    • Now works with both 1h (20% aspd) and 2h (50% aspd) spears.
    • Buff is not dispelled when switching between 1h and 2h spears, but the bonuses are recalculated.
    • Adds +1 flee per skill level for 1H spears, and +2 flee per skill level for 2H spears.
    • Adds +1 critical per skill level for 1H spears, and +3 critical per skill level for 2H spears.
  • Cavalier Mastery.png Cavalry Mastery reworked:
    • Now named Movement Mastery.
    • Still regains ASPD when mounted.
    • Gains a passive +3% per skill lv movement speed bonus when unmounted.
    • Gains +100 max weight limit per lv when unmounted. (+200 when mounted, for a total of +1000).
  • Peco Peco Ride.png Peco Peco Ride Weight bonus moved to Movement Mastery. Spear size modifier now applies even when unmounted.
  • Spear Mastery.png Spear Mastery Removed from skill tree and given to Swordman.

Wizard ico.png Wizard


Base HP Pool slightly increased.

  • Jupitel Thunder.png Jupiter Thunder cast time reduced from 2 + (Skill level*.5) seconds to (0.5*Skill level) seconds.
  • Frost Nova.png Frost Nova reworked.
    • Max Level reduced to 5.
    • Is now a ground-targeted spell with 11x11 AoE.
    • Knocks targets in the area back 2 cells on use. (Targets in the exact center of the AoE are not knocked back)
    • Skill now has a guaranteed freeze on the second hit of the spell. (Ingores targets that are already frozen, and ignores enemy MDEF-based freeze chance reduction).
    • Cast time changed to 4 - (SkillLv*0.5) seconds
    • Aftercast delay removed.
  • Lord of Vermilion.png Lord of Vermillion improved:
    • Damage increased at all skill levels.
    • Cast time changed to 5 + (0.5*Skill Level) seconds
    • Aftercast Delay reduced from 5 seconds to 1.5 + (0.1*Skill Level) seconds.
  • Storm Gust.png Storm Gust Reworked:
    • No longer causes frozen status.
    • No longer knocks back.
    • Cast Time reduced from 5+SkillLV sec to 5+(0.5*Skill Level) seconds.
    • Aftercast Delay reduced from 5 seconds to 1.5 + (0.1*Skill Level) seconds.
  • Meteor Storm.png Meteor Storm Reworked:
    • Cast Time reduced from 5+SkillLV sec to 5+(0.5*Skill Level) seconds.
    • Aftercast Delay reduced from 2 + (0.5*SkillLv) seconds to 1.5 + (0.1*SkillLV) seconds
    • No longer places meteors randomly, but in alternating patterns.
      • Note: This means the skill no longer "stacks" as exponentially with multiple casts/wizards for massive damage, but the damage is much more consistently spread, similar to the other wizard AoEs.
  • Water Ball.png Water Ball improved:
    • Can now be used outside of water tiles
    • Damage on water tiles unchanged.
    • Damage outside of water cells is (15*Skill level)% MATK
    • Cast time reduced to (0.5*Skill Level) from (1*Skill Level)
    • When auto-cast via items or skills, this skill is now considered to be "in water" and deals full damage.
    • Now deals Bonus damage by consuming Water enchant (Via Frost Weapon or Water Converter. (see Deluge changes as well)

Sage ico.png Sage


Sage now passively gains bonus bolts to all of mage's Bolt skills. +1 Bolt(s) for Levels 1~4, +2 Bolt(s) for Levels 5~9, +3 Bolt(s) for Level 10.

  • Flame Launcher.png Frost Weapon.png Seismic Weapon.png Lightning Loader.png Endow skills reworked:
    • Does not require elemental stones to cast
    • Max skill level reduced to 1. Cast time altered to 0.25 seconds
    • Duration changed to 15 seconds. Auto refresh when near caster enabled.
    • Endow skills now overwrite and refresh eachother when applied while still active.
  • Advanced Book.png Advanced Book now also provides up to 20% ASPD.
  • Dragonology.png Dragonology MATK bonus increased to match Resistance and ATK, bonuses now also effective against Fish type monsters.
  • Auto Spell.png Auto Spell improved:
    • Now casts a bolt spell at the maximum level learned, up to Auto Spell's current max level. (Ex. Level 10 firebolt and Level 5 autospell will only cast level 5 firebolt, but with level 10 autocast, the bolt will be lv10.)
    • No longer applies a cooldown when auto casting a skill.
    • Now has Earth Spike as an option in place of Frost Diver.
    • Benefits from the passively increased bolt counts
    • When used with Soul Strike now auto casts levels 4~7, dealing between 2 to 4 hits.
  • Deluge.png Deluge, Violent Gale.png Violent Gale, Volcano.png Volcano Reworked.
    • Catalysts removed. No longer a floor buff effect.
    • Now one-time AoE damage effects that apply a debuff to all affected targets (including boss monsters) that increases damage taken from the corresponding element by up to 25% for 20 seconds.
    • Each have an additional effect for non-boss monsters. Deluge inflicts -10% atk, Volcano inflicts -10% def, and Violent Gale inflicts a large movement speed reduction.
    • Only one elemental debuff can be applied at once. The latest one will overwrite the previous one.
  • Earth Spike.png Earth Spike damage increased to +20% MATK/Hit per skill level.
  • Heaven's Drive.png Heaven's Drive damage increasedto +10% MATK/Hit per skill level.
  • Dispel.png Dispel Reworked:
    • No longer removes Preserve, Attack speed potions, and all chef-made food effects.
    • No longer consumes a gemstone when it fails.
    • Success rate changed to (50 + (10*Skill LV)) - (Target MDEF)
    • Dispel is now considered an "Offensive" skill for Kaite, which can now block it.
  • Free Cast.png Free Cast max level reduced to 5 (Total bonus is the same at max). Attack speed penalty removed.
  • Land Protector.png Land Protector is now level selectable. Now shows visuals regardless of /effect settings.
  • Spell Breaker.png Spell Breaker now always fails when cast against status immune monsters, such as MVPs.

New Skills:

  • Health Conversion.pngSoul Change.png Health Conversion and Soul Change added as class skills.
    • Soul Change cast tme reduced from 3 seconds to 2 seconds.
    • Soul Change aftercast delay reduced from 5 seconds to 1 second.
    • Soul Change no longer requires Shift to be held when targeting players.
    • Soul Change SP recovery when used on monsters increased from 3% to 15%. (Note: only works once per monster)
  • Focus Spell.png Focus Spell:
    • A new active class skill gained upon job change.
    • Self-buff which doubles SP consumption but allows MATK to always calculate its maximum value.

Blacksmith ico.png Blacksmith


Forging success formulas reworked. Chance now increased by 0.2% per Base Level and 1% per Job Level. Stats no longer affect forging success rates.

  • Forging bonuses reworked:


Star Crumb Amount Seeking Attack
1 +5
2 +10
3 +40


Star Crumb Amount Attack Bonus & Seeking Damage
1 +10 ATK & +10 Seeking
2 +20 ATK & +20 Seeking
3 +90 ATK & +30 Seeking


  • Finding Ore.png Ore Discovery chance of finding ores increased.
  • Blacksmiths self-buffs are immune to Dispel.png Dispel when under the effect of Chemical Protect Weapon.png Chemical Protect Weapon
  • Power Maximize.png Maximize Power Reworked:
    • Still causes all attacks to "roll" their maximum value.
    • Additionally grants 3/6/9/12/15 Hard DEF
    • Additionally grants 400/800/1200/1600/2000 Max HP
    • SP Consumption dramatically increased
  • Hilt Binding.png Hilt Binding increases blacksmith buff duration by 20% (up from 10%)
  • Hammer Fall.png Hammerfall now deals a small amount of forced Neutral damage.
  • Weapon Repair.png Repair Weapon Cast time reduced from 7.5s to 1.5s.
  • Power-Thrust.png Over Thrust
    • Duration changed to 30 seconds (Auto refresh near caster enabled.)
    • Party ATK bonus changed from flat 5% to Skill level x2% (Max 10%).
    • Weapon break rate removed.
  • Weapon Perfection.png Weapon Perfection Duration changed to 30 seconds (Auto refresh near caster enabled.)
  • Adrenaline Rush.png Adrenaline Rush
    • ASPD bonus increased from 30% to 50% (See ASPD)
    • Now grants +5 flee per level to the caster. (Does not apply to party members).
    • Grants +6 Crit per skill level when wielding a 2H Axe. (Does not apply to party members).
    • Duration changed to 30 seconds (Auto refresh near caster enabled.)
  • Full Adrenaline Rush.png Full Adrenaline Rush
    • is now a Class Skill that is automatically granted to the player upon job change. 100 SP cost.
    • Increases ASPD of player by 40% and party members by 10% as long as they are wielding weapons.
    • Duration changed to 30 seconds (Auto refresh near caster enabled.)

Alchemist ico.png Alchemist


Potion Brewing success rates reworked. Stats no longer affect brewing. See Alchemist Page for more detail.

  • Consumable Slim Potions have been reworked into ETC items that are used for Alchemist skills. The Consumable item versions no longer exist as craftable items.

Alchemist Ranking system reworked:

  • Glistening Coat and Embryo adds +30 fame
  • Blue Potion, Elemental Resist Potions, Anodyne, and Aloevera adds +20 fame each
  • Slim White Potion adds +3 fame
  • Slim Yellow Potion adds +2 fame
  • Everything else adds +1 fame
  • Crafting multiple success in a row no longer adds any bonus fame
  • Crafted HP restoration potions now additionally recover HP every 0.5 seconds over 2 seconds after use, each tick healing half the base value of the potion.

Additionally, Ranked Alchemist benefits have been altered to benefit an alchemist's personal skills rather than increasing. See the below skills for more info.

  • Pharmacy.png Pharmacy reworked:
    • Potion Brewing item yield has been altered. Alchemists now gain more created potions per items used to craft, with the exception of "fat" potions. See Brewing page for more info.
    • Slim potion success rates now have the same success as Acid Bottles, Bottle Grenates, etc. due to their change in function.
    • Orange Potions and Slim Orange potions can now be crafted. (See Brewing for more info).
  • Acid Terror.png Acid Terror reworked:
    • Damage increased from 300% up to 1100% at max level.
    • Levels 1~3 now use Small Acid Bottle, purchasable from an NPC in the Alchemist guild. (Level 3 deals 700% atk)
    • Chance to break armor removed. Now Strips armor at a rate of 1% per skill level instead of breaking it. Strip Duration is 5 seconds at all levels. Note: Unlike Rogue's Strips, a "successful" strip from Acid Terror does not deteriorate the duration of Chemical Protection.
  • Demonstration.png Demonstration reworked:
    • Damage increased from 200% up to 400% at max level.
    • Levels 1~3 now use Small Bottle Grenade, purchasable from an NPC in the Alchemist guild. (Level 3 deals 280% atk)
    • Chance to break weapon removed. Now Strips weapon at a rate of 1% per skill level instead of breaking it. Strip Duration is 5 seconds at all levels. Note: Unlike Rogue's Strips, a "successful" strip from Demonstration does not deteriorate the duration of Chemical Protection.
    • AoE increased to 5x5 from 3x3
    • Can now be placed directly under enemies or allies.
    • Ranked Alchemists deal 10% more Demonstration damage.
  • Bio Cannibalize.png Bio Cannibalize reworked:
    • Total plants available to be summoned as increased by 5/4/3/2/1 to 6/5/4/3/2
    • Cast time reduced from 2 seconds to 1 second.
    • Summoned plants now scale with the Alchemist's stats. INT increases damage exponentially, DEX provides additional HIT and minimum damage, and VIT increases their maximum HP.
    • All plants have re-adjusted attack speeds. Plants summed with level 1, 2, 4, and 5 now have an attack range of 7. ((Mandragora, Hydra, Parasite, and Geographer)
    • Plants summoned with level 3 (Flora) have a range of 4 and increased base damage.
    • The skill no longer fails when trying to summon a plant beyond the maximum limit. Instead, the oldest plant is removed in favor of the newest.
    • The skill no longer fails when trying to summon a plant of a different skill level. The Instead, all previous plants are removed in favor of the latest plant type used.
    • Summoned plants are no longer damaged in PvM by the player, party members, or monster skills.
    • Summoned plants no longer trigger auto-spells from the Alchemist's equipment when attacking.
    • The skill now consumes Plant Bottles at different rates based on the skill level used. Note: you will always need a Plant Bottle to begin the cast.
      • Skill Level 1 consumes 1 Plant Bottle 33% of the time.
      • Skill Level 2 consumes 1 Plant Bottle 40% of the time.
      • Skill Level 3 consumes 1 Plant Bottle 50% of the time.
      • Skill Level 4 consumes 1 Plant Bottle 66% of the time.
      • Skill Level 5 consumes 1 Plant Bottle 100% of the time.
  • Sphere Mine.png Sphere Mine reworked:
    • Cast time reduced to 1 second.
    • Cast time is now uninterruptible.
    • Summoned marine sphere's max health now scales with the Alchemist's VIT and Base Level. (This affects how much damage the sphere deals when it explodes)
    • Self Destruction (Marine Sphere Skill) element changed from fire to neutral element.
    • Self Destruction (Marine Sphere Skill) cast time reduced from 5 seconds to 2 seconds.
    • Maximum amount of active spheres reduced from 3 to 2.
    • Detonation Range (max distance from the alchemist at which it can explode) changed to 9 cells.
    • Sphere mines now only take 1 damage when hit.
  • Potion Pitcher.png Potion Pitcher reworked:
    • SP cost changed from 1 to 3.
    • Now uses the new ETC Slim potions instead of regular potions. (Except blue potions).
    • Ranked alchemists have +25% Healing done via potion pitcher.
    • Healing no longer fully doubled by Increase HP Recovery, but is still increased.
  • Axe Mastery.png Axe Mastery removed and given to Merchant.
  • Chemical Protect Weapon.png Chemical Protect Helm.png Chemical Protect Shield.png Chemical Protect Armor.png Chemical Protection skills slightly reworked:
    • These skills no longer have skill requirements. This means you can skill them in any order.
    • Rogue's Strip skills can reduce the duration of Chemical Protection skills by 90% if they roll successfully against a player that has the status active.

The following are now class skills (unlocked automatically upon job change):

  • Homunculus rebalanced:
    • When creating your first homunculus, you are able to choose which type of homunculus is created.
    • Homunculi now use the same EXP table as players.
    • Homunculi now fully benefit from party share EXP and act as additional player in terms of EXP tapping and gain.
    • Homunculi now passively gain 25% of their owner's EXP even if they do not participate in combat.
  • Filir
    • increased ATK. (about +40%)
    • Moonlight range increased to 2 cells.
  • Lif
    • Touch of Heal no longer has a catalyst.
    • Touch of Heal is now a 9x9 AoE around the Alchemist
    • Touch of Heal uses a different heal formula.
    • Mental Change status is no longer removed on teleport or map change.
    • Mental Change duration changed to 60/180/300 seconds.
    • Mental Change cooldown changed to 120/240/360 seconds.
  • Vanilmirth
    • Reduced ATK and MATK.(about -35% each)
    • Caprice cooldown increased
  • Amistr
    • Increased DEF and HP. (about +35% HP and +20 def by 99).
    • Defense no longer increases Owner's VIT. Now grants the amistr 20*SkillLV VIT.

Hunter ico.png Hunter

  • Claymore Trap.png Claymore deals AoE fire damage in a 7x7 area.
  • Land Mine.png Land Mine deals AoE earth damage in a 5x5 area. Deals 15% more damage than Claymore and Freezing Trap.
  • Freezing Trap.png Freezing Trap additionally deals AoE water damage in a 5x5 area.
  • Blast Mine.png Blast Mine deals AoE wind damage in a 5x5 area.
  • Claymore Trap, Freezing Trap, Land Mine, and Blast Mine now scale heavily with INT, and next with STR (if wielding Dagger) or DEX (if wielding Bow), as well as LUK.
  • Sandman.png Sandman and Flasher is now 7x7 AoE.
  • Blitz Beat.png Blitz Beat Improved:
    • Trigger chance increased from Luk/3 to Luk/2.
    • Can now also be auto-triggered when attacking with daggers.
    • INT and DEX scaling now provide dramatically more damage than before.
    • No longer hits traps when auto-triggered.
    • Auto-triggered Blitz Beat is now single target and has no splash damage.
  • Beast Strafing.png Beast Strafing reworked:

Bard ico.png Bard/Dancer Dancer ico.png


Base HP Pool slightly increased.

  • Dancer now has the same Job Level stat bonuses as bard (STR, AGI, VIT, INT, DEX, LUK now equal to +2,+7,+3,+5,+9,+4 respectively at job level 50)
  • Music Lessons.png Dancing Lesson.png Music / Dancing Lessons movement speed bonus has been reduced.
  • Using the Adaption to Circumstances.png Adaption to Circumstance skill or switching to another instrument or weapon cancels the current song and grants a temporary movement speed bonus.
    • Adaption to Circumstances movement speed duration is 4 seconds.
    • Canceling a song via weapon switching only has a 2 second duration.
  • All songs now last for a maximum of 60 seconds with a 25 second after-effect if the user leaves the song area.
  • All songs/dances now have a minimum AoE of 9x9, with some songs/dances having larger AoE.
  • Overall, SP consumption for songs has been decreased.
  • Songs now only play the first 5 seconds of their soundclip.
  • Bards and Dancers can now regular attack (autoattack) while performing.
  • Adaption to Circumstances.png Adaption to Circumstances: Cast delay removed
  • A Whistle.png A Whistle: Base flee bonus has been doubled from 10 to 20.
  • Apple of Idun.png Apple of Idun: Base heal amount doubled from 80 per 6s to 160 per 6s.
  • Dissonance.png Dissonance damage increased from 80 to 170.
  • Humming.png Humming Improved:
    • Base hit bonus doubled from 20 to 40. (Scaling unchanged)
    • Now additionally increases Ranged Physical Damage by (Skill Lv / 2) + (DEX / 10) + (Lessons Lv / 2)
  • Ugly Dance.png Ugly Dance SP drain increased from 30 to 50.
  • Fortune's Kiss.png Fortune's Kiss Improved:
    • Critical rate bonus altered: Bonus from Dance Lessons halved, and Bonus from LUK changed to every 20 luk instead of every 10.
    • Now increases critical damage at a rate of (1 * Skill Lv) + (LUK / 10) + (Lessons Lv/2)%
  • Please Don't Forget Me.png Please Don't Forget Me
  • A Poem of Bragi.png A Poem Of Bragi Rescaled:
    • No longer stacks additively with item bonuses, but stacks multiplicatively alongside other statuses like Suffragium.
    • Aftercast Reduction's base value reduced from 50% to 20%. Int and dex scaling change to 1% per 5 points instead of per 10 and 15 points respectively. (Note: INT as a stat now provides personal ACD reduction for all characters)
  • Assassin Cross of Sunset.png Assassin Cross of Sunset: Grants more base ASPD and scales with each 10 agi instead of each 20. Now works with Ranged weapons.
  • Eternal Chaos.png Eternal Chaos is no longer an ensemble skill. Reduces enemy hard DEF and soft DEF instead of nullifying them altogether.
  • A Drum on the Battlefield.png A Drum on the Battlefield is no longer an ensemble skill and now gives bonus ATK only instead of both ATK and DEF.
  • The Ring of Nibelungen.png The Ring of Nibelungeon is no longer an ensemble skill. Now affects Lv. 3 weapons as well. Bonus armor-piercing ATK decreased from 175 to 150.
  • Invulnerable Siegfried.png Invulnerable Siegfried is no longer an ensemble skill. It now increases the effect received from Heal and Potion Pitcher skills instead of giving elemental and status resistance.
  • Mental sensing.png Mr. Kim a Rich Man/Mental Sensing skill has been removed from the game.
  • Melody Strike.png Melody Strike and Throw Arrow damage increased from 260% to 350%. Range increased to 11 cells.
  • Longing for Freedom.png Longing for Freedom added from Rebirth classes.
  • Frost Joker.png Frost Joker no longer works through walls unless the cell is "shootable." Now has a 3 second cooldown. Now usable while performing.
  • Scream.png Scream no longer works through walls unless the cell is "shootable." Now has a 3 second cooldown. Status effect changed from stun to confusion. Now usable while performing.
  • Encore.png Encore reworked:
    • Plays the last song at half the SP cost as well as doubling the active duration.
    • Grants the Encore status for the duration of the song.
      • Cancelling a song early while in Encore drains 33% of the user's max SP. (Only applies to manual cancels, no SP is drained if the performer gets disabled via status effects)
      • Successfully casting Frost Joker/Scream, Arrow Repel, Precision, Musical Strike/Throw Arrow, Arrow Vulcan or Pang Voice/Wink of Charm during Encore status restores normal movement speed and SP recovery for 15 seconds.
  • Wink of Charm.png Wink of Charm and Pang Voice.png Pang Voice reworked:
    • Deals a flat 100 damage to all enemies in a 9x9 aoe around the target.
    • Has a chance of causing the Silence status. Success rate of silence is doubled if player is under the Encore status.

Assassin ico.png Assassin


Attack speed penalty for wielding two weapons has been drastically reduced.

  • Venom Dust.png Venom Dust Duration increased. Red gemstone requirement removed. SP cost reworked. Max level is now 5. Skill is level selectable.
  • Venom Splasher.png Venom Splasher reworked:
    • Damage formula altered, no longer divides evenly among aoe.
    • Cast range increased to 4 cells (from 1 cell)
    • Cast time reduced from 1s to 0.5s.
    • HP requirements on target removed.
    • Detonation timer decreased to 3 seconds.
    • Cooldown adjusted to be in line with new detonation timer.
    • Can be used on bosses
    • Automatically detonates early if the affected target is killed before the timer ends.
    • Chance to Poison removed.
    • Catalyst changed to Poisoned Gemstone, purchaseable at any tool dealer for 50z.
  • Poison React.png Poison React reworked:
    • Max level is now 5 (Bonus damage still same as 10 for venom splasher).
    • 50% chance of countering any attack damage for a +300% damage Envenom.
    • Deals +50% increased damage if the target is poisoned.
    • Duration increased to 240 seconds at max level
    • Max number of countered hits increased to 11 at max level.
  • Enchant Poison.png Enchant Poison Reworked:
    • Now has a max level of 5.
    • Effect changed to provide +5/10/15/20/25% Bonus damage. (Card-like final modifier)
    • Forces weapon property to Neutral and overwrites other Endow effects.
    • Chance to poison increased from 2.5% + 0.5% * Skill Lv to 2.5% + 1.5% * Skill Lv
    • Duration changed to 30 seconds. Auto refresh near caster enabled.
  • Sonic Acceleration.png Sonic Acceleration Now skillable instead of quest skill. Total damage is +25% at max level.
  • Grimtooth.png Grimtooth Applies a micro slow to help keep mobs clumped. Can spread status effects via equipped status arrows.
  • Katar Mastery.png Katar Mastery Now additionally grants +1 CRIT per skill level when wielding a Katar (after the Katar double crit bonus).
  • Lefthand Mastery.png Left Hand Mastery Now additionally increases the chance of poisoning from Enchant Poison by +2% per skill level when wielding a dagger, sword, or axe. Damage penalty removed at max level instead of being 80%.
  • Righthand Mastery.png Right Hand Mastery Now additionally increases the chance of poisoning from Enchant Poison by +2% per skill level when wielding a dagger, sword, or axe.
  • Sonic Blow.png Sonic Blow reworked:
    • Base damage increased to 1300% at level 10.
    • Using Sonic Blow from Cloaking deals an additional 500% damage (1800% at max level).
    • SP consumption rescaled from 14 + 2*SkillLV (34 at max) to 12 + 1* SkillLv (22 at max)
    • No longer locks the assassin into attack animation.
    • No longer has a walk speed or pick up delay after use.
    • Aftercast delay changed to 1 second.
    • Cooldown of 1.5 seconds added.
  • Venom Knife.png Venom Knife
    • No longer a quest skill. Granted automatically upon job change.
    • Applies a guaranteed movement speed reduction for 3 seconds.

Rogue ico.png Rogue


Base HP Pool slightly increased.

  • Back Stab.png Backstab reworked:
    • Teleports a short distance behind the target and strikes them. Cannot miss (ignores flee).
    • Damage increased from 700% to 1000%.
    • Turns target around.
    • Increases damage dealt on target by 20% for 5 seconds, or for the next 5 hits. (10% vs boss monsters)
    • Damage with bow still reduced by 50%.
    • Can now be used while the target and rogue share the same cell. Will teleport east if available.
  • Tunnel Drive.png Tunnel Drive movement speed slightly increased.
  • Raid.png Raid AoE increased from 3x3 to 5x5 and damage increased from 300% to 500% . SP cost reduced from 20 to 15.
  • Plagiarism.png Plagiarism no longer requires to Rogue to survive the skill in order to copy it.
  • Preserve.png Preserve is now available for Rogue as a toggle skill with infinite duration. Cannot be dispelled and does not dispel on death.
  • Gangster's Paradise.png Gangster's Paradise no longer requires two rogues to work. Now applies to the individual rogue as well as all players sitting in a 3x3 area around the rogue.
  • Haggle.png Haggle Skill removed. However, items purchased from Weapon Dealers, Armor Dealers, and Tool Dealers are a bit cheaper than in pre-renewal RO and items sold to NPCs also sell for a bit more than in pre-renewal RO as compensation for not having these skills.
  • Coin Sap.png Steal Coin/Mug skill reworked:
    • Renamed to Coin Sap.
    • Deals forced neutral up to 7 cells way for up to 250% damage.
    • 20% chance to steal raw zeny from the monster.
    • If zeny is successfully stolen, the target monster will be immobilized for 10 seconds. (Note: this cannot proc on players or boss protocol monsters)
    • No longer a pre-requisite for Back Stab.
  • Strip Weapon.png Strip Shield.png Strip Helm.png Strip Shield.png Strip skills Reworked:
    • Each Strip skill no longer has pre-requisite skill requirements. This means you can skill them in any order.
    • Formula for success rate changed. Minimum success rate is now 10% and Maximum is 40%.
    • Strip status duration is now a flat duration and longer dependant on difference between caster and target's DEX. (4/8/12/16/20 seconds)
    • New animation added if the skill is "successful" against a target's equipment that is under the effect of a Chemical Protection.
    • Instead of doing nothing, getting a Successful use against a target under Chemical Protection now reduces the duration of that Chemical Protection by 90%.
  • Close Confine.png Close Confine: is now a Class Skill - it is added automatically upon job change.
  • Arrow Crafting.png Arrow Crafting: is now a Class skill for Rogue - it is added automatically upon job change.

Priest ico.png Priest

  • Priest's Fist weapon base attack speed modifier changed to match Rods and Maces (4 seconds between attacks to 1.2 seconds)
  • Priest's Book weapon base attack speed modifier changed to match Sage's (1.2 seconds between attacks to 1.1 seconds)
  • Impositio Manus.png Imposito Manus Reworked
    • ATK bonus increased from 25 to 45. Now adds MATK of the same values as well.
    • Aftercast delay reduced from 3s to 1s.
    • Now a Ground-Target skill with 7x7 AoE
  • Suffragium.png Suffragium: Can now be cast on yourself
  • B.S Sacramenti.png B.S. Sacramenti No longer requires acolyte job classes to left and right of priest. Consumes 80 SP, 1 holy water, and provides holy armor element for a maximum of 60 seconds to those in the 5x5 targeted area.
  • Aspersio.png Aspersio reworked:
    • Reduced max level to 1.
    • Duration changed to 30 seconds. Auto-Refresh Enabled.
    • Remains a single-target skill.
    • Can now only be used on Enemies or Party members (Note: this is to prevent griefing players against Holy property monsters)
  • Gloria.png Gloria reworked:
    • Aftercast delay reduced from 2s to 1s. Added 2s cooldown.
    • Duration changed to 30s. Auto Refresh near caster enabled.
    • LUK bonus is now 6*Skill Lv instead of always 30.
    • Duration is now 30 at all levels instead of 5+(5*SkillLv)
  • Magnificat.png Magnificat Reworked:
    • Aftercast delay reduced from 2s to 1s. Added 2s cooldown.
    • Regeneration bonus rescaled from +100% to +50% (Note: Base regeneration for all players has been dramatically increased)
    • Duration changed to 30 seconds. Auto refresh near caster enabled.
  • Increase SP Recovery.png Increase SP Recovery removed and given to Acolyte.
  • Sanctuary.png Sanctuary improved:
    • Level scaling on the heal improved to 100*SkillLevel
    • No longer heals all monsters (Can still heal Barricades and Emperium in WoE)
    • Now deals damage to Demon Race, Undead Race, and Shadow Element monsters.
  • Lex Divina.png Lex Divina max level decreased to 5. Aftercast delay removed, 2s cooldown added.
  • Lex Aeterna.png Lex Aeterna Reworked:
    • Now multiplies damage by 1.5x on the target for 1.5 seconds for a maximum of 5 hits. After this duration expires, there is one additional hit of 1.5x damage before the effect expires completely.
    • Now has a 3 second cooldown that cannot be reduced
    • Aftercast delay removed.
  • Turn Undead.png Turn Undead reworked and renamed to Exorcismus
    • Max level reduced from 10 to 5
    • Now only works on Demon Race and Undead Race monsters only.
    • No longer requires Lex Divina as a pre-requirement.
    • Success formula changed to not always 1 hit kill, but can now be used on level 90+ monsters.
  • Magnus Exorcismus.png Magnus Exorcismus improved:
    • Pre-requirements changed to only require Exorcismus level 1.
    • Now hits all monsters. Undead race, demon race and shadow element receive full damage, while everything else takes 1/3 damage.
    • Duration inreased to 16 seconds from 15 seconds.
    • Hit interval decreased to every 2 seconds to 3 seconds (The skill now hits a maximum of 8 times instead of 5 times.
    • After cast delay reduced to 1 second from 4 seconds.
    • Now ignores monsters' Soft MDEF.
    • Blue Gemstone catalyst requirement removed.
  • Kyrie Eleison.png Kyrie Eleison reworked:
    • Duration changed to 60 seconds. Auto refresh enabled near caster.
    • Maximum blocked hits increased from 10 to 12
    • Maximum HP Threshold blocked increased from 30% to 50%.
  • Redemptio.png Redemptio is now a class skill (acquired automatically upon job change). No longer costs EXP to use.
  • Slow Poison.png Slow Poison: skill has been removed.

Monk ico.png Monk


Combo System improved:

    • Delays are now appropriately based on the user's attack speeds.
    • Buffer window for combo increased to 1.33 seconds.
    • Triple Attack can no longer reset the combo chain while executing a combo.
    • Combo skills now have a 0.5s cooldown to prevent quickly spamming two moves at very high aspd.
  • Call Spirits.png Call Spirits Cast time reduced to 0.5 seconds
  • Combo Finish.png Combo Finish damage increased from 540% to 650%. No longer requires a spirit sphere.
  • Triple Attack.png Triple Attack improved:
    • Triggers at a rate of 10+(2*skill level).
    • Now also has an active component that costs 12SP to activate the skill, but places it on a 1 second cooldown.
    • Damage is now 300% at all skill levels.
    • When used by non-monk classes, the skill has a 10% trigger rate penalty (ex. Rogue with plagiarized lv10 TA only triggers at 20% instead of 30%)
  • Iron Hand.png Iron Hands now adds additional % damage to Chain Combo and Combo Finish when wielding Knuckles or Barehand.
  • Critical Explosion.png Fury reworked:
    • No longer increases CRIT rate.
    • No Longer prevents SP regeneration.
    • Provides a stacking multiplier damage increase to Chain Combo and Combo Finish while active.
    • Added a 0.3 seconds cooldown to prevent accidentally using it twice in a row on Champion and Sura
  • Finger Offensive.png Finger Offensive:
    • Now only consumes 1 spirit sphere regardless of level used.
    • Cast time greatly reduced at higher levels.
    • Damage reduced. (350% per sphere to 250% per sphere, ex: Level 5 with 5 spirits from 1750% to 1250% to account for fast cast and spammability.)
    • Deals additional damage to targets under Blade Stop (250% per sphere to 265% per sphere).
  • Investigate.png Investigate
    • Deals additional damage on targets under Blade Stop (475% to 585%).
    • Is no longer forced neutral and can benefit from elemental advantage based on the Monk's current weapon element.
  • Blade Stop.png Blade Stop no longer functions on knockback-immune targets regardless of how they obtained knockback immunity.
  • Asura Strike.png Asura Strike
    • Has a 10 second delay upon changing maps (Does not apply to PvP/BG/WoE maps) before it can be used.
    • The SP regen debuff after Asura Strike can no longer be circumvented by relogging and has been changed to 75% reduced SP regeneration for 90 seconds instead of blocking all sp regen for 5 minutes.
    • When used with 10 or more spheres by Champions or Suras, it will only consume Half of max SP, but still use max SP value for damage calculation.
    • Sphere consumption changed to 5 instead of All.
    • Added bonus scaling based on target's missing HP value. This bonus amount is capped at the champion's base damage with Asura Strike. (ex. a 200k asura can only be boosted up to 400k by this bonus)
  • Absorb Spirits.png Absorb Spirits
    • Success chance against monsters increased from 20% to 50%.
    • SP Gained against Monsters increased from always 2 per monsterlvl to a chance between 2 and 3 sp per monster level.
    • SP Gained against absorbing spirits from players increased from 10 per sphere to 15 per sphere.
  • Steel Body.png Steel Body Reworked: (Note: see DEF for def changes)
    • No longer sets DEF to a static value. (Still sets MDEF to 90)
    • Now provides (+15% * Skill Lv) + 50 DEF
    • Now allows use of Chain Combo, Combo Finish, Call Spirits, Zen, Windmill, Chain Crush Combo, Tiger Knuckle Fist, and Fallen Empire while active. All other skills are still blocked.
  • Ki Translation.png Ki Translation now transfers all spheres instead of just one at a time.
  • Ki Explosion.png Ki Explosion now deals an additional 100% damage if used while wearing a Fist type weapon.

Expanded Classes

Taekwon ico.png Taekwon

  • Running.png Running reworked:
    • No longer forces the user to sprint in a straight line. Instead, grants a +55% movespeed bonus for 5 seconds.
    • Spurt status automatically activates when the duration ends or when a target is attacked.
    • Spurt status STR bonus changed to 2*Skill Lv. (DEX instead if wielding a Book)
    • Spurt status now also adds INT at 2*skill Lv.
    • Spurt status also increases all Kick skill damage if the user is unarmed.
  • Prepare Whirlwind Kick.png Prepare Axe Kick.png Prepare Counter Kick.png Prepare Round Kick.png Stance skills trigger rate has been rebalanced from always 15%.
    • Having only one stance active has a 29% trigger chance.
    • Having two stances active has a 20% trigger chance for each stance.
    • Having three stances active has a 17% trigger chance for each stance.
    • Having four stances active has a 15% trigger chance for each stance.
  • Kick skill damages altered:
    • Whirlwind Kick.png Whirlwind Kick damage reduced to 250% from 300%.
    • Axe Kick.png Axe Kick damage increased to 350% from 300%.
    • Round Kick.png Round Kick damage increased to 450% from 400%. Knockback AoE increased to 5x5.
    • Counter Kick.png Counter Kick damage increased to 500% from 400%.
  • Flying Side Kick.png Flying Side Kick
    • No longer dispels Soul Linker abilities.
    • Damage increased to up to 600% if used while Running is active. (Damage dealt is 1.5x if used during Spurt).
  • Healthy Rest.png Healthy Rest and Quick Rest.png Quick Rest reworked:
    • Are now both active skills instead of passives.
    • Recovers a fixed amount of HP or SP based on the amount of party members alive and in a 13x13 area around the player.
    • 30 Seconds cooldown.
  • Fighting Chant.png Fighting Chant ATK changed to flat instead of percentage. Now also grants a MATK bonus at double the rate of the ATK bonus. Duration changed to 30 seconds with a 60 second cooldown.
  • Taekwon Mission.png Taekwon Mission & Ranking system reworked:
  • SP cost reduced to 5 from 10.
    • Ranker status is no longer exclusive to the top 10 ranked Taekwons. Instead, completing 50 missions automatically awards the Ranker status.
    • Being in the top 10 rankers grants the player a unique aura.
    • Each mission completed permanently adds +2% Max HP and SP, up to 50 missions. This effect only applies once the player is above level 50.
    • Kick skill damage is reduced by 20% when the player is a Ranker.

Starglad ico.png Star Gladiator

Star Gladiator
  • Star Gladiator's Base HP modifier has been increased to match Monk's.
  • Base Weight capacity increased from 2800 to 3300.
  • Miracle status has been removed from the game
  • Job Bonuses changed from (+12 STR, +12 AGI, +6 DEX) to (+12 AGI, +12 DEX, + 6 LUK) to account for the Book Changes
  • Feeling of the Sun, Moon, and Stars.png Feeling of the Sun, Moon, and Stars' now has a 10 minute skill-specific cooldown. After the cooldown, the player can re-use any of the feeling locations again. Only the same feeling location will be overridden if used again, but the player can still have 3 separate maps (sun, moon, stars).
  • Hatred of the Sun, Moon, and Stars.png Hatred of the Sun, Moon, and Stars:
    • Now has a 10 minute skill-specific cooldown. After the cooldown ends, the player can use any skill level again.
    • Designations changed. Players can only have one designation at a time. (Ex. using Hatred of the Moon will erase your Hatred of the Sun and Stars targets)
    • Hatred of the Sun - Designate a specific monster.
    • Hatred of the Moon - Designate a specific race of monsters.
    • Hatred of the Stars - Designate a specific size of monsters.
  • Comfort of the Sun.png Comfort of the Sun, Comfort of the Moon.png Comfort of the Moon, Comfort of the Stars.png Comfort of the Stars Reworked:
    • Sun now increases the damage of Taekwon Kick skills by 5% * Skill Lv
    • Moon now increases DEF based on AGI and Flee based on VIT, as well as scaling with base and skill level.
    • Stars now increases APM based on LUK and Critical Damage based on AGI, as well as scaling with base and skill level.
  • Blessing of the Sun.png Blessing of the Sun, Blessing of the Moon.png Blessing of the Moon, Blessing of the Stars.png Blessing of the Stars now each reduce damage received by associated Hatred targets during the corresponding SLS days of instead of granting bonus EXP.
    • Sun: -4% * SkillLv damage on days of the Sun (even days)
    • Moon: -3% * SkillLv damage on days of the Moon (odd days)
    • Stars: -2% * SkillLv damage on days of the Stars (every 5th day)
  • Celestial Knowledge.png Celestial Knowledge (Also known as Knowledge of the Sun, Moon and Stars) reworked:
    • No longer provides extra carrying capacity in designated maps.
    • Permanently increases the resistance to non-neutral elemental damage on all designated maps by 2*SkillLv
  • Friend of the Gladiator.png Friend of the Gladiator reworked:
    • Is now an active skill instead of being triggered on Counter Kick/Raging Thrust. Party-wide buff that temporarily enhances melee-based attacks for party members on the star gladiator's screen.
    • Monk's chance of Triple Attack.png Triple Attack increased by +25% per skill level. (+1.75x chance of occurring at max level)
    • Gain a 10%*Skill level chance of Double Attack.png Double Attack while attacking (except for thief, super novice, and monk classes).
    • Critical hits deal 10%*skill level more damage. (all classes)
  • Warmth of the Sun.png Warmth of the Sun, Warmth of the Moon.png Warmth of the Moon, Warmth of the Stars.png Warmth of the Stars reworked:
    • No longer pushes enemies back.
    • Initial SP cost reduced from 20 to 5.
    • Fully damages players in PvP instead of just draining their SP.
    • Sun: Drains 3 SP per hit and hits once per second
    • Moon: Drains 1 SP per hit and hits once per 1.5 seconds
    • Stars: Drains 2 SP per hit and his once per 1.25 seconds.
  • Demon of the Sun, Moon, and Stars.png Demon of the Sun, Moon, and Stars Reworked:
    • Now an active skill. Only blinds the player upon use. Due to the forced blind, the player gains immunity to blind status effects.
    • Duration: 90 seconds.
    • SP Cost: 18 + 2 * Skill Lv
    • Effect: +5% * Skill Lv APM
  • Union of the Sun, Moon, and Stars.png Union of the Sun, Moon, and Stars Reworked:
    • No longer requires soul link.
    • No longer causes attacks to never miss. Still causes all the user's attacks to ignore DEF.
    • Designates all targets as Hatred of the Sun targets while active
    • Allows use of any learned Comfort and Warmth skills regardless of map designations
    • Reduces user's soft def to 0 for the duration of the effect.
    • HP Consumption changed to 1% per attack from 2%. (including in PvP)
    • No longer instantly kills the user when bellow 20% health.
    • Increases the speed at which Warmth hits (Sun 0.33s, Stars 0.625s, Moon 1s)
    • Duration changed to 5 minutes from 10 minutes, and SP cost increased to 200 from 100.

Star Emperor

Soullinker ico.png Soul Linker

Soul Linker

Bulgae Spirit.png All Class-Based Soul Link spells have been removed. Replaced with:

  • (Note: Each Spirit skill allows the soul linker to cast Esma for the next 3 seconds, cannot be cast on self, and each spirit will overwrite the previous one. Each spirit lasts 30 seconds.)
    • Kauva.png Kauva (New skill): allows the player to cast Ka-type skills on other players. Their duration is halved when used on other players.
    • Samjoko Spirit.png Samjoko Spirit (New): Grants target extremely fast HP&SP Regen, but places the target in a Critical Wounds effect.
    • Haetae Spirit.png Haetae Spirit (New): Grants the target the Endure effect for an unlimited amount of hits and increases movement speed at the cost of greatly reduced attack speed.
    • Kumiho Spirit.png Kumiho Spirit (New): Grants the target splash damage on autoattacks at the cost of severely reduced damage.
    • Bulgae Spirit.png Bulgae Spirit (New): Grants the target increased attack speed as well as damage reduction if not wearing a shield. However, greatly reduces movement speed.
  • Kaizel.png Kaizel max level reduced to 3 from 7. Kyrie Eleison effect reduced to 2 seconds from 3. Max HP reduced from 70% to 60% on resurrection.
  • Kaahi.png Kaahi Reworked:
    • Max level reduced to 5 from 7.
    • Base duration changed to 30 seconds
    • SP drain changed to 1*SKillLv per hit
    • SP per hit is now drained from the Soul Linker instead of the player who has the buff. If the skill cannot drain SP from the soul linker for any reason, the status is cancelled.
    • HP recovered per hit is now calculated based on caster's INT, caster's base level, and skill level used.
    • HP recovered is now affected by the Critical Wounds status as well as other modifiers, such as 'increased healing received'.
  • Kaite.png Kaite reworked:
    • Max level reduced to 3 from 7.
    • No longer reflects damage, instead blocks it fully
    • Can now block Dispel
    • Max spells blocked still 2 at max level.
  • Kaina.png Kaina reworked:
    • No longer a passive skill. Is now an active buff that affects all soul linkers (or all party members with Kauve) in the same party.
    • 15% + 5% * Skill Lv SP recovery for 60 seconds. Auto refresh enabled.

New Ka-Type skills:

  • (Note: These skills only affect soul linkers and self unless Kauve is learned)
    • Kaiwu.png Kaiwu: Ground targeted buff. Grants party members in a 7x7 area around the target a buff which heals every 5 seconds. Heal value scales on caster's base level, skill level, heal% effects, and INT.
    • Kaafe.png Kaafe: Ground targeted buff. Grants party members in a 7x7 area around the target a buff which increases movement speed by up to 60% for 6 seconds. Does not stack with Increase AGI and removes Decrease AGI. Cooldown of 10/20/30 seconds.
    • Kaaup.png Kauup: Ground targeted buff. Grants party members in a 7x7 area around the target a buff which increases ATK by up to 6%, MATK by up to 9%, and reduces cast time by 6% for 60 Seconds, auto refresh enabled.
  • Estin.png Estin max level reduced to 5 from 7. Damage at max level increased to 100% MATK from 70% MATK. Can also be used on Medium and Large monsters.
  • Estun.png Estun max level reduced to 5 from 7. Damage at max level increased to 100% MATK from 35% MATK. Can also be used on Small and Large monsters.
  • Eswoo.png Eswoo max level reduced to 5 from 7. Duration increased up to 10 seconds from 7.
  • Eske.png Eske ATK increase reduced from 4x to 3x. Duration increased to 45 seconds from 30 seconds.
  • Eska.png Eska increases soft DEF of target to 90. Duration increased to 45 seconds from 30 seconds.

Soul Reaper

Gunslinger ico.png Gunslinger


Pistol base attack speed is slightly increased to be between Gatling Gun and Rifle speeds.

  • Adjustment.png Adjustment Reworked
    • Now decreases ASPD by 1.5% per skill level in order to increase DEX by 2% per skill level.
    • 120s duration.
    • No longer requires Coins
  • Bull's Eye.png Bull's Eye Reworked:
    • Changed to a single target 150% damage skill with a chance to deal a pseudo-crit, dealing 4x base damage (600%).
    • Ignores target's defense.
    • Chance to score the multiplier is 5% per skill level + player's CRIT rate (meaning only 75 visible crit is required to have 100% "Crit" with this skill.
    • No longer causes Coma
    • Now usable on any enemy target instead of being restricted to certain races
    • No longer requires Coins
    • Now has a short cast time
    • Max level increased to 5
    • Now uses Weapon's range.
  • Coin Flip.png Coin Flip now always succeeds. Active coins now add 1 LUK each.
  • Coin Fling.png Coin Fling now only uses 1 coin and decreases def by 3 per skill level.
  • Last Stand.png Last Stand Reworked:
    • No longer provides any ATK or ASPD
    • No longer immobilizes
    • Consumes 1 coin
    • Places a buff on the Gunslinger which instantly resurrects them at 5% MHP per skill level upon death, with a massive movement speed buff.
  • Crippling Shot.png Crippling Shot Now usable by all guns. No longer bleeds. Instead, causes a slow on the target for up to 6 seconds. Potency of slow decreases based on distance.
  • Desperado.png Desperado Reworked
    • Max level decreased to 5
    • Damage is now more consistent, but has less maximum damage.
    • AoE increased to 9x9
    • Bullet consumption reduced to 3
    • Has a 5% chance to inflict Blind and Bleeding per skill level.
    • Causes a guaranteed 2 second slow on all damaged targets.
    • Cast delay removed
    • Is now considered a Ranged attack instead of Melee
    • Skill now has a 1 second cooldown at all skill levels.
  • Disarm.png Disarm Now usable by all guns. Damage increased. Strip chance increased.
  • Dust.png Dust Reworked:
    • Now usable by all guns except grenade launcher.
    • Max level reduced to 5.
    • Knocks back in a 5x5 AoE from the target.
    • Damage decreased.
  • Full Blast.png Full Blast Reworked:
    • Now has a hard cooldown of N seconds instead of aftercast delay.
    • Damage increased to 1500% from 1300%
    • Causes a 2% HP loss on use.
    • No longer blinds the user or prevents the user from using/swapping items during the skill delay.
  • Magic Bullet.png Magic Bullet Reworked
    • No longer ghost element
    • No longer requires Coins
    • Now consumes ammo
    • Damage increased to 350%, calculated via ATK+MATK.
    • Damage is AoE, dealt in a straight line from the initial target.
    • Max level increased to 5
  • Rapid Shower.png Rapid Shower SP Cost reduced to 15. Damage decreased to 600% (750% if using pistols).
  • Spread Attack.png Spread Attack Damage increased to 600% from 280%.
  • Ground Drift.png Ground Drift Improved:
    • No longer uses special ammo. Instead, uses the gunslinger's current ammo type to determine the mine's property.
    • Damage formula now uses %ATK instead of +ATK. (850%ATK at max level)
    • Causes a 1 cell knockback on detonation.
    • AoE explosion radius increased to 7x7.
  • Gatling Fever.png Gatling Fever Reworked:
    • Max level reduced to 5.
    • Attack Speed % bonus increased from 20 to 100%
    • Attack bonus rescaled from flat ATK to +% damage dealt
    • Increases the Gunslinger's maximum attacks per minute to 697. (11 attacks per second or 199 aspd equivalent, see ASPD)
    • Now fully immobilizes the Gunslinger upon use rather than decreasing movement speed.
    • No longer has any flee penalty.
    • Duration decreased to 10 seconds.
    • Added a 15 second cooldown. (Effective CD of 5 seconds if full duration expires).
    • Swapping weapons cancels the effect but does not reset the cooldown.
  • Single Action.png Single Action now provides +10% per skillLv bonus critical damage when wielding a Rifle. No other effects.

New Skills:

  • Gunman Insignia.png Gunman Insignia - Max lv 10 - provides various different buffs depending on the user's equipped weapon. Changing weapons cancels the effect.
    • Pistol: Provides +5% per skill level chance of double attack. Stacks with Chain Action.
    • Rifle: CRIT + 3 per skill level.
    • Shotgun: Decreases all damage received by non-ranged attacks by 2% per skill level.
    • Gatling Gun: +5% ASPD per skill level.
    • Grenade Launcher: +3% Chance per skill level of inflicting Bleeding, Poison, and Critical Wounds.
  • Scavenger.png Scavenger - Max Lv 5 - Active skill. 10% chance of obtaining a bullet with each kill while the buff is active. Does not apply to AoE skills.
  • Manufacture.png Manufacture - Class Skill - Creates bullets from various resources. Uses the same crafting table as Arrow Crafting.


  • Rich's Coin.png Rich's Coin: Cast delay removed
  • Crimson Marker.png Crimson Marker Reworked:
    • Limit of 3 markers removed.
    • Duration decreased from 50 seconds to 20.
    • Now splashes in a 1x1 cell area, meaning all monsters sharing a cell will be marked.
  • Mass Spiral.png Mass Spiral Reworked:
    • Bleeding chance removed.
    • Cooldown reduced to 1 second.
    • DEF inversion formula adjusted to match Asgard Legend's configuration.
    • Now inflicts a debuff on the target for 5 seconds which reduces Critical Shield to 0.
  • Anti-Material Blast.png Anti-Material Blast Reworked:
    • Now usable with any Gunslinger weapon except grenade launcher
    • Increases all ranged damage recieved by the target by up to 10%
    • Duration rescaled to up to 7 seconds
    • Success chance removed - always succeeds.
    • Damage rescaled
  • Hammer of God.png Hammer of God Reworked:
    • Cooldown dramatically reduced from 30 to 5 seconds.
    • AoE increased to 9x9
    • Stun chance removed
    • No longer requires targets to have crimson markers, but marked targets receive highly increased damage.
    • Damage rescaled
  • Shattering Storm.png Shattering Storm Reworked:
    • Cooldown reduced from 2 seconds to 0.5 seconds
    • Cast time removed
    • Damage rescaled from 2700% to 1500%
    • Headgear break chance altered to Weapon strip chance (-ATK% vs monsters)
  • Slug Shot.png Slug Shot Reworked:
    • No longer uses specialized Slug Bullet items. Uses 30 normal bullets per cast instead.
    • Now is fully fixed cast time of 2 seconds
    • Damage now scales in proportion to distance between caster on target, with less distance increasing the damage.
    • Stun chance removed. Unique skill size modifiers removed.
    • No longer forced neutral - uses bullet element.
    • SP cost increased to 200.
  • Banishing Buster.png Banishing Buster Reworked:
    • Is now a 7x7 AoE rather than single target
    • Damage rescaled
    • Fixed cast time removed
    • Cooldown increased from 2 to 3 seconds
    • No longer dispels all buffs. Now only removes Quicken-type attack speed buffs.
    • Additionally reduces enemies' attack speed slightly.
  • Fallen Angel.png Fallen Angel: 0.5 second cooldown added. Now also increases Fire Dance damage in addition to Desperado for a few seconds. Bonus damage rescaled.
  • Fire Dance.png Fire Dance:
    • SP cost increased.
    • Desperado-based skill damage bonus modifier removed.
    • Now provides a stacking buff each use that increases the damage of the next Desperado used.
    • Damage slightly adjusted.
    • Bullet cost reduced from 5 to 3
  • Round Trip.png Round Trip: Cooldown increased from 1 to 2 seconds. Damage and Area of effect greatly reduced. Now applies a slow for 3 seconds.
  • Fire Rain.png Fire Rain: Cooldown reduced from 5 to 2 seconds. Damage decreased. AoE size increased to 5x12. AoE now starts from the caster's cell.
  • Howling Mine.png Howling Mine: Now detonates after 5 seconds of delay automatically (Can still detonate early via Flicker). Damage increased.
  • Dragon Tail.png Dragon Tail Reworked:
    • Damage decreased. Cooldown decreased from 5 to 2 seconds.
    • Area of effect is now screenwide rather than 21x21
    • If no targets are marked with Crimson Marker. hits the nearest target instead, dealing half damage.
    • No longer uses Dragon Tail Missles, consumes 3 bullets instead, using the equipped bullet's element.
  • Heat Barrel.png Heat Barrel:
    • ATK boost is no longer dependant on the amount of coins consumed
    • APM boost changed from flat value to percentage
    • Base cooldown time reduced from 60 to 30 seconds (still reduced by 5 seconds per skill level)
    • While still consuming all coins on cast, can be cast with no coins.
    • Duration increased to 3 minutes at all skill levels.
  • Platinum Alter.png Platinum Alter:
    • No longer requires a specific ammo type to cast
    • ATK bonus reduced from up to 150 to up to 25
    • Creates a barrier similar to Kyrie and reduces damage taken from undead, demon, and shadow monsters (by up to 15%).
    • Barrier HP threshold increased from up to 25% to up to 30%
    • Barrier HP now acts independently from attack bonus. If the Barrier expires, the ATK buff remains. Casting the skill again will refresh the barrier.
  • Quick Draw Shot.png Quick Draw Shot Reworked:
    • Now hits all marked targets on screen rather than 21x21 aoe.
    • Is now a 5 point skill rather than 1 point.
    • SP Cost increased.
    • Now always deals 4 hits to market targets, dealing 2 if the target is not marked.
    • Damage increased to up to 400% per hit (200% for pistols due to having 100% chain action rate)
  • Binding Trap.png Binding Trap Adjusted:
    • Cast time now instant at max level.
    • Cooldown now scales more evenly with duration per level
    • Movement speed decrease now scales with level
    • Cast Delay removed
    • Detonation damage via Flicker rescaled to (DEX * (10 + 2 * Skill LV))%
  • Flicker.png Flicker now also detonates Ground Drift mines.

New Skills:

  • Bandolier.png Bandolier (5): Increases maximum weight capacity by 400 per level.
  • Lock and Load.png Lock and Load (3): Grenade Launcher and Shotgun only. A fixed cast time buff that reduces the cast time and cooldown of several skills while also increasing certain skills' damage for the next few uses.
  • Sniper's Perch.png Sniper's Perch (3): Rifle only. A toggle buff which heavily reduces the user's movement speed in order to enable skills to inflict critical damage while also boosting critical damage and rate over time.
  • Overheat.png Overheat (3): Pistol and Gatling only. A short duration buff which ramps up damage dealt for regular attacks each hit. Each attack during Overheat refreshes the buff, and the skill enters cooldown if no attacks are dealt within a certain timeframe.

Ninja ico.png Ninja


All catalysts for Magic spells have been removed (Previously "Ninja Stones" for each element).

  • Blade Mastery.png Throwing Mastery renamed to Blade Mastery:
    • Increases Damage with Daggers and Shurikens.
    • Increases MATK when wielding daggers.
    • Increases Base damage when wielding Shurikens.
  • Falling Ice Pillar.png Falling Ice Pillar, Lightning Crash.png Lightning Crash, Dragon Fire Formation.png Dragon Fire Formation Reworked:
    • Each of these skills are now targeted spells with 7x7 splash AoE around the target.
    • Status effects on any of these skills have been removed.
    • Now applies a stacking debuff on the target that improved the MDEF penetration of Lightning Spear of Ice, Crimson Fire Blossom, and Wind Blade by up to 50% and magic damage taken from those skills by up to 2x.
    • Damage formula rescaled to 80+(15*SkillLv) MATK% per hit (5 hits)
    • Each subsequent hit increases the MATK multiplier, up to a maximum of 200%, Meaning the damage starts low, but ramps up over multiple uses.
    • Aftercast delay of each of these spells changed to 0.5.
  • Final Strike.png Final Strike Reworked:
    • Now scales with HP, MATK and ATK instead of only STR and ATK.
    • Has a short cast time.
    • Skill changed to Melee range (2 cells) instead of 4 cells (Ranged).
    • Deals very little damage if used on its own, but each ninja skill used against a target increases an invisible counter that multiplies Final Strike's damage.
  • Flip Tatami.png Flip Tatami Damage increased to up to 500% from 150%. Knockback increased from 1~3 to 1~8
  • Mist Slash.png Mist Slash Reworked:
    • Now applies a temporary Cloaking instead of Hiding.
    • Damage increased from 200% to 750%.
    • Note: Cannot be used from the Cloaking state.
  • Ninpou Training.png Ninpou Training max level reduced to 5. Base SP regen increased by 5.
  • Shadow Jump.png Shadow Jump Distance increased from 5+SkillLv to 3*SkillLv
  • Shadow Slash.png Shadow Slash Reworked:
    • Is now a ranged ability usable only from the Cloaked state.
    • Has up to 12 cells range. (range is determine by Shadow Jump level)
    • Teleports to the target, dealing a large multiplier on damage based on distance traveled.
    • Ignores defense.
    • Damage is (15 * Skill Lv) * (Cells traveled) for a maximum of 1800% damage.
  • Throw Shuriken.png Throw Shuriken Reworked:
    • No longer deals static DEF ignoring damage. Now deals regular ATK% scaling damage.
    • Stun chance of 4*SkillLv added.
    • Elemental Shurikens added.
  • Throw Huuma Shuriken.png Throw Huuma Shuriken
    • AoE Increased from 3x3 to 5x5.
    • Damage rescaled from 150% + (150*SkillLv) to (13*Skill Lv) * 5 hits
  • Illusionary Shadow.png Illusionary Shadow Reworked:
    • No longer requires a Catalyst.
    • No longer requires or consumes the Soul buff.
    • Now fully dodges 10*SkillLv hits
    • Duration reduced to 2+SkillLv Seconds
    • 30 second cooldown added.
  • Soul.png Soul Reworked:
    • Now grants all stats +5 instead of just STR/INT
    • Cast time no longer decreases with skill level (~6 second cast time)
    • Duration increased from 90 seconds to 180 seconds
    • No longer has a HP Cost.
    • Now increases Max HP by 10 * SkillLV%
  • Lightning Spear of Ice.png, Crimson Fire Blossom.png, Wind Blade.png Lightning Spear of Ice, Crimson Fire Blossom, Wind Blade:
    • These spells have been normalized to up to 7 hits of 100% mATK each.

New Skills:

  • Illusion Thrust.png Illusion Thrust Teleports to the target from up to 6 cells away, dealing up to 350% damage.
  • Zephyr Strike.png Zephyr Strike Physical AoE attack that moves self backwards 3 cells, dealing up to 200% damage.
  • Coin Trick.png Coin Trick Consumes a small amount of zeny to deal very little damage and swap places with the target.


Third Classes

Asgard Legend features a unique job system where the player chooses their third job advancement between two possible paths. The first path (Previously "Trans" jobs) generally stays closer to their original counterparts' playstyles, whereas the second path (the original "third jobs") offer either a very alternative playstyle or a specific specialized path. Note that a lot of skills were moved around between jobs and each skill's damage values have been modified. The former Transcendant class skills have remastered icons which match the visual quality of third class icons.

Additionally, In Asgard Legend, skills are either Fixed Cast time or Variable and cannot be both at once.

Lord Knight

Lord Knight
  • Concentration.png Concentration Improved:
    • Hard DEF decrease removed. Now only decreases VIT type defense.
    • Additionally reduces the cast time of Bowling Bash and Brandish Spear.
    • SP cost reduced, duration increased.
    • Duration increased, matching Aura Blade.
  • Aura Blade.png Aura Blade Reworked:
    • Flat damage bonus now scales based on the user's Agility.
    • Increases minimum attack damage threshold
    • Duration increased up to 180 seconds at max level
  • Berserk.png Berserk Reworked:
    • Skill level is now 5
    • Attack speed and damage bonuses now scale per skill level.
    • Negative defensive penalties (DEF FLEE MDEF) are now reduced per skill level instead of being reduced to 0
    • Healing penalties are now reduced per skill level instead of being completely blocked.
    • No longer blocks chatting
    • Can now be ended manually, leaving the user at 1HP and placing the skill on cooldown.
    • No longer sets SP to 0 on use.
    • No longer blocks HP/SP recovery when ending.
    • Now additionally increases damage dealt every 10 seconds the user spends in the Berserk state.
  • Clashing Spiral.png Clashing Spiral Reworked:
    • Can now be used with any weapon type.
    • Now has a cooldown (no CD at lv1, increases per level). No longer has any cast delay.
    • Damage now cares about ATK directly instead of factoring STR bonus.
    • Weight scaling slightly reduced.
    • Deals slightly increased damage when used with Spears.
  • Parry.png Parry SP cost reduced. Duration increased. Can now be used with 2H axes and spears as well.
  • Head Crush.png Head Crush Reworked:
    • Damage increased.
    • Now deals bonus damage to Bleeding targets.
    • Inflicts an MATK debuff on the target by chance.
  • Joint Beat.png Joint Beat Damage increased. Is now an AoE skill. Skill level reduced to 5.
  • Tension Relax.png Tension Relax is now a Passive skill.
  • Ignition Break.png Ignition Break (previously RK):
    • Fire Property bonus effect removed.
    • Reduced AoE size.
    • Adjusted Skill Delay, Damage, Cast time, and Cooldown.
  • Phantom Thrust.png Phantom Thrust (previously RK) added to LK

New Skills:

  • Defensive Stance.png Defensive Stance Reduces all damage taken based on the LK's current HP at the cost of reduced Damage Dealt and lowered Attack Speed. Cancels Majestic Sword when used.
  • Majestic Sword.png Majestic Sword (Swords Only) Reduces the user's Attack Speed but grants regular attacks a 3x3 splash radius. Cancels Defensive Stance when used.
  • Aerial Assault.png Aerial Assault (Spears Only) Leaps the the target location, dealing area of effect damage.
  • Vendetta.png Vendetta (Swords Only) Deals position based 5x5 AoE damage that can crit. Damage and critical chance is increased the lower the LK's HP is.

Rune Knight

Rune Knight
  • PlaceholderSkill.png Placeholder Text


  • Gospel.png Gospel Reworked:
    • Buffs are now less extreme and some are grouped together (ex Double max HP and Double max SP are combined into Max SP % HP +25%)
    • Holy weapon and armor effects removed.
    • Paladin can now move at a reduced movespeed while Gospel is active.
    • Paladin can now also attack and use skills while Gospel is active.
    • Cancels all Devotion links while Gospel is active. Blocks use of Devotion while active.
    • Still purges debuffs from the paladin but has no effect on positive buffs.
    • 5 second cooldown added
    • Note: Canceled when Divine Glyph is used.
  • Pressure.png Pressure Rescaled: Fixed damage portion reduced, added ATK and MATK scaling. Property changed to Ghost Physical.
  • Inspiration.png Inspiration EXP requirement removed. Cooldown reduced and duration increased. ATK bonus reduced. HP bonus reduced.
  • Banishing Point.png Banishing Point Added a bonus damage modifier for using 2h spears. Damage scaling adjusted.
  • Pinpoint Attack.png Pinpoint Attack Changed effect from equipment break to Break statuses (same effects as Joint Beat)
  • Moon Slasher.png Moon Slasher Changed effect to boost the damage of various Paladin skills. Cooldown and damage adjusted. AoE increased.
  • Overbrand.png Overbrand Improved:
    • AoE changed to a 9x4 rectangle instead of awkward cross shape.
    • Now usable with any weapon.
    • Damage formula adjusted.
    • Now automatically deals the extra wall hit on targets that cannot be knocked back
  • Cannon Spear.png Cannon Spear Damage formula adjusted. Added bonus damage to formula when used with 2h spears. Range reduced.
  • Exceed Break.png Exceed Break Damage formula adjusted.
  • Ray of Genesis.png Ray of Genesis Reworked:
    • No longer requires any special states to cast
    • Range increased
    • Now increases damage dealt by a multiplier for each active Devotion link the paladin has.

New Skills:

  • Divine Punishment.png Divine Punishment: Long-ranged hybrid damage holy attack with a cast time.
  • Divine Glyph.png Divine Glyph Deals Hybid Holy damage to surrounding enemies every 5 seconds. Heals nearby allies if a shield is a equipped. Drains the paladin's HP over time. Cancels Gospel when used.

Royal Guard

Royal Guard
  • PlaceholderSkill.png Placeholder Text

High Wizard

High Wizard
  • Mystical Amplification.png Mystical Amplification Slightly Reworked:
    • Skill level reduced to 5 (Bonus rescaled to match the old lv10 version)
    • Fixed Cast Time reduced to 0.5 seconds
    • Forced animation delay removed
    • Cooldown added
  • Reading Spellbook.png Reading Spellbook Reworked:
    • Now has 3 skill levels
    • The quality of Spellbooks able to be read is determined by by skill level.
    • Spellbooks are read by using the item.
    • Using this skill will clear out all stored spells
  • Mind Expansion.png Mind Expansion: Renamed from Freezing Spell. Mind slots formula re-adjusted.
  • Release.png Release
    • Skill level increased to 3. Level 1 fires 1 Orb, Level 2 fires all orbs, Level 3 fires a memorized Spell.
    • Hit interval for releasing multiple orbs dramatically reduced (hits come out faster). Orb release delay reduced.
  • Summon Fire Orb.png Summon Water Orb.png Summon Lightning Orb.png Summon Stone Orb.png Orb Summons reworked:
    • MATK increased.
    • Uses modern version - Level 1 calls one orb, level 2 calls 5.
    • Now fires in a linear 3x11 AoE via Release.
    • Each target struck by a released orb will increase the damage of subsequent orb releases.
  • Tetra Vortex.png Tetra Vortex reworked:
    • Now fully Fixed Cast Time, scaling with level.
    • Cooldown now also scales with level
    • Is now a 7x7 AoE
    • Damage dramatically increases if the target is struck by elemental orbs with Release before using this skill.
  • Crimson Rock.png Crimson Rock Damage, Cast Time, Delay adjusted. Cooldown removed. Now inflicts Burning.
  • Earth Strain.png Earth Strain Fixed cast position bug (aiming now more accurate). Damage, delay, cast time adjusted. Added 2 second Cooldown. Strip effects removed. Now destroys icewalls in its path.
  • Jack Frost.png Jack Frost Reworked:
    • Damage, Cast Time, Delay adjusted.
    • No longer freezes.
    • Now inflicts a debuff on struck enemies, increasing further Jack Frost damage.
    • Jack Frost also counts as the first hit for Frost Nova.
    • Levels 1-5 have a quick cast time and short delay. Levels 6-10 have a far longer cast time and delay, but much greater damage.
  • Chain Lightning.png Chain Lightning Reworked:
    • Damage, Cast Time, Delay adjusted.
    • Added cooldown.
    • Initial bounce radius increased.
    • Each bounce now hits dramatically faster, however the bounce count also decays more rapidly if the targets are further apart.
  • Recognized Spell.png Recognized Spell now also provides MDEF penetration.


  • PlaceholderSkill.png Placeholder Text


  • Double Casting.png Double Casting Rescaled:
    • Changed to a level 10 skill.
    • Now only functions on manually cast bolts
    • Success chance increased to 100% at max level.
  • Spider Web.png Spider Web Reworked:
    • No longer requires an item to cast and instead uses a charges system.
    • Player starts with 3 usable webs (visible as a status icon in the status icon area) and deplete upon use down to 0 webs. Webs replenish at a rate of +1 web per 3s.
    • Now has two skill levels. Lv 1 immobilizes the target and is not removed by damage. Lv2 will double Elemental damage dealt to the target and remove the web.
  • Soul Burn.png Soul Burn Reworked:
    • Success chance rescaled to 15 * SkillLv% vs players and 18% * lv vs monsters
    • Deals damage at all levels
    • Damage type changed to Elementless
    • Cooldown reduced to 15 seconds.
    • Now additionally forces the target to become Elementless on successful hit, forcing all elemental damage to ignore any positive or negative multipliers on the target.
  • Fire Walk.png Fire Walk, Electric Walk.png Electric Walk Reworked:
    • Max amount of trail cells created increased
    • Damage frequency doubled (hits every 500ms)
    • Fire Walk now applies Burning by chance.
    • Electric Walk now applies Shocked by chance.
  • Varetyr Spear.png Varetyr Spear Reworked:
    • Removed raw INT and Endow level scaling. Damage formula rescaled.
    • Now reduces targets' MDEF on hit
    • Stun chance removed. Now applies Shocked by chance.
  • Earth Grave.png Earth Grave Reworked:
    • Removed raw INT and Endow level scaling. Damage formula rescaled.
    • Now reduces targets' MDEF on hit
    • Bleeding chance removed. Now applies Grounded by chance.
  • Diamond Dust.png Diamond Dust Reworked:
    • Removed raw INT and Endow level scaling. Damage formula rescaled.
    • Now reduces targets' MDEF on hit
    • Crystalization status removed from the game. Now applies Chilled by chance.
  • Spell Fist.png Spell Fist level increased to 10. Skill values rescaled accordingly.

New Skills:

  • Loremaster.png Loremaster: Passive. Increases MATK and MDEF when wielding Books.
  • Volcanic Tome.png Blizzard Tome.png Cyclone Tome.png Tremor Tome.png Volcanic Tome, Blizzard Tome, Cyclone Tome, Tremor Tome:
    • Level 3 skills, Book only.
    • Applies an additional MATK damage hit for each autoattack of the associated element.
    • Provides up to 30% Aftercast delay reduction when casting spells of the associated element.
    • Only one Tome skill can be active at a time.
    • Increases damage of the respective element Bolt skill by 1.5x
  • Elemental Aura.png Elemental Aura: Consumes the currently active Endow to provide various benefits while dealing a constant AoE damage around the Professor.
    • Fire: Increases ATK
    • Water: Increases MDEF
    • Wind: Increases FLEE
    • Earth: Increases max HP


  • PlaceholderSkill.png Placeholder Text


  • Cart Boost.png Cart Boost Now adds perfect dodge. Movement speed bonus adjusted to new base movespeed changes.
  • Cart Termination.png Cart Termination Re-adjusted:
    • No longer factors Cart Weight in damage formula.
    • Damage formula slightly increased.
    • Stun removed
    • Can now trigger Melt Down on hit.
    • Zeny cost drastically reduced.
  • Melt Down.png Melt Down Reworked:
  • Now applies via more skills and can affect multiple monsters at once.
  • In PvP, strips equipment instead of breaking it.
  • Success rate in pvp normalized to 7% at max level instead of 10 & 7%
  • Maximum Over Thrust.png Maximum Over Thrust Zeny cost reduced. Weapon break chance removed.
  • Axe Tornado.png Axe Tornado Cooldown, Delay, and Damage adjusted. Drastically increased VIT scaling portion.
  • Power Swing.png Power Swing Reworked:
    • Damage formula changed. Cooldown added.
    • Now provides a buff to the Whitesmith when used, adding Seeking damage and dramatically increasing the damage of regular attacks for a few seconds.
  • Lava Flow.png Lava Flow Damage formula adjusted.
  • Weapon Training.png Weapon Training renamed from Axe Training. Now also provides %damage bonuses.
  • Body Tempering.png Body Tempering Reworked:
    • Renamed from Fire & Earth Research
    • No longer provides bonus effects against fire and earth monsters.
    • Increases Neutral, Fire, and Earth resistances.
    • Increases hard DEF by a percentage.
  • Axe Boomerang.png Axe Boomerang Damage, cooldown, range adjusted. Knockback removed. Weight scaling increased.

New Skills:


  • PlaceholderSkill.png Placeholder Text


  • Acid Demonstration.png Acid Demonstration reworked:
    • Formula redesigned to factor both MATK as well as ATK instead of raw INT.
    • Damage now scales based on target's DEF stat as well as their VIT.
    • 0.3 second cooldown added
    • Aftercast Delay reduced
    • Cast time slightly increased
  • Cart Boost (Creator).png Cart Boost (Creator) ATK bonus and movement speed bonus reduced from the Genetic version
  • Cart Remodeling.png Cart Remodeling bonus damage portion changed to final damage multiplier
  • Cart Tornado.png Cart Tornado Cart Weight and raw STR effects removed. Skill damage increased. Knockback doubled. AoE increased to 7x7.
  • Cart Cannon.png Cart Cannon reworked:
    • Skill Level increased to 10
    • INT Multiplier removed
    • Base Skill damage increased
    • Casting range decreased
    • Delay removed. 0.4 second cooldown added.
    • Now functions with % damage effects such as racial cards
  • Demonic Fire.png Demonic Fire Damage increased. Burning chance reduced. Cast time reduced.
  • Fire Expansion.png Fire Expansion Reworked:
    • Level 1: Catalyst changed to Alcohol. Damage boost altered to a multiplier instead of being INT based.
    • Level 2: Catalyst changed to Marine Sphere Bottle. Damage changed to MATK based instead of INT mutliplier.
    • Level 3: Catalyst changed to Plant Bottle. Ranged damage reduction rescaled to 25%.
    • Level 4: Catalyst changed to Fire Bottle.
  • Special Pharmacy.png Special Pharmacy reworked:
  • Factors base and job levels instead of stats.
    • Minimum yield changed to 1 and maximum yield changed to 15.
    • Can now craft Bombs for Item Sling
    • Reduced the amount of special books needed to craft various items
  • Thorn Trap.png Thorn Trap Damage reduced
  • Illusion Doping.png Illusion Doping Reworked:
    • Success rate increased at all levels. SP Cost dramatically reduced.
    • AoE size decreased at all levels
    • Hit rate reduction replaced with the Blind status effect
    • Cast range increased - skill is now a Ranged ability.
    • Cooldown increased. Cast time rescaled.
    • Increases damage dealt with Acid Terror on the target for the duration of the effect
  • Sling Item.png Sling Item reworked:
    • Skill Level increased to 5. No longer requires ammo to be equipped.
    • Level 1: Apple Bomb: Deals damage to a target.
    • Level 2: Coconut Bomb: Deals damage to a target with a chance of inflicting Bleeding and Stun
    • Level 3: Pineapple Bomb: Deals area damage
    • Level 4: Mysterious Powder: Lowers target's Max HP
    • Level 5: Black thing to throw: Lowers target's stats by 5.
  • Change Material.png Change Material: Creation yields increased.


  • PlaceholderSkill.png Placeholder Text


  • Wind Walk.png Wind Walk Movement speed bonus adjusted. Added Perfect Dodge while active. SP cost and cast delay reduced.
  • Sharp Shooting.png Sharp Shooting Cast time removed.
  • Arrow Storm.png Arrow Storm Damage, AoE, Delay, and Cooldown adjusted. Cast time removed.
  • Falcon Assault.png Falcon Assault Damage increased and aftercast delay reduced.
  • Fear Breeze.png Fear Breeze Improved:
    • Now dramatically increases the damage of auto-Blitz Beat while active
    • Proc chance improved across the board
    • No longer dispels when switching weapons or ammunition.
    • Can be used with any weapon
  • Unlimit.png Unlimit reworked:
    • Duration reduced to 15 seconds
    • Cooldown reduced to 30 seconds
    • No longer boosts all damage. Now increases Attack Speed, Critical damage, and reduces Aftercast delay.
  • Camouflage.png Camouflage Increased frequency of all ticks so that only 5 seconds in Camouflage will max them instead of 10 seconds. (Note: this includes the penalties and sp drain ticks)

New Skills:

  • Bow Master.png Bow Master Passive skill which increases damage dealt with bows and also provides the Sniper damage resistance while wielding bows.
  • Falcon Claws.png Falcon Claws Passive skill:
    • Provides Blitz Beat and Falcon Assault with a stacking damage increase effect to subsequent falcon attacks.
    • Causes all falcon attacks to reduce the target's DEF by a percentage up to a certain maximum value.
  • Sticky Trap.png Sticky Trap Trap that reduces movement and attack speed in an area around the trap.


  • PlaceholderSkill.png Placeholder Text

Clown & Gypsy

Clown and Gypsy
  • Arrow Vulcan.png Arrow Vulcan Reworked:
    • Animation lock removed. Added 2 second cooldown.
    • Damage slightly increased
    • Now increases the damage of Musical Strike and Throw Arrow for a few seconds after use
    • Cast time removed
  • Tarot Card of Fate.png Tarot Card of Fate: Certain card effects altered slightly. Aftercast Delay reduced. 0.3 second cooldown added. Can now be used while performing.
  • Moonlit Water Mill.png Moonlit Water Mill: Added a damage reduction from all sources for allies standing within the area of effect.
  • Wand of Hermode.png Wand of Hermode Reworked:
    • No longer a WoE only skill. No longer requires being near a portal.
    • No longer dispells buffs and debuffs nor prevents skill use
    • Now provides up to 50% reduction to Magical damage taken while increasing damage received from non-magic by 50%.
    • Prevents the performer from moving during the effect of the song.
    • Lasts 10 seconds.
  • Improvised Song.png Improvised Song Improved:
    • Cooldown reduced to 1 second. Can now be used while Performing.
    • Spell list now includes Ninja spells.
    • Single-target Mage spells removed.
    • Cast delay removed (Note: The aftercast delay of the spell cast will still apply)
  • Sound of Destruction.png Sound of Destruction Reworked:
    • Cooldown rescaled to 10 seconds at all skill levels.
    • Fixed cast time removed. Can now be used while Performing.
    • Area of effect decreased at all skill levels.
    • Base success chance of nullifying songs now scales inversely (higher level = wider aoe but less success).
    • Damage halved.
    • Against monsters, this skill now inflicts Stun.
    • Added a Megadeth riff to the sound effect.
  • Reverberation.png Reverberation Adjusted:
    • Forces an animation delay when placed directly under a target
    • Limited to 5 notes
    • Element changed to Ghost
    • Cannot be placed on top of eachother
    • ATK portion slightly reduced and MATK portion greatly increased.
    • Can now be used while Performing.
  • Dominion Impulse.png Dominion Impulse: Cooldown increased to 3 seconds. Can now be used while Performing.

New Skills:

  • Chaotic Voice.png Chaotic Voice: Active Skill - Adds a damaging effect to the currently active song for the duration of the song, based on ATK.
  • Perfect Rythm.png Perfect Rythm: Active Skill - Buff that allows the user's own songs to affect themselves
  • Showmanship.png Showmanship: Passive Skill - Increases damage dealt with Instruments and Whips while also increasing MATK.
  • Infernal Strings.png Infernal Strings: (Clown Only) - Active Skill: Deals damage over time and locks both the target and the Clown in place.
  • Siren's Call.png Siren's Call: (Gypsy Only) - Active Skill: Area of effect skill that prevents enemies from attacking the Gypsy.
  • Guitar Smash.png Guitar Smash / Flame Tongue.png Flame Tongue Active Skill: Deals Melee physical damage, multiplied by the amount of time spent active in the current performance.
    • Guitar Smash slows the target, whereas Flame Tongue inflicts Burning.

Maestro & Wanderer

Maestro and Wanderer
  • PlaceholderSkill.png Placeholder Text

Assassin Cross

Assassin Cross
  • Enchant Deadly Poison.png Enchant Deadly Poison reworked:
    • Duration is now decreased per skillLv used, starting at 120 and decreasing to 60 seconds.
    • Levels 1 to 3 can now be used with Small Poison Bottle which can be purchased at an NPC.
    • Damage from Skills is decreased while EDP is active
  • Create Deadly Poison.png Create Deadly Poison Success formula is now based on base level and job level. Stats no longer factor. Now creates 5 EDP per success.
  • Advanced Katar Mastery.png Advanced Katar Mastery Skill level increased to 10. Damage bonus increased. Now additionally provides Perfect Dodge while wearing Katars.
  • Soul Destroyer.png Soul Destroyer Reworked:
    • Now considered a long ranged attack. (Percentage damage increase effects work with SD instead of only raw ATK). Note: EDP does improve the damage even for INT build.
    • Now factors MATK for the magic portion instead of raw INT.
    • Skill can now Crit and fully benefits from Critical Damage effects. Has a 2*SkillLv base critical chance.
    • Cast time and skill delay reduced.
  • Dark Illusion.png Dark Illusion Reworked:
    • No longer has a chance of automatically casting Cross Impact.
    • Can now Crit.
    • Cooldown added, range reduced, damage adjusted.
    • Now provides bonus attack speed for 10 seconds when used.
  • Cloaking Exceed.png Cloaking Exceed Movement speed bonus adjusted.
  • Phantom Menace.png Phantom Menace damage increased to 500%. 4 second cooldown added.
  • Hallucination Walk.png Hallucination Walk reworked:
    • SP cost increased
    • Duration decreased to 15 seconds
    • Cooldown decreased to 60 seconds
    • Kickback penalty effect lessened and duration lowered to 5 seconds.
  • Rolling Cutter.png Rolling Cutter Skill level increased to 10. Damage formula adjusted.
  • Cross Ripper Slasher.png Cross Ripper Slasher Range slightly decreased. Formula adjusted. Now only consumes 3 RC stacks instead of all 10.
  • Dark Claw.png Dark Claw reworked:
    • Debuff duration increased
    • Cooldown reduced
    • Damage multiplier halved
    • Now additionally causes the target's crit shield (vs monsters) or perfect dodge (vs players) to be reduced to 0 for the duration of the debuff.

New Skills:

  • Cross Cutter.png Cross Cutter Consumes all stacks of Rolling Cutter to inflict AGI scaling critical damage to surrounding enemies.
  • Siphoning Blades.png Siphoning Blades Grants single target attacks and skills a chance of restoring the user's HP by a small amount.

Guillotine Cross

Guillotine Cross
  • PlaceholderSkill.png Placeholder Text


  • Triangle Shot.png Triangle Shot: Formula rescaled. Knockback chance increased. AGI scaling removed.
  • Manhole.png Manhole:
    • Item catalyst changed to Trap.
    • No longer affects allies outside of PVP maps.
    • Enemies in Manhole can now be targeted by Strip skills and receive status effects.
    • Enemies in Manhole that are afflicted with Poison, Burning, or Bleeding no longer receive damage or lose life from those statuses.
  • Feint Bomb.png Feint Bomb: Max level raised, damage scaling reworked.
  • Reproduce.png Reproduce: Can now copy a wider variety of skills.
  • Bloody Lust.png Bloody Lust Reworked:
    • Item catalyst changed to Trap
    • No longer causes the Berserk status
    • Now drains a percentage of max HP to players in the AoE every 3 seconds
    • Provides a 100% life leech effect for single target skills and autoattacks for players in the AoE
    • Cast time and delay removed
  • Dimension Door.png Dimension Door Reworked:
    • Catalyst changed to Trap
    • No longer teleports Players
    • Now teleports monsters by Size per skill level (1: Small, 2: Medium, 3: Large)
  • Deadly Infect.png Deadly Infect reworked:
    • No longer a buff which spreads statuses the user is afflicted by
    • Now a target skill that cures all of the user's ailments and spreads them in an AoE around the target.
    • Delay and cooldown adjusted
  • Chaos Panic.png Chaos Panic reworked:
    • Catalyst changed to Trap
    • Now lowers all enemies' status resistances within the AoE by a large amount
    • Inflicts a random status effect every few seconds within the AoE
    • Cast time and delay removed
    • Added cooldown. Can now place more than one chaos panic at a time.

New Skills:

  • Stalker's Instinct.png Stalker's Instinct: Multiplies damage done against targets that have negative status effects. Drastically increases the movespeed bonus of Tunnel Drive.
  • Violent Stab.png Violent Stab: Dagger attack that deals damage with a high chance of bleeding. Against bleeding targets or bosses, hits twice.
  • Explosive Satchel.png Explosive Satchel: Plants an explosive charge on the ground, dealing AoE damage after delay. When using a bow, damage is decreased but casting range is further.
  • Bow Master.png Bow Master: Shared with Sniper. Increases damage dealt with bows and provides damage resistance while wielding a bow.

Shadow Chaser

Shadow Chaser
  • PlaceholderSkill.png Placeholder Text

High Priest

High Priest
  • Assumptio.png Assumptio Reworked: (Note: monsters in Asgard Legend will not have insane damage uptime that necessitates permanent assumptio like classic)
    • Skill now has a cooldown
    • Duration is dramatically reduced
    • Skill is now a 3x3 AoE around the target
    • Players recieve a debuff after the duration ends which prevents them from receiving another application of Assumptio for a few seconds
  • Basilica.png Basilica Now additionally provides a very rapid HP and SP regeneration to allies inside the AoE. Casting no longer blocked by entities being within the AoE. Blue gemstone cost removed.
  • Meditatio.png Meditatio Heal bonus effect reduced.
  • Highness Heal.png Highness Heal cast time increased. Added a tapering heal over time effect over 3 seconds.
  • Coluceo Heal.png Coluceo Heal cast time increased.
  • Offertorium.png Offertorium SP cost increase, cast time, and heal bonus adjusted.
  • Canto Candidus.png Canto Candidus is now a Passive skill that now boosts the parameters increased by Increase Agi by a percentage.
  • Clementia.png Clementia is now a Passive skill that now boosts the parameters increased by Blessing by a percentage.
  • Sacrament.png Sacrament is now a Passive skill that adds Aftercast Delay reduction to Suffragium's effect.
  • Epiclesis.png Epiclesis Adjusted:
    • Cast range and Max HP increase reduced
    • AoE size increased from 5x5 to 9x9
    • Cooldown reduced from 1 minute to 14 seconds. Duration reduced from 15 + (Skill Lv × 3) seconds to 6 + (Skill Lv × 2)
    • HP and SP regen values improved.
    • Tick time reduced from 3s to 2s
    • Fixed Cast Time removed.
  • Clearance.png Clearance Can now only be used on Allies (party, guild) or Enemies. List of cured/removed effects adjusted.
  • Vituperatum.png Vituperatum Cast Time and AoE adjusted. Cooldown increased to 10 seconds.
  • Convenio.png Convenio Cooldown increased to 60 seconds. Now consumes Ancilla. Cast time increased.

Arch Bishop

Arch Bishop
  • PlaceholderSkill.png Placeholder Text



Combo System Reworked:

  • Like Monk skills, each Combo skill no longer has any cast delay and instead has a 0.5 second cooldown, with the exception of Dragon Combo at 0.3 seconds.
  • All Champion combo skills can be used in any combo order after Dragon Combo or Combo Finish.
  • When the Champion starts a combo via Triple Attack, and reaches any combo skill after Combo Finish, all combo skills can be indefinitely (limited by sphere count) chained between eachother while respecting their order.
  • Examples:
    • Triple Attack->Chain Combo->Combo Finish->Chain Crush Combo->Chain Combo->Combo Finish->Chain Crush Combo... (Can Loop without having to stop to trigger another Triple attack)
    • Triple Attack->Chain Combo->Combo Finish->Tiger Knuckle Fist->Chain Crush Combo->Tiger Knuckle Fist->Chain Crush Combo (Can Loop)
    • Dragon Combo->Fallen Empire->Dragon Combo (loop) or Dragon Combo->Chain Crush Combo->Fallen Empire->Chain Crush (Can Loop)
    • Note: Dragon Combo cannot be chained into from combos, except for Fallen Empire. It can, however, loop into itself.
  • Zen.png Zen Summons max amount of spheres. Cast time increased. SP Cost increased.
  • Palm Push Strike.png Palm Push Strike damage increased. Now deals bonus damage when the target collides with terrain.
  • Tiger Knuckle Fist.png Tiger Knuckle Fist
    • Immobilization is now a guaranteed effect.
    • Base damage improved.
    • Has an additional AGI scaling component.
    • Deals bonus damage when using Fist type weapons.
  • Chain Crush Combo.png Chain Crush Combo Reworked:
    • Deals 5x5 AoE damage
    • Added aditional damage scaling with the user's AGI.
    • Sphere consumption lowered to 1.
  • Flash Combo.png Flash Combo Changed to consume all spirit spheres in order to cast the sequence of Triple Attack, Chain Combo, Combo Finish, Tiger Knuckle Fist, and Chain Crush Combo instantly without delays. Uses the learned skill levels for each while granting a large ATK bonus.
  • Dragon Combo.png Dragon Combo Reworked:
    • Stun chance removed. Damage slightly increased.
    • Is now only usable while attacking a target - No longer naturally combos from Triple Attack.
    • Now consumes one spirit sphere.
    • Allows the Champion to start a combo from either Chain Combo or any Champion combo skill. Can be looped when using Fallen Empire.
    • Can be "comboed" into itself, essentially repeatedly using Dragon Combo as a targeted skill.
  • Fallen Empire.png Fallen Empire Reworked:
  • Windmill.png Windmill Level increased to 5. Formula resealed. Sit or Stun effect replaced with an Immobilzation effect.
  • Knuckle Arrow.png Knuckle Arrow Slightly Reworked:
    • Level increased to 10. Damage formula rescaled.
    • Range reduced.
    • Target weight damage scaling removed.
    • Now automatically deals the extra wall hit on targets that cannot be knocked back
  • Crescent Elbow.png Crescent Elbow Amount of hits countered increased. Damage formula rescaled. Removed job level chance bonus.
  • Lightning Walk.png Lightning Walk HP cost removed. Chance of effect increased. Sp Cost Reduced.
  • Quiet Touch.png Quiet Touch Silence chance increased. Damage increased. Sp Cost Reduced.
  • Curing Touch.png Curing Touch %MaxHP heal value greatly increased. Sp Cost Reduced.
  • Energizing Touch.png Energizing Touch Sphere chance slightly reduced. HP cost removed. Sp Cost Reduced. Now additionally removes the Sphere cost of Dragon Combo while active.
  • Changing Touch.png Changing Touch Cooldown dramatically reduced. ATK and ASPD bonuses rescaled. MHP, DEF, MDEF penalties rescaled.
  • Revitalizing Touch.png Revitalizing Touch HP Recovery rate increase changed to MaxHP based heal over time effect. Now also increases DEF and MDEF.

New Skill:

  • Spiritual Concentration.png Spiritual Concentration Passive - increases the max amount of spirit spheres to 10. Provides an additional bonus damage per active sphere.


  • PlaceholderSkill.png Placeholder Text