Meteor Storm

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Meteor Storm.png Meteor Storm
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Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 10 (Selectable)
SP Cost: Special (See Table)
Cast Time: 5+(0.5*Skill Level)
Cast Delay: 1.5~2.5 s
Cooldown: 1 second
Duration: 2 seconds + 0.5 second per level
Target: Ground
Range: Magic
Area of Effect: 9x9(Total) 7x7(Per Meteor)
Property: Fire
Status: Stun
(Wizard) Sightrasher Lv. 2, (Mage) Thunderstorm Lv. 1


Summon meteors from the sky that will inflict Fire damage to nearby enemies. The meteors will hit in a "star-like" pattern within 9x9 of the targeted cell area and each will damage enemies with a 7x7 cell range of each meteor. Meteors that fall on the border of the targeted area cause damage 3 cells beyond the target area border, giving Meteor Storm the potential to damage enemies in a 15x15 cell range.

Each meteor deals 100%+20%*Skill Lv in 3 hits. At Level 10, each meteor impact will deal from 300% up to 1500% MATK depending on how many waves the enemy receives. The impact zones of different meteors can overlap, increasing the damage dealt to 3000%.

Skill Level Waves Damage Per Meteor SP Cost
1 1 120% 20
2 1 140% 24
3 2 160% 30
4 2 180% 34
5 3 200% 40
6 3 220% 44
7 4 240% 50
8 4 260% 54
9 5 280% 60
10 5 300% 64


Meteor Storm is one of a Wizard's three major Area of Effect skills. As Fire element, it does heavy damage on Earth element targets. The additional chance to Stun gives it extra use in PvP scenarios. Many Wizards will have either Meteor Storm or Lord of Vermilion. Unlike Storm Gust, meteors do not hit a target unless the target is in the caster's line of sight when the meteor lands.


  • The bard skill Magic Strings can be used to reduce the delay of many skills including Meteor Storm. Thus a single wizard can quickly cast Meteor Storm repeatedly while under the influence of Magic Strings, though it will not stack, much as the other two wizard AoEs.

This skill is obtained via the following items:

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