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ATTENTION: This wiki is maintained by the community and may not be completely accurate at all times. Please refer to information that is directly in-game or in the database for the most up to date information

Welcome to the Ragnarok: Asgard Legend Wiki! Here you will find everything from general information to specific details about various systems and functions. If you wish to be a contributor, you'll need to request it via Discord or the forums.

General Links
Useful Information for Veteran RO Players
Quick Information · FAQ · Master vs. Game Accounts · About the Project · Leveling Guide · Class Guides

Character Information

Here you will find all information pertaining to which job class best suits you, which profession to pick, and how to level up and build your character.


Quests can offer everything from learning the lore of the world, gaining experience, or teaming up with other players to tackle a difficult dungeon.

Game Systems

Ragnarok: Asgard Legend features many significant changes from the original Ragnarok Online. Be sure to read about the various game mechanics!