Left Hand Mastery

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Needs a proper skill icon Left Hand Mastery
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Type: Passive Skill
Levels: 5
(Assassin) Righthand Mastery Lv. 2


When equipped with a weapon in both hands, Assassins suffer from damage reduction. Learning the Lefthand Mastery skill regains the damage potential of weapons equipped in the left hand.

Also increases the Assassin's chance of inflicting poison when using Enchant Poison.

Has no effect on katars.

Skill Level Left-handed Weapon Damage Poison Chance Bonus
1 40% 2%
2 50% 4%
3 60% 6%
4 70% 8%
5 80% 10%


When both Right Hand and Left Hand masteries are maxed, the Assassin will recieve an additional +5% damage effect when wielding two weapons.