Kiel Hyre Quest

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Kiel Hyre Quest
Base Level: None
Item(s) (Consumed): 519.png 7 Milk

7182.png 5 Cacao
548.png 2 Cheese

Quest Reward(s): Access to the Kiel Hyre Dungeon


A young woman studying in the infamous Culinary School, but the Academy is more than just that, discover it's secrets and find truth about the student and everyone else in the Kiel Hyre Academy.

I recommend - E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E - to read the entire guide a couple of times before starting in order to have a smooth run.

Make sure to have a good amount of 601.png Fly Wing and some 717.png Blue Gemstone.

Before starting the quest you need to gather these items in advance for convenience.

  • 519.png 7 Milk
    • You can buy them for 25z each from Milk Merchant in /navi izlude 154/199.
  • 7182.png 5 Cacao
    • 4 Maps Down then 2 Maps Right from Aldebaran to kill some Yoyo for their 7182.png Cacao.
  • 548.png 2 Cheese
    1. Talk to Sailor at the port of Izlude, go to Alberta Marina
    2. Once there, talk to Gonryun Envoy in /navi alberta 243/69 , pay 10k zeny to visit Gonryun.
    3. In the field make your way to the middle of it in /navi gon_fild01 191/260.
    4. In the town, the Gonryun Dungeon is located at the North part of the Middle Island.
    5. In the Dungeon, just make your way to the 3rd Floor of the Dungeon to kill some Taoist Hermit for their 548.png Cheese.


  1. To Start, purchase a 602.png Yuno Wing from the Wing Salesman for 2000z, double click to use it and you should be in Yuno
  2. Enter the Yuno Bar in /navi yuno 50/105.
    • Note: I recommend you to !memo this place as you will need to return here later on.
  3. When you enter, talk to the Pub Master and select the following options to obtain 7487.png Culinary Wine.
    • You look worried, what's up?
    • Do you want me to help you?
    • Sure, I'll do it!
  4. Make your way through the fields to reach Kiel Hyre Academy in /navi yuno_fild08 159/189. Once there, talk to one of the Security Guard and select the following options to enter.
    • I'm here for a delivery.
    • Lecollane.
    • Culinary Wine.
    • Note: Use !memo at this place, you will have to come back here a few times.
  5. Go downstairs and speak to Lady Lecollane in /navi kh_school 175/60 and select the following option.
    • Yes, that's right!
  6. Just below Lady Lecollane is Cute Student (Elly) /navi kh_school 175/39 select the following options.
    • What happened?
    • What can I do to help you?
  7. She will ask you to bring her 7487.png 1 Culinary Wine, 519.png 7 Milk, 7182.png 5 Cacao, 548.png 2 Cheese to bake her 538.png Cookies.
    • Note: Return to the Yuno Bar and talk to Pub Master, he will give you 7487.png 1 Culinary Wine
  8. After bringing her the ingredients, Elly will give you 538.png 5 Well-Baked Cookies she made.
    • Don't worry if you misplace or use these cookies.
  9. Talk to Elly again, and she will ask you to deliver 538.png Well-Baked Cookies after choosing these options.
    • What do you need?
    • Sure.
  10. Talk to the Cottage Keeper in Kiel Hyre's Cottage in /navi yuno_fild02 92/207 and tell him the following.
    • I have an appointment with Kiel Hyre.
    • Yes.
    • Note: Use !memo at this place, you will have to come back here a few times.
  11. But the Cottage Keeper will not let you in, head back to Elly and talk to her, she will give you 7489.png Cottage Key.
  12. Go back to the Cottage, to Unlock the Door at the left of the Cottage Keeper.
  13. You have entered the Storage Room, move to /navi kh_vila 179/10 and you'll find 7490.png Letter to Elly.
  14. Bring the letter back to Elly, speak to her and choose these options.
    • What's with this academy?
    • Strange incidents?
  15. Speak to her a third time and she will then ask you to go back to the Cottage and look around.
  16. Go back to the Storage Room and talk to the Book right besides the stairs, then move to the space between the stairs and the boxes and you should be able to enter the Secret Path.
  17. Examine the World Map in /navi kh_vila 44/124 and you should find this code: 514726.
  18. Walk your way to the Fireplace in /navi kh_vila 16/53 and you should see a Calabash, Look inside Calabash and you'll obtain 7329.png Old Bronze Key
  19. Continue to the right and you should see a Pool in /navi kh_vila 39/38. Investigate it and follow these options.
    • Pull Handles
    • Left Handle
    • Investigate
    • Press Button
  20. Go back to Elly and she will ask you to investigate the cemetery just outside of the Academy.
  21. Now go investigate the Grave in the Cemetery behind the shcool in /navi yuno_fild08 73/176, insert the 7329.png Old Bronze Key and put the password: 514726.
    • Note: At this point, players obtain access to the first level of the dungeon. But you need to finish the quest to have access for all your character on your Master Account
  22. Make your way to the bottom right part of the map in /navi kh_dun01 234/49 and Open the Heavy Door
    • Note: You are not able to Teleport here.
  23. Once inside you will see 5 Beautiful Lady, interact with the middle one and mention her the cookies.
    • Note: If you choose the wrong answer, you'll be kick for 10 minutes before you can re-open the door and retry again!
  24. When you're moved to a separate room, talk to Allysia and you ask the following to recieve 7496.png Red Keycard. After that, talk to her again and you'll be warped back to the entrance of the dungeon.
    • What happened to Kiel Hyre?
  25. Check the Mechanical Device in /navi kh_dun01 164/224 at the top middle and type in Red Keycard.
  26. Walk through the end of the path and check the last door just right before the portal in /navi kh_dun01 223/232. Kiel will not let you in but he will talk with you and give you 7497.png Metallic Fragment then use the portal to exit the restricted area.
  27. Enter the Heavy Door again and talk to Beautiful Lady. She will ask you to visit her master in Lighthalzen. Talk to her again and she will send you outside of the dungeon.
  28. Go back to Izlude and take the Airship to Lighthalzen. Once there, enter the Kiel Hyre's Mansion in /navi lighthalzen 188/202.
  29. From the entrance of the mansion, walk down a bit and you should see Alyssia, interact with her, select Yes, that would help then select any Generation, repeat until you asked her about every generation.
  30. After that she teleport you in Kiel Hyre's room. Talk to Kiel Hyre and you will receive Kiel's Badge.
    • Note: Like the Mirror of the Past, Kiel's Badge is not a item your receive in your inventory.
  31. With Khiels Badge, you are now able to access Kiel Dungeon Floor 2 by Swiping your badge to the Access Point in the Kiel Dungeon Floor 1 in kh_dun01 34/197.


Image Name Level HP Size / Race / Element
1734.gif Kiel D-01
90 3,523,000 Medium / Formless / Ghost 3
1736.gif Aliot 75 88,326 Medium / Demon / Neutral 3
1735.gif Alicel 75 77,520 Medium / Demon / Neutral 3
1737.gif Aliza 69 36,000 Medium / Demi-Human / Neutral 3
1275.gif Alice 62 10,000 Medium / Demi-Human / Neutral 3
1738.gif Constant 55 10,000 Small / Formless / Shadow 3