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Ragnarok: Asgard Legend is a remake of the original Ragnarok Online MMORPG. It features the same user interface and similar core game mechanics of the original game, sometimes referred to as pre-renewal mechanics. However, this is where the similarities end. Ragnarok: Asgard Legend has completely redesigned monsters, experience tables, new skills, redesigned classes, revamped dungeons, weather systems, weapon modifications, and much, much more.

The intent of the game's creation is simple: remake pre-renewal Ragnarok Online with plenty of new features and aspects to fix the original's shortcomings while keeping the original ideals in place.

A friendly reminder: Since we have introduced 3rd classes with new/modified/additional skills, be sure to check out the job classes page before you decide for what class you're going to go for!

You can check here the Server Information about the rates of the server or any other information.


Living a simple life in Port Malaya, the adventurer receives a notice from King Tristan requesting that all able-bodied persons assist in keeping Rune-Midgard safe. It has been quite some time since the adventurer has been to the main land. Upon arrival to Izlude, the adventurer quickly learns that Rune-Midgard is not as it once was. There are rumors that the Rekenber Corp. has been up to something that has had devastating effects on various areas of the world.

Izlude has built an academy to help quickly train individuals with various skill-sets. It is up to the adventurer to decide which skill path to take and to find out why King Tristan has requested his/her help...

Useful tips when getting started

Once inside the Academy, talk to the Receptionist about job change. She will tell you to head up to the second floor where you can choose the class you wish to change to. When you are done with the given quest for your class, talk to 'Dean' at the end of the 2nd floor inside the Academy to get the job change done. Once job change is done, you can also join a clan for a small stat(+HP and +SP), item and exp bonus. Just talk to the Receptionist on the first floor again, ask to join a clan and she will lead you to the different clan leaders.

Book of Memories and !memo command

There is no Teleport NPC here, but instead, there is a !memo-command which gives you 9 custom locations where you can save a non-dungeon teleport locations. To place a memo on a location, just type !memo <a number between 0-8>, i.e !memo 4 and you will then have a teleport location saved on that specific number. You can see that a successful location has been set when you see the text saying "Saved location as a Memo Point for Warp Skill" in your chat window. When you wish to teleport to a location, you must first use Book of Memories from your inventory (that you got from the first island), choose the desired location where you want to teleport to and that's it. Note: 1x Blue Gemstone (buyable from Izlude Tool Dealer) is required for each !memo-teleport! If you type !memo, you get a list of your saved non-dungeon locations. Tip: If your !memo is full, be practical about saving a new location, meaning that you should replace a !memo-location that's nearby another !memo-location.

Wing Salesman

In each city, you will find a Wing Salesman near a Kafra. There, you can buy a butterfly wing that will teleport you to a chosen city.

Sense + Monster Memory

There is no command for checking monster info (stats, drops etc.) Instead, when you locate a monster, use Sense-skill on the monster, kill it and then use Monster Memory-skill and write either monster name or ID (monster name must be correctly written to get a successful search!) Here, you will also see the maps where the monster spawns + the amount of that monster you will find on the map(s). Be sure to use the world map, item and monster database located on

List of helpful NPCs

Card Captor - This NPC provides you with a guaranteed non-MVP card drop for a fee. He's located in Izlude (86,148), nearby the Hypnotist NPC.


Hypnotist - Stat and Skill Resetter. Resetter Cost Changes -> Level 1 ~ 59: Free /// Level 60 ~ 89: (Level^3)/6 /// Level 90 ~ 99: (Level^4)/75.


Monster Board - Available in every town. Gives you a random monster to hunt and rewards you with exp on completion.


Territory Leader - Available in the center of every town. Gives you hunt quests in exchange for old blue box or leveling package. Check out Clan.


Stylist - Changes your hair/clothes color and hairstyle for a fee.


Chef Master - Allows you to gain the Chef profession.


Shaman Master - Allows you to gain the Shaman profession.


Tailor Master - Allows you to gain the Tailor profession.

Inside the building.

Profession Assistant - Sells some profession items.


Pet Merchant - Sells pet goods.



Cost for the Inn is currently:

  • 1-20 - free
  • 21-30 - 500z
  • 31-40 - 750z
  • 41-50 - 1000z
  • 51-60 - 1500z
  • 61-70 - 2000z
  • 71-80 - 3000z
  • 81-90 - 4000z
  • 91-99 - 5000z

And don't forget you get a reduce cost for the Inn if your Clan occupy that town.

Currently Available Locations

Available Cities

  • Izlude
  • Payon
  • Prontera
  • Alberta
  • Morroc
  • Comodo
  • Geffen
  • Al De Baran
  • Lutie (Santa at top right Aldebaran)
  • Gonryun (Kunlun man at Alberta Port)
  • Amatsu (Some guy at Alberta Port)
  • Port Malaya (Izlude Sailor)
  • Lighthalzen (Izlude Airship)
  • Umbala
  • Nifflheim (Access through Umbala dungeon -OR- through the "bungee jump" in Umbala)
  • Yuno (Izlude Airship)
  • Hugel (Izlude Airship)
  • Einbroch (Izlude Airship)
  • Rachel

Available Dungeons

  • Payon Dungeon
  • Orc Dungeon
  • Pyramid
  • Sphinx
  • Geffen Dungeon
  • Hidden Temple
  • Sunken Ship (Alberta Port)
  • Byalan Dungeon (Izlude Sailor) Including the new Byalan 6
  • Glast Heim
  • Clock Tower
  • Malaya Dungeon
  • Gonryun Dungeon
  • Amatsu Dungeon (Requires Entrance Quest)
  • Bio Labs (Requires Entrance Quest) and Bio Labs lvl 3 require to be level 80
  • Magma Dungeon
  • Thanatos Tower (Requires Entrance Quest) The lvl 6 warp from the Entrance NPC can be unlock if you complete the step 11 of the quest with the charm stone!
  • Juperos
  • Nightmare Toy Factory (Entrance is on the far left from the entrance of the second floor, xmas_dun02 24 104) Requires Mirror of the Past Story Quest or the Lucifer's Lament item drop from Dark Priest (Geffen Dungeon Lv 4)
  • Odin Temple
  • Abyss Lake (You'll need 1x Dragon Canine, 1x Dragon Scale and 1x Dragon Tail in your inventory, then talk to the Column (hu_fild05 168, 305) and you will get to the entrance which will stay open for 30 secs before it closes)
  • Turtle Island (Entrance is at alberta on the right side, near the dock. You need to pay 10k zeny)
  • Geffenia (Talk to the Fountain in Geffen) Requires Mirror of the Past from the Story Quest or Lucifer's Lament item from the Dark Priest (Geffen Dungeon Lv 4)
  • Einbroch Mines (Entrance is in Einbech. See the World map for Einbech location)
  • Ice Dungeon (Entrance is on the northern part of ra_fild01)
  • Kiel Hyre Dungeon (Requires Entrance Quest) Starting Location: Pub Master --> entrance to the pub at yuno (51,105)
  • Rachel Sanctuary (Requires Entrance Quest) 2 quests to be completed at least once per master account :
    • Lost Child Quest (Minimum base level of 50)
    • Rachel Sanctuary Quest.

Available Instances

  • Orc's Dungeon (Orc Village)
  • Pyramid (At the entrance to Pyramid B2, talk to NPC.)
  • Endless Tower (Alberta port)
  • Valkyrie Randgris (MvP Instance)
  • Memory of Thanatos (MvP Instance)
  • Gloom Under Night (MvP Instance)