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Ragnarok: Asgard Legend is a remake of the original Ragnarok Online MMORPG. It features the same user interface and similar core game mechanics of the original game, sometimes referred to as pre-renewal mechanics. However, this is where the similarities end. Ragnarok: Asgard Legend has completely redesigned monsters, experience tables, new skills, redesigned classes, revamped dungeons, weather systems, weapon modifications, and much, much more.

The intent of the game's creation is simple: remake pre-renewal Ragnarok Online with plenty of new features and aspects to fix the original's shortcomings while keeping the original ideals in place.


Living a simple life in Port Malaya, the adventurer receives a notice from King Tristan requesting that all able-bodied persons assist in keeping Rune-Midgard safe. It has been quite some time since the adventurer has been to the main land. Upon arrival to Izlude, the adventurer quickly learns that Rune-Midgard is not as it once was. There are rumors that the Rekenber Corp. has been up to something that has had devastating effects on various areas of the world.

Izlude has built an academy to help quickly train individuals with various skill-sets. It is up to the adventurer to decide which skill path to take and to find out why King Tristan has requested his/her help...

Getting Started


Cost for the inn is currently

 1-20 - free
 21-30 - 500z
 31-40 - 750z
 41-50 - 1000z
 51-60 - 1500z
 61-70 - 2000z
 71-80 - 3000z
 81-90 - 4000z
 91-99 - 5000z

Game Basics

Helpful NPCs

Hypnotist - Stat and Skill Resetter. Free for now! Originally, it is until level 41 and only costs ~15k zeny until level 76.


Monster Board - Available in every town. Gives you a random monster to hunt and rewards you with exp on completion.


Territory Leader - Available in the center of every town. Gives you hunt quests in exchange for old blue box or leveling package. Check out Clan.


Stylist - Changes your hair/clothes color and hairstyle for a fee.


Chef Master - Allows you to gain the Chef profession.


Shaman Master - Allows you to gain the Shaman profession.


Tailor Master - Allows you to gain the Tailor profession.

Inside the building.

Profession Assistant - Sells some profession items.


Pet Merchant - Sells pet goods.


User Interface

Leveling Tips

On the first island where the ship docks, you can kill a few monsters around the map and you can also come to this part of the map and get inside this cave.

Cave newbie zone.png

Here you will be teleported to an island where you can talk to the treasure and instantly get lvl 13/14 and job level 10, this can help you to rush your way up a bit and be prepared to get out of the zone to do your first job quest!

Treasure newbie zone.png

Currently Available Content

Available Cities

  • Izlude
  • Payon
  • Prontera
  • Alberta
  • Morroc
  • Comodo
  • Geffen
  • Al De Baran
  • Lutie (Santa at top right Aldebaran)
  • Gonryun (Kunlun man at Alberta Port)
  • Amatsu (Some guy at Alberta Port)
  • Port Malaya (Izlude Sailor)
  • Lighthalzen (Izlude Airship)
  • Umbala
  • Niffleheim
  • Yuno (Izlude Airship)
  • Hugel (Izlude Airship)
  • Einbroch (Izlude Airship)

Available Dungeons

  • Payon Dungeon
  • Orc Dungeon
  • Pyramid
  • Sphinx
  • Geffen Dungeon
  • Hidden Temple
  • Sunken Ship (Alberta Port)
  • Byalan Dungeon (Izlude Sailor) Including the new Byalan 6
  • Glast Heim
  • Clock Tower
  • Malaya Dungeon
  • Gonryun Dungeon
  • Amatsu Dungeon (Requires Entrance Quest)
  • Bio Labs (Bio Labs Dungeon 3 require level 80)
  • Magma Dungeon
  • Thanatos Tower (warp from the Entrance NPC to the Lv 6 if you complete the floor 8 with the charm stone!)
  • Juperos
  • Nightmare Toy Factory (Entrance is on the far left from the entrance of the second floor, xmas_dun02 24 104) Requires Mirror of the Past Story Quest or Lucifer's Lament item from Dark Priest (Geffen Dungeon Lv 4)
  • Odin Temple
  • Abyss Lake (be sure to have 1x Dragon Canine, Dragon Scale and Dragon Tail in your inventory, then talk to the Column (hu_fild05 168, 305) and you will get to the entrance which will stay open for 30 secs before it closes.)
  • Turtle Island
  • Geffenia (Fountain in Geffen) Requires Mirror of the Past Story Quest or Lucifer's Lament item from the Dark Priest (Geffen Dungeon Lv 4)
  • Einbroch Mines (Entrance is in Einbech. See world map for Einbech location)

Available Instances

Orc's Dungeon (Orc Village)

Pyramid (At the entrance to Pyramid B2, talk to NPC.)

Endless Tower (Alberta port)