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Stat and Skill reset

Reminder: all your buffs are removed when you reset (items and skills)

The Hypnotist is an NPC that lets you reset your stats and skills. The NPC is located at Izlude 88, 131. Cost is determined based on the player's level as mentioned below. Additionally, the player can reset both stats and skill at the same time. The cost for resetting both stats and skills at the same time is equal to the cost below, multiplied by 1.5x.

Level 1~40

  • Free.
  • Does not consume reset tickets.
  • Does not count towards reset timer.

Level 41~99

  • Base Cost: Level * 250 (range of 10,250z ~ 24,750z)
  • Applies a reset timer of (((BaseLevel / 11) - 2) * 86400) seconds
  • Range of 1 days (at level 41) to 7 days (at level 99) where fee is temporarily increased.
  • Increased fee is Base Lv ^ 3 * 23 / 22 (range of ??? ~ 1,014,750z)

Super Novice Death Reset

  • (Base Lv + 1) * 1000 cost.
  • Super Novice death reset does not influence your reset cooldown

Note: using a reset ticket still reduces cost to zero and does not incur additional time.