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Blacksmiths can forge weapons from different materials. The materials used decide the weapon to be created as well as any additional properties, such as element, the weapon will have. Forged weapons do not have Card Slots. Rods, Bows, Instruments, Books and Katars cannot be forged, nor can level 4 weapons.

For material lists see Weapon Materials or they can also be found on the corresponding weapon smith skill: Smith Dagger, Smith Sword, Smith Two-handed Sword, Smith Axe, Smith Knucklebrace, Smith Mace or Smith Spear.

When forging a weapon there are 3 available slots for modifying items. Items such as Flame Heart, Mystic Frozen, Rough Wind and Great Nature can be used to imbue the weapon with the Fire, Water, Wind and Earth elements respectively. A weapon may only have one element at a time and using more than one elemental stone will cause the forge to fail. Slots may also be fitted with Star Crumbs. One, two, and three Star Crumbs will (respectively) add +10, +20, and +80 seeking damage to all attacks from the weapon. The extra damage cannot miss and ignores defense.


1. Make sure that all of the necessary items are in your inventory (not your cart). Then use the necessary hammer for the weapon level you wish to create. Once you click OK (or press enter) the hammer will disappear even if you quit.

2. A list of weapons you can forge will appear. Select the weapon you wish to create and continue.

3. A second window will appear detailing which items will be used up by the forging attempt. There are also 3 spaces to place Elemental Stones and/or Star Crumbs.

4. Drag and drop the extra materials from your inventory to the slots to add them to the weapon. Even if the forging attempt fails the items on the list as well as those in the slots will be lost.

5. If the forge is successful the newly created weapon will appear in your inventory.

Success Rate

Weapon Level 1 2 3
Base Success Rate -0% -20% -30%
Smith <weapon> Skill Level 1 2 3
Success rate bonus +5% +10% +15%
Anvil Anvil Oridecon Anvil Golden Anvil Emperium Anvil
Bonus +0% +3% +5% +10%
  • Base success rate is 25%.
  • Forging success rate is decided by Forging Equipment, Skills, Base and Job Level.
  • Forging equipment includes Anvil, Oridecon Anvil, Golden Anvil, Emperium Anvil, Iron Hammer, Golden Hammer and Oridecon Hammer.
    • Hammers are used to begin the forging process. Iron Hammers are used to forge level 1 Weapons, Golden Hammers are used to forge level 2 Weapons and Oridecon Hammers are used to forge level 3 Weapons.
    • Anvils are kept in the main inventory and increase success rate. You cannot forge weapons with weapon level higher than your smith <weapon> skill level.
  • In addition to the success rate bonus from the smith <weapon> skill, Weaponry Research and Oridecon Research also affect (or should affect) the success rates of forging different weapons as well as which weapons are available to forge.
  • The Merchant Card Set (Raggler, Hylozoist, Zipper Bear, Myst Case, Baby Leopard) provides +10% success chance when all are equipped.
  • Stats do not affect forging success chances.
  • Each Job Level adds 1% to the overall success rate.
  • Each base level adds 0.2% to the overall success rate.
  • Using forging slots decreases the success rate of the forge attempt. An elemental stone takes off 15% and each Star Crumb takes off 10%.
  • Each Star Crumb added adds +10 attack and 10 seeking damage. Having 3 star crumbs adds an additional +60 attack on top of this.

Putting it all together:

Success Rate = [25 + (5*SmithSkill) + (AnvilBonus) + (5*OrideconResearch!) + (2*WeaponryResearch) + (1*JobLevel) + (0.2*BaseLevel)] + (MerchantCardSetBonus) - [(WeaponLv Modifier) + (15*ElementalStone) + (10*StarCrumb)]%

!: Oridecon Research only applies to level 3 weapons

So for example, a Blacksmith at 90/50 with a Golden Anvil crafting a VVS Level 3 weapon and all related skills maxed would have a 63% success rate. This can be boosted to a maximum of 79.8% with the merchant card set, an emperium anvil, and base level 99.

Note that the above formula applies primarily to weapon forging. For refining, see: Iron Tempering, Steel Tempering, and Enchanted Stonecraft.

Ranking System

For Forgers there is a system in which you are ranked amongst all your peers of who can make the most weapons.

  • Rank Point +1: For upgrading a level 1 weapon that you have forged to +10.
  • Rank Point +10: For successfully creating a level 3 weapon that contains 3 stones (either 2 star crumbs and an elemental stone, or three star crumbs).
  • Rank Point +25: For upgrading a level 2 weapon that you have forged to +10.
  • Rank Point +1000: For upgrading a level 3 weapon that you have forged to +10.

You can check Blacksmith ranks via usage of /Blacksmith command. Only the top 10 blacksmiths can be ranked at one time. Being ranked gives the blacksmith a cosmetic aura.

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