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Experience can refer to either Base Experience or Job Experience. Both types are required in order for a character to reach his or her full potential. Experience can be gained by killing monsters or completing quests.


The experience system in Ragnarok: Asgard Legend is similar, yet different, from the original Ragnarok Online. In general, the harder the monster, the more experience it will reward. It's important to note that the character level or monster level does not affect EXP gained. There are not penalties for killing a monster too high or too low below character level.

Party Sharing

  • Even Share: The EXP reward of a monster is split across all members of the party following the formula below:
    • (EXP to be Shared * (1.12 * Number of Party Members) / Number of Party Members)
    • EXP to be Shared increases by 25% for each additional player who has dealt damage to this monster OR has received damage from this monster's non-skill attacks (regardless of that player is a party member or not)
    • EXP is increased by 10% if the character is the only character under the same Master Account within the party. Note: creating multiple master accounts is against ToS and can result in a ban.
    • Characters of any level can share EXP. However, there are diminishing returns to lower level members of the party. The closer to the level range of 15 from the lowest to highest member of the party, the better the EXP will be.

Quest Experience Reward

  • Many quests offer EXP rewards for doing them. See Quest Table for a list of quests that give EXP rewards.
  • Note that you cannot gain more than one level from a single bucket of reward EXP, if the EXP rewards exceeds the EXP required to level up by a huge amount.
    • Formula : Max gain = (EXP requirement for current level)*2 - (Current EXP gathered in current level) - 1
    • Gathering the EXP when a player current EXP % is close to zero will maximize the gain from a single amount.

Clan Experience Reward

Players that are in the same Clan as the clan that occupies the territory receive an additional +10% bonus EXP for each monster killed on that territory's fields. The EXP bonus is indicated by a status icon on the right-hand side of the screen.

Additional Modifiers

EXP Table

Asgard Legend features a modified EXP table to allow for a smoother leveling curve and quicker access to second job.

Base EXP