Expanded Super Novice Job Quest

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Expanded Super Novice Job Quest
Base Level: None
Job Level: 99
Class: Super Novice
Quest Reward(s): Jobchange to Expanded Super Novice

So, you finally made it ! Your job quest start at Aldebaran (Windmill building in the southwest region of Aldebaran)

1. Go inside the building and find the NPC Esseray.

2. Then go to Comodo, to the north of comodo beach.

3. Inside the dungeon, go to the middle left and you'll find someone name Nodor.

4. He will ask you to kill 300 specific monster (i did get 300 fabre to hunt)

5. After you report your completed quest, he says you need to be patient. Spam talk to him until he tells you to go to the airship in Izlude (down right) and meet his relative(?) Nudor.

!!! You may need to relog before talking to her !!!

6. She will ask you how much you want to give, the money you give will depend of the equipment you will get at the end of your Jobchange quest.

 For 100k zeny you'll get a Novice Breastplate [1]
 For 1M zeny you'll get an entire Novice Equipment set : Novice Breastplate [1], Novice Shield [1], Super Novice Hat [1], Novice Shoes [1], Novice Manteau [1]
 For 10M... who know ?! I was not that rich !

7. After that, go back to talk to Nodor again and here you'll need to spam talk to him until his dialogue change.

8. Congratulation ! Now you're naked and you have Jobchange to a Expanded Super Novice !

You finally found what you're looking for so long : more power and a OP class !!!