Dungeon Entrance Quests

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Completing any of these Quests unlocks for all characters in all game accounts under your master account.

  • Amatsu Dungeon
  • Bio Labs (Bio Labs lvl 3 entrance require you to be level 80).
  • Kiel Hyre (step 21 to get access of the Kiel Dungeon lvl 1 only).
  • Thanatos Tower (the 6th floor warp from the Entrance NPC can be unlock if you complete the step 11 of the quest with the charm stone!!).
  • Rachel Sanctuary (you need to complete step 12 of the Lost Child Quest to begin the Rachel Sanctuary Quest).
    • NOTE : First, you need to complete the Lost Child Quest before the Rachel Sanctuary Quest (require a minimum base lvl of 50).

Here, you can check the list of the other Available Dungeons we have so far on Asgard Legend.