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Job Base: Archer
Job Type: 2-2
Changes At: Comodo
Number of Skills: 18
Total Skill Points: 91
Total Quest Skills: 1
Job Bonuses
+2 +7 +3 +5 +9 +4



Rhythm and balance are qualities cultivated by all Archers, however, only the truly talented are allowed to learn the secret steps of the Dancers. These scantily clad seductresses gain the power to influence the minds of allies and enemies alike.

It is said that time Please Don't Forget Me when a Dancer starts to move her hips to the sound of some mysterious tune; that those watching may lose control of their bodies and find their magic reserves either greatly improved or gone altogether. Where their male counterparts, the Bards, are more bent on support, Dancers specialize at disruptive maneuvers, which make them an invaluable asset in the War of Emperium.

Supporting with a Bard or Dancer requires a different approach than other classes. Music-based buffs are mostly percentage values, as opposed to the absolute values of Priest buffs, and require careful strategy and positioning, but playing as an Archer should already provide some experience in this respect. Despite their supportive role, one should not forget that Dancers are also capable of dealing good quantities of damage, one of their main advantages over Hunters is their immense SP pool which allows them to continually use Double Strafe instead of normal attacks, ensuring decent damage output.

To understand how to build a Bard or Dancer, knowledge of all their skills is needed. Dancer and Bard skills are, in comparison to other classes, very stat dependent. In general, there are 2 types of skills for both a Dancer and a Bard; skills which can be sung or danced without a partner of the opposite gender and those where the player needs another Bard or Dancer respectively.

As a Dancer, only whips, daggers and bows are available for weapons, whereas Bards can use instruments instead of whips.

Frost Joker, Scream, Pang Voice and Charming Wink are usable regardless of weapons.

Jobchange Guide

See Dancer Job Quest for detailed information.

Changing into a Dancer from an Archer requires the player to complete a number of tasks:

  • Item Collection
  • Written Test
  • Dance Test

After completing these tests, the player will be transformed into a Dancer. This takes place in Comodo.


See Archer Skills for first class skills.

Solo Skills

Skill Description Levels Type
Adaption to Circumstances.png Adaption to Circumstances
Cancels active Performance Skill the caster is performing. 1 Active
Dancing Lesson.png Dancing Lesson
Increases the damage inflicted with Whip class weapons, and enhance the quality of Dance and Ensemble skills. 10 Passive
Scream.png Scream
Inflicts Stun effect on monsters and party members within caster's view by chance. 5 Active
Encore.png Encore
Recast the last Performance Skill that was cast at half of the SP cost. 1 Active
Humming.png Humming
Improves HIT of all players within the 9x9 area of effect. 10 Active
Service for You.png Service for You
Increase max SP and SP regeneration while reducing the SP consumption of all players within the 9x9 area of effect. 10 Active
Ugly Dance.png Ugly Dance
Deplete SP of all targets within the 11x11 area of effect. 5 Active
Fortune's Kiss.png Fortune's Kiss
Improves CRIT rate of all players within the 9x9 area of effect. 10 Active
Throw Arrow.png Throw Arrow
Slings an arrow at an enemy with a whip. 5 Offensive
Please Don't Forget Me.png Please Don't Forget Me
Decrease attack and movement speed of all enemies within the 9x9 area of effect. 10 Active
The Ring of Nibelungen.png The Ring of Nibelungen
Adds DEF piercing ATK to party members that are wielding level 3 and 4 weapons. 5 Active
A Drum on the Battlefield.png A Drum on the Battlefield
Increases the attack for all other party members in the 9x9 area of effect. 5 Active
Eternal Chaos.png Eternal Chaos
Reduces the DEF and vit-type DEF by for all enemies in the 9x9 area of effect. 5 Active
Invulnerable Siegfried.png Invulnerable Siegfried
Increases the effectiveness of the Healing skills for party members in the 9x9 area of effect. 5 Active
Longing for Freedom.png Longing for Freedom
Allows the user to move, attack and use skills while performing an ensemble 5 Active

Ensemble Skills

Ensemble skills can only be performed when a Bard and Dancer are in the same party and standing beside each other. When an Ensemble skill is performed by a Bard and Dancer, the lower level of Acoustic Rhythm is performed. (i.e. when a Bard that has learned Acoustic Rhythm Lv.5 performs the skill with a Dancer that has only learned Acoustic Rhythm Lv.3, the Bard and Dancer will perform Acoutic Rhythm Lv.3)

Skill Description Levels Type
Loki's Veil.png Loki's Veil
Casts a 9x9 area around the caster where all skills are disabled. 1 Active
Lullaby.png Lullaby
Sing a dreamy song to put enemies in a 15x15 area to sleep. 1 Active
Into the Abyss.png Into the Abyss
Cast a 15x15 cell area around the casters that nullifies item costs for most skills. 1 Active

Class Skills

Skill Description Levels Type
Wink of Charm.png Wink of Charm
Wink at a specific target, charming them for 10 seconds. 1 Active


General PvM

  • STR: 1
  • AGI: 80-99
  • VIT: 1
  • INT: 9-53
  • DEX: 99
  • LUK: 1

PvM builds of a Dancer echo the DEX/AGI Hunter build. However, decreasing Agi in order to increase INT will allow you to Double Strafe (or Throw Arrow) more often as well as regenerate SP faster than a Hunter with the same stat build. This build is ideal for those who want to be able to contribute high DPS while also supporting a group.

Full Support

  • STR: 1
  • AGI: 1-40
  • VIT: 40-70
  • INT: 60-99
  • DEX: 1-50
  • LUK: 1

The full support build of Dancers takes high INT to both maximize the amount of times they can flash song without running out of SP as well as increasing the SP reduction effect of Service for You which is invaluable for parties that seek to use skills often.



Weapon cancelling is a popular technique used among Dancers to stop a dance. By switching to another weapon while performing a dance, the dance is immediately interrupted. While is has the same effect as Adaption to Circumstances, switching weapons can be done at any time, where as Adaption to Circumstances requires both SP and can only be used 5 seconds after the dance has started. Although it is also possible of to cancel a dance by equipping a Bow, changing to another Whip has the advantage that the Dancer's shield does not become unequipped in the process.

Flashing is a tactic used to make full use of the Dancer. The Dancer casts a dance for an instant, then weapon switches to a damage or status dealing configuration to participate in combat. This works because a dance's effect stays on players for 25 seconds after a person leaves the dance's AoE.

Additionally, the dancer gains a temporary movement speed and SP regeneration buff when cancelling a dance. Cancelling via Adaption to Circumstances grants a 4 second buff while weapon cancelling grants a 2 second buff.

Class Data

Job Bonuses

Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8
STR 3 28
AGI 2 10 11 24 30 35 48
VIT 17 33 43
INT 5 13 21 40 47
DEX 7 15 16 19 32 38 46 50
LUK 6 9 20 41


Weapon Base APM
Unarmed 75
Dagger 55
Bow 46
Whip 52