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DEF (defense) protects against physical attacks. Physical attacks are generally attacks based wholly or partially on ATK. However, there are exceptions.

The descriptions used here refer to hard and soft DEF. These names are used for clarity. The vast majority of players do not use these terms in general conversation, and instead refer Armor Def (hard) and Vit Def (soft). Hard DEF works as a percentage reduction. Soft DEF is a subtractive reduction.

Hard DEF

Base value of 0. Add bonuses from armor, cards, skills, etc.

Old formula:

  var HARD_DEF = 0;
  HARD_DEF = Math.floor( HARD_DEF * (1 + HARD_DEF_B / 100 ) );
  HARD_DEF_A : Sum of additive bonuses
  HARD_DEF_B : Sum of multiplicative bonuses

New formula:

   (1-(45/(45+N2))) * 100%
   Example: 10 DEF = 18.18% reduction
   Note 1: This also applies to MDEF
   Note 2: Armors now have types and also grant additional defense for being beyond the safe-refine limit. See Refinement System.

Additive Bonuses

Multiplicative Bonuses

A number of skills and items reduce def in this way however. These effect both hard and soft def, and are often used to reduce damage from Ice Pick and Occult Impaction.

Soft DEF

  var SOFT_DEF = 0;
  SOFT_DEF += Math.floor( VIT * 0.5 );
  SOFT_DEF += Math.max( Math.floor( VIT * 0.3 ) , Math.floor( VIT^2 / 150 ) - 1 );
  SOFT_DEF = Math.floor( SOFT_DEF * (1 + SOFT_DEF_B / 100 ) );

SOFT_DEF_A : Sum of additive bonuses SOFT_DEF_B : Sum of multiplicative bonuses

Base value of 0. Add complex result of VIT. Add bonuses from other sources.

  • Old: VITDEF = Vit.
  • New: Base Lv + VIT + (VIT ^ 2) / 100

Additive Modifiers


Multiplicative Modifiers

Angelus: +10% per level Iron Defense: +5% per level

Bypassing DEF

The skills and weapons below are known to either bypass DEF, or have a reversed effect, thus increasing damage from the amount it.





Skills that work with the above weapons include:

DEF Reversal

In special conditions, such as for the Ice Pick weapon and Occult Impaction skill, the DEF formula is reversed.

In this special case of reversed DEF, the damage multiplier is found by (Hard DEF + Soft DEF)/100. For example, against a 5+15 DEF target, a normal 200 ATK weapon would only deal 175 damage; an Ice Pick on a character with 200 ATK, would do 40 damage. Conversely, against a 50+90 DEF target, the weapons would do 10 and 280 damage respectively.

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