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Ragnarok: Asgard Legend offers players the opportunity to be part of both a guild and a clan at the same time! Both clans and guilds have different functions so there is no need to pick between them. However, if a player is in both a clan and a guild, the guild emblem will be displayed in place of the clan emblem. The player's clan determines PvE elements of the game while their guild determines GvG elements of the game. It is important to note that while the player can freely leave and join new guilds, there is a 7 day cooldown on changing clans.


There are two clans that the player can choose from once they finish basic training. The clan NPCs can be found at the northmost end of the Izlude Academy's first floor. Below are the stat bonuses associated with the various clans.

  • Clan capacities are now capped at a maximum of 56% of the total clan population.
  • Note: all players have been removed from clans and clan territory occupations have been reset

All clans receive a bonus +50 HP and +15 SP


  • Sword Clan
  • Arc Wand Clan

Leaving a Clan has a 7 day cooldown period which prevents you from joining another clan.

Clan Benefits

As well as the passive stat boosts, Players hunting in a territory (including dungeons) controlled by their clan recieve:

  • 10% increase in EXP gained
  • 10% drop rate bonus (only applies on items with a base droprate of 30% or more)
  • -2000z flat rate on the Inn services.

Territory Control

Clans have a massive influence on the environment around them. Clans can control territories by accomplishing clan-based quests in that area. Once a clan has control of a territory, the clan's emblem will be flown on flags around the area.

Quest Types

Currently, Asgard Legend features two types of Clan quests:

Monster Hunting: 
Each player can accept a monster hunting quest to kill 100 of a determined monster of the town's domain. Turning in these quests adds 100 points to the total hunting count of 2000.
Once 2000 kills are reached, that territory will be under control of that clan until another clan can reclaim it.
  • Each Hunting turn-in will reward the player with one of the following, as long as your clan has not met the turn in goal / does not control the territory:
  • Leveling Pack (Account Bound): 50 Light Orange Potion, 15 Light Blue Potion, 1 Light Awakening Potion, 3000 Zeny
  • Old Box: Random chance between Old Blue Box or Old Purple Box
Item Gathering:
Each player can turn in any amount of a randomly determined item that drops from a monster of the town's domain.
Turning in these items provides 1 point per item turned in, and at 1000 points, that territory will be under the control of the clan providing the items until another clan can reclaim it.
  • Each item turned in will reward the player with 300 EXP as long as your clan has not met the turn-in goal / does not control the current territory. (This EXP cannot grant more than 1 level at a time)


The claimable territories exert the clan's influence over their surrounding fields. They are currently as follows:

  • Prontera
  • Geffen
  • Payon and Alberta (Shared)
  • Morroc
  • Comodo

Territory benefits now extend into dungeons associated with that territory. A full map of the territorial influence is available here

Clan Dungeon

Removed clan dungeon bonus EXP (until future clan system re-design)

  • Both floors of clan dungeon now spawn 3 preset monsters + 1 randomized monster
    • Note: the randomized monster does not include champion monsters.
  • All monsters spawned in the clan dungeon are forced aggressive.
    • Note: some monsters can still change back to passive on idle or chase as usual.
  • Monsters on both floors are chosen at 00:00 Server Time every Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday.
    • Clan Dungeon F1 - lower level monsters
    • Clan Dungeon F2 - higher level monsters

Clan Dungeon 1 Presets

   Pest Control: Thief Bug, Thief Bug Female, Thief Bug Male
   Undead: Zombie, Pirake Skeleton, Whisper
   Jungle: Wootan Fighter, Wootan Shooter, Yoyo
   Grasslands: Mantis, Rafflesia, Mandragora
   Ghosts: Lude, Quve, Heirozoist
   Snakes in a Cave: Snake, Anacondaq, Sidewinder

Clan Dungeon 2 Presets

   Golems: Lava Golem, Stalactic Golem, Wooden Golem
   Most Deadly: Rybio, Wanderer, Raydric Archer
   Laboratory: Three randomized first job bio labs monsters.
   Bad Dreams: Bapho Jr., Injustice or Incubus or Succubus, Nightmare Terror
   Invisible: Driller, Shinobi, Sleeper
   Squirmy: Medusa, Sidewinder, Isis
   Blademasters: Khalitzburg or Raydric, Wanderer, Engigem Cenia
   Renegades: Mobster, Wickebine, Pasana
   Sharpshooters: Kavach, Orc Archer, Raydric Archer
   Garden: Geographer, Hermit Plant, Giant Hornet
   Fatal Attraction: Manananggal, Loli Ruri, Dryad
   The Bears: Grizzly, Zipper Bear, Sasquatch
   Ancients: Ancient Mimic, Ancient Mummy, Deathword or Rideword
   Household: Clock, Dark Frame, The Paper
   Unusual Bipeds: Grove, Anolian, Minorous