Chain Lightning

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Chain Lightning.png Chain Lightning
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Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 10
SP Cost: 30 + (Skill Level × 10)
Cast Time: 1 + (Skill Level x 0.5) seconds
Cast Delay: 2 seconds
Cooldown: 1 second
Target: Enemy
Range: Magic
Area of Effect: 7x7 ~ 13x13 (Bounce radius)
Property: Wind
Spell Book: Yes
(High Wizard) Summon Lightning Ball Lv. 1

Chain Lightning is a 3rd class offensive skill available as High Wizard.


Inflicts Wind property Magic Damage to a single target and bounces to targets in a 7x7 area, gradually seeking greater distances per target, up to 13x13.

Targets can be hit a maximum of four times before needing to seek an additional target. The skill will inflict damage every 0.5 seconds.

Level Base Damage (MATK) Chain Limit Cast Time SP Cost
1 110% 12 1.5s 40
2 220% 14 2s 50
3 330% 16 2.5s 60
4 440% 18 3s 70
5 550% 20 3.5s 80
6 660% 22 4s 90
7 770% 24 4.5s 100
8 880% 26 5s 110
9 990% 28 5.5s 120
10 1100% 30 6s 130

Chain Lightning deals less damage each time the lightning bounces to a new target:

Chain Damage Penalty (MATK) = -[10 × Chain count]%


  • After the second chain, the search area for bounces becomes 9x9. After 6 hits, it becomes 13x13 for the rest of chain limit.
  • Amount of potential chains is 30, but is decreased based on distance the chain travels:
    • Less than 6 cells to next target counts as 1 chain.
    • Between (and including) 6 and 8 cells to the next target counts as 2 chains.
    • Greater than 8 cells to next target counts as 3 chains.
  • This skill does not work with Mystical Amplification whatsoever.
  • If casting against a single target, this skill will deal approximately 3782% MATK damage to the target.
  • While this skill is not potent against a large amount of enemies at once due to the nature of random bounces, it is especially destructive against smaller groups due to the speed of the bounces.
  • While the skill has a 1 second cooldown, it can by bypassed by using Reading Spellbook and Release