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The Card Captor is an NPC located in Izlude (86,148) which can help guarantee card drops.

Using the Card Captor

Using the card captor's service provides a sort of "insurance" that a monster you are hunting will drop their card after 1500 kills.

To use the service, you must pay a fee of 25,000 zeny and specify a monster Name or ID.

Card Captor Rules

  • Boss/MVP monsters cannot be named. (However, minibosses can be)
  • Card captor will only track your individual kills, and kills from your party members will not count.
  • If you obtain the specified monster's card naturally before 1500 kills are reached, you will receive a chat message stating that Card Captor's service is no longer needed. This will reset the killcount of the chosen monster and you must return to the Card Captor to choose another.
  • If you fail to obtain the card naturally and reach 1500 kills while the service is active, the card will be placed directly in your inventory. The Card Captor's fee will then be increased by 10x (250,000 zeny) for the next 5 days.

Cancelling the service

If you wish to change which monster the card captor is helping you with, you must visit him to cancel the current monster. Note that all kills tracked so far will be removed and your zeny fee will not be refunded.

Cancelling does not incur any cooldown penalty and you can freely begin on another monster if desired.