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Auto Spell.png Auto Spell
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Type: Supportive Skill
Levels: 10 (Fixed)
SP Cost: 35
Duration: (90 + (Skill level*30)) seconds
Target: Self
(Sage) Free Cast Lv. 4


(Alt. Hindsight). Allows the user to select a magic skill to cast while attacking the enemy as long as the user has learned the skill. The magic skill that is automatically cast on the target is cast at a level equal to the maximum learned level of the skill, limited by the current Autospell level. The physical attacks with a weapon/ fist do not have to hit the target to engage the selected skill.

When Auto Spell is activated, a window will appear from which you can select which skill to use when Auto Spell triggers. The selectable skills are Napalm Beat, Fire, Cold, & Lightning Bolts, Earth Spike, Fireball, and Soul Strike.

Spells triggered by Auto Spell consume 2/3 of the SP used if cast normally, but the caster cannot cast skills through Auto Spell that they have not yet learned. The skill is cast after the physical attack that activates it and is independent of the user's condition (for example, it will still activate while the user is silenced).

Skill Level Chance Skill Duration SP Cost
1 7% 120s 35 SP
2 9% 150s 35 SP
3 11% 180s 35 SP
4 13% 210s 35 SP
5 15% 240s 35 SP
6 17% 270s 35 SP
7 19% 300s 35 SP
8 21% 330s 35 SP
9 23% 360s 35 SP
10 25% 390s 35 SP


  • The user is able to select any of the skills you have obtained from the current level available and also those of lower levels.
  • The bolt skills will use the max learned level, capped by the current autocast level.
  • Skills triggered by hindsight do not have any cast time and also do not have cast delay. As a result, it is possible to fire off bolts very quickly. The skills will all retain their special effects on their targets; Frost Diver will freeze, Fire Ball will have splash damage, etc.
  • Can be combined with other autocast/autospell equipment; however, unlike most autocast effects, hindsight does not have to hit the target to trigger its effect.
  • Benefits fully from Sage's passively increase bolts.
  • Earth Spike has replaced Frost Diver as a selectable spell.