Asura Strike

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Asura Strike.png Asura Strike
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Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 5 (fixed)
SP Cost: 1
Target: Foe (multiple methods)
Range: Melee
Property: Neutral
(Monk) Throw Spirit Sphere Lv. 3, Fury Lv. 3


Asura Strike (Alt. Guillotine Fist) is the Monk's ultimate attack that consumes 5 Spirit Spheres and all of their remaining SP to deal massive damage to one target. Asura Strike is effected by race/size/elemental cards, but always remains a Neutral property attack. It bypasses the target's DEF, but is affected by cards (for example race reduction cards).

When Asura Strike is cast with 10 or more Spirit Spheres by a Champion or Sura class, it only consumes half of the user's max SP while still using the full SP value for damage calculation purposes.

Skill Level Damage Formula Cast time Cast Delay
1 ATK*(8 + SP/10) + 400 4 Seconds 3 Seconds
2 ATK*(8 + SP/10) + 550 3.5 Seconds 2.5 Seconds
3 ATK*(8 + SP/10) + 700 3 Seconds 2 Seconds
4 ATK*(8 + SP/10) + 850 2.5 Seconds 1.5 Seconds
5 ATK*(8 + SP/10) + 1000 2 seconds 1 second

Damage Calculation

  • Damage is derived from this formula: ATK * (8 + Remaining SP/10) + Skill Level Bonus * (1.3 * Spirit Spheres). As a result, the following characteristics determine what is needed to maximize damage:
    • As much Base ATK as possible; due to this, Monks oriented to Asura will have high STR.
    • As much SP as possible; if a card slot can't add to STR or ATK, it should instead be used for SP adding cards.
    • Maintain SP before using Asura Strike. The damage will be low if the user's SP is nearly empty when cast.
    • Higher levels of Asura Strike will add a small amount of damage.
  • Asura Strike is always Neutral, and therefore will always be reduced by Raydric cards. Due to this as well, users do not equip Elemental weapons for Asura.
  • The preferred weapon cards for Asura Strike are that add damage by a percent, as they increase the overall damage.
  • The preferred weapons for Asura Strike are highly refined Erde or Lich's Bone Wand due to their SP increasing effects.

Bonus Damage

Asura Strike contains a bonus damage multiplier based on the target's remaining health vs maximum health.

This bonus damage cannot exceed the base damage amount of the user's Asura Strike. (Example: A 200,000 damage Asura cannot exceed 400,000 from this bonus damage multiplier.

  • For Bosses: Damage + ((MaxHP - CurrentHP) / 10
  • For Non-Bosses: Damage + ((MaxHP - CurrentHP) * 2 / 10

ex. If the target has 300,000/600,000 HP, the damage will be 200,000 + 60,000

Notes for Champion and Sura

  • Increasing total spheres before using Asura will greatly increase the damage. At 10 Spheres (Champion) the skill will have a +30% final damage multiplier. Sura's Rising Dragon increases that bonus to +45% due to 15 max spheres.
  • Casting Asura Strike with 10 or more Spheres will only consume 50% of the user's SP, while still using the full amount of SP for the damage calculation.

Usage Notes

  • Casting can be interrupted.
  • Dispelling a Monk while Asura Strike is being cast will not disrupt it's execution; it is necessary to do so before casting starts.
  • It is possible to use Hiding or a skill like it to evade a directly cast Asura Strike. Other evasion skills, such as Cicada Skin Shed, also function. Cloaking, however, does not.
  • A line of sight must be available when the skill activates, otherwise Guillotine will deal no damage but still drain the caster's SP.
  • It is possible to observe if Asura Strike successfully does damage to a target by the screen shaking effect. If it does not occur, then the target has evaded the hit and no damage has been done. The sound effect will also not play if the attack is evaded, despite the visual effect appearing.
  • There are many ways Asura Strike can be cast:
  • After Asura Strike is successfully cast, then the caster has 75% reduced natural SP recovery for 90 seconds afterwards. The only exceptions are Increase SP Recovery and Spirits Recovery, which will continue to regenerate SP at their regular intervals.