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Asgardian Mode is a special Hard mode on Asgard Legend, similar to Solo Self Found (SSF) in ARPGs or Ironman Mode in other MMOs. A character can enter Asgard Mode on the starting boat after character creation, before starting the tutorial. Note that once a character is chosen to be in Asgardian Mode, they cannot ever return to being a normal character.

An Asgardian Mode character is identified with an (A) next to their character name.

Experience Earned

Asgardian Mode characters earn reduced experience compared to normal characters, in varying degrees based on their base level. The formula is as follows:

  EXP = Original EXP * ((Base Lv / 3) + 17) / 100
  • When an Asgardian Mode character is in a party with EXP share enabled, earned EXP is reduced by an additional 90% if any non-asgardian mode characters are in the party.
    • This penalty does not apply if the party consists of only Asgardian Mode characters.
    • This penalty only impacts the individual Asgardian Mode character and has no effects on other party members.

Additionally, Asgardian Mode players must be within the same visible cell range as the monster being killed and must not be considered Idle in order to receive EXP.


  • Asgardian Mode characters suffer no EXP loss on Death.
  • Asgardian Mode characters cannot be resurrected by other players with any means, and must return to save point on death.


  • All healing skills used on Asgardian Mode characters will heal for 50% of their original values.
    • Healing Items' potency and natural HP regeneration are unchanged and function as they would on a normal character
  • Inns are always free for Asgardian Mode characters, but do not provide any buffs (Blessing, Increase AGI).
  • Leveling up does not provide any buffs (Blessing, Increase AGI).

Stats, Skills, and Resets

  • Asgardian Mode characters cannot ever reset their skills, except when changing to second job class. This reset window is only available while less than base level 70 and less than job level 10.
  • Asgardian Mode characters cannot use the normal Reset NPC to fully reset their stats, however, they are able to reallocate up to 10 points of a base stat once per week at no cost.
    • Note: Any patches or updates which alter the behavior of a skill for balancing changes will provide a skill reset, even for Asgardian Mode characters.

Traversing Maps

If an Asgardian Mode player meets one of the following criteria in the last 3 seconds, teleporting (Via Fly Wings and the Teleport skill) will be disabled:

  • Logging In
  • Receiving Damage
  • Being cast upon
  • Dealing ranged damage to an enemy

Base Mechanics

  • Asgardian Mode players must pick between a -15% flee penalty, +20% increased damage received, or both.
  • There is no longer a +35% hit rate minimum for Asgardian Mode players in the hit/flee formula. Instead, final hit rate is multiplied by 1.15x.
    • Note: If the player picks both penalties, they are able to retain the 35% hit rate minimum.

Item and Zeny restrictions

Asgardian Mode players are required to be self-sufficient in that most items and zeny must be earned on the Asgardian character, and trading is largely prohibited.

  • Asgardian Mode players are unable to access the bank.
  • Asgardian Mode players do not have account shared storage; however, they are able to access a character-specific storage via Kafras.
  • In order to pick items from the ground, the item must have been placed there by a monster killed by an Asgardian. Likewise, Non-asgardian players cannot pick up items dropped by Asgardians.

Limited Trading

Limited trading between Asgardian Mode characters is allowed with the following restrictions:

  • Trading can only be initiated between characters that are both base level 90+ or within a 3 level difference.
  • Cards cannot be traded.
  • Zeny cannot be traded.
  • Equipment can only be traded if unidentified. (once identified, equipment is no longer tradeable)
  • All other miscellaneous and usable items can be traded.

Rewards and Other Benefits

Asgardian characters can enable or disable the "bio 3" aura effect around the character at all times.

Asgardian Characters have access to a special item shop in the Izlude Training Group that offers general supplies.

Reaching Base Level 99 grants 500 Kafra Points.

Asgardian Mode characters receive exclusive costume hats received at various levels to be claimed in the Izlude Training Group.

  • Level 40: Izlude Academy Hat (18730)
  • Level 70: Old Rune Circlet (18971)
  • Level 90: Fortier Mask (18737)
  • Level 99: Garuda Hat (18508)

The cost to remove cards from equipment at the Wise Old Woman is reduced from 10,000,000z to 100,000z.

Drop Rate Bonus

Drop rates are increased for Asgardian Mode characters based on the base drop rate of the item as follows:

  • Original Drop Rate <= 0.5% = +40% rate
  • Original Drop Rate > 0.5% and <= 1% = +30% rate
  • Original Drop Rate > 1% and <= 10% = +20% rate
  • Original Drop Rate > 10% and <= 50% = +10% rate
  • Original Drop Rate > 50% = +5% rate

Example: Original Drop rate of 0.40% becomes 0.56%