Acolyte Job Change Guide

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Acolyte Job Change Guide
Base Level: None
Job Level: 10
Class: Novice
Quest Reward(s): Job change to Acolyte

Note: You must be job level 10 to finish this quest. If you talk to the acolyte npc first you will receive an acolyte manual which allows you to use acolyte skill to help you level.

  1. In the Izlude Academy, on the north side of town (128, 254). Talk to the Acolyte NPC on the second floor.
  2. The Cleric tells you to find certain NPCs. There are three NPCs that the Cleric can send you to. All three are in different places than their original locations.
    • Father Rabalkabara is on the map to the right of prontera, to the easten edge. (342, 247)
    • Mother Marthilda is in the middle of Morroc town. (160, 143)
    • Father Yosuke is four maps west of Prontera, at the tip of the map's protrusion.
    • (Pictures coming soon)
  3. Return to the Cleric.
  4. Talk to the dean at the end of the hallway to change job to Acolyte. (102, 208)
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