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What is Ragnarok: Asgard Legend?

Ragnarok: Asgard Legend is a new iteration of the classic MMORPG, Ragnarok Online, that will feel familiar and new at the same time. We took the core of Ragnarok Online and designed the game again nearly from the ground up. We scrapped all NPCs, quests, items, monsters, etc. and kept only the core mechanics of the original Ragnarok Online. By doing this we were able to create a game that played very similar to the original, pre-renewal, Ragnarok Online, but with a fresh and exciting new game to discover.

Unique Features

New Skills and Mechanics

Each first class (except for Mage) has received new skills to promote alternate playstyles or boost performance of those classes. Gunslinger and Ninja now also have first class components.

Almost every skill in the game has been rebalanced or reworked in some way to promote a more active gameplay style.

See the New Skills & Skill Changes page for more details.

Customized EXP tables and monster EXP

All EXP tables have been customized for a smoother experience. Each monster has been manually reviewed to adjust EXP ratios and re-balanced to ensure their power feels appropriate to their level.

This means while Asgard Legend does not have a traditional "rates" listing as most private servers do, the exp should feel similar to 3x~5x.

Customized drop rates

Much like the EXP changes, Asgard Legend has no set "rates" modifier. Each item's droprate has been manually adjusted.

Equipment droprate, on average, has been increased to 1~3% for basic low level equipment. Their NPC sell prices are also decreased for economy purposes. Miscellaneous item droprates are not significantly higher than official servers, and card drop rates are 0.10%.

Equipment modifiers

Each piece of equipment you find from killing monsters has a chance of rolling random modifiers on it. See Modification system for more information.

Rebalanced Classes

Many less desirable skills from Ragnarok Online have been rebalanced or reworked completely in Asgard Legend to promote more diverse builds and give a chance for less useful skills/classes to shine. Some classes, such as Soul Linker and Star Gladiator, have been heavily reworked.

A major philosophy of Asgard Legend's class design is to reduce the need for "slave" characters on alt accounts and promote active party play.

More information can be found on the New Skills & Skill Changes page


Asgard Legend features a Profession system which allows players to craft various items to help them on their journey. Each character can only learn one profession at a time. Profession crafts may fail, and the more you craft, the higher your success rates increase.

To begin crafting, simply use the profession skill while holding the necessary materials in your inventory. Professions can be learned via their respective masters in Izlude.


The tailor profession allows crafting of unique Accessories, Footgear, Garments, Armor and Shields


The shaman profession allows crafting of various Potions, from HP and SP restoratives to status prevention and speed increases.


The chef profession allows crafting of various Stat foods as well as other aspects of character stats such as ASPD