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What is APM?

APM is Attack Speed. it stands for "Attacks per minute". It depends on the player's class, equipped Weapon Type, Speed Modifiers, AGI and DEX.

The maximum attack speed is 500 attacks per minute.

APM Formula

APM = 60/BTBA * (600 + AGI*4 + (AGI^2)/25 + DEX) / 600

BTBA is a value based on class and weapon type. Refer to the chart below.

BTBA (Base Time Between Attacks (seconds))


SM (Speed Modifiers (Potions, Skills, Equipment))

To Increase Attack Speed, the following can be used:

  • ASPD Potions: Only the potion with greater effect will be put into consideration, they never stack to each other.
Concentration Potion
Awakening Potion
Berserk Potion
  • Skills:
Adrenaline Rush, Full Adrenaline Rush
Twohand Quicken
Spear Quicken
Solar, Lunar and Stellar Shadow
Stellar Protection
Increase Speed
Assassin Cross of Sunset
Bulgae Spirit
  • Equipment:
Assassin Dagger
Flapping Angel Wings
Doppelganger Card
Berserk Claw
Heart Breaker
Cecil Daemon Card
Berserk Guitar
Librarian Glove
Thief Figure
Jungle Carbine
Thunder P
Curved Sword
Sage's Diary if DEX >= 50
Seal of Continental Guard [1]
Hurricane Fury
Ledger of Death
Atroce Card
Ixion Wings

Combo Set Bison Horn + :Thorny Buckler

Combo Set Wanderer Card + :The Paper Card + :Shinobi Card + :Wild Rose Card + :Zhu Po Long Card 0.05

The following skills and equipments decrease Attack Speed:

  • Skills:
Slow Grace
Defending Aura
Gravitation Field
Peco Peco Ride -0.5 Cavalier Mastery -0.4 to 0
Longing for Freedom
  • Equipment:
Pecopeco Hairband
Doom Slayer
Howard Alt-Eisen Card
Long Barrel
Lever Action Rifle

Modifier Stacking

The following modifier categories stack additively (Meaning their values are added together and then applied to attack speed):

  • Equipment Effects (Muramasa, Doppelganger Card, Cecil Damon Card, etc.)
  • Consumables (Awakening Potion, Energizing Potion, etc.)
    • (Note that only the best adjustment between Concentration/Awakening/Berserk Potion is used.)

The following modifier categories stack Multiplicatively(Meaning their values are multiplied together and then applied to attack speed):

  • Positive Skill Statuses (Adrenaline Rush, Spear Quicken, Increase Speed, etc.)
  • Negative Skill Statuses (Don't Forget Me, Water Evasion Technique, etc.)