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Changelog 11/27/2018

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  • Additions
    • Added in more hat quests.
    • Added in a Stylist to Izlude (110,258)
      • Hair Style - 10,000z
      • Hair Color - 10,000z
      • Clothes Color - 30,000z
    • Added in all Tailor Profession crafts. For a full list see here: https://www.asgardle...fession-crafts/
    • Added in all Chef Profession crafts. For a full list see here: https://www.asgardle...fession-crafts/
    • Added in Chef Assistant to various towns which sells Cooking Oil and Bag of Grain (prices are 125z and 75z respectively)
    • Added in !checkparty command
      • Displays the status of the party and if you are eligible to receive a bonus 10% EXP or not.
      • Displays the name of who triggered the multi-client detection.
      • Note: You still need to have 3+ party members in the same map to receive the bonus.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed Golden Mace Clan not providing the STR + 1
    • Fixed Arc Wand Clan not providing the VIT + 1
    • Fixed a potential crash issue with AFK characters.
    • Fixed fog hoards not properly spawning. Spawn rate is 2% chance on night fall per map.
      • Note: all mobs can be killed to clear the fog or it will automatically be cleared (and clearing extra mobs) on day break.
    • Fixed an issue where unlimited share range was not giving the full EXP to the highest leveled player.
    • Fixed Izlude Training Group letting people in without having registered with the Izlude Academy first.
  • Changes
    • Sea Otter now drops Sea Otter Hat at 0.12%
    • Red and Black Mushrooms now drop Decorative Mushroom at 0.12%
    • Changing Job from Novice -> First Job Class will reset cloth colors.
    • Changed the Feather requirement in the Izlude Training Group for the armor quest from 25 -> 15.
    • Changed the name of Jupitel Thunder -> Jupiter Thunder in-game and on the main site page for Wizard.
    • Monster Memory now logs kills if you're in a party and EXP share is on to help support classes fill their monster memory skill.
    • /memo command deprecated in favor of !memo command to be able to replace specific memo locations.
      • This will still make sure the map is memo-able before overwriting.
    • Changes to the bonus EXP for no-dual clients
      • Now checks every single player in the party for a multi-client.
      • Multi-clients count as a fail whether they are in the party or not.
      • If any member of the party fails the check, the party is not eligible to receive the bonus.
      • In order to receive the bonus, there must be 3 or more party members sharing EXP in the map.

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