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Changelog 07/24/2019

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  • Additions
    • Added a confirmation to skipping the novice tutorial on Izlude Isle.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed clan territories not providing bonuses for their respective territory dungeons.
    • Fixed a bug that caused skills to freeze and require a relog (such as warp portal).
    • Fixed and cleaned up EXP gain and EXP share. This fixes broken EXP share as well as applies a few changes as well (see below)
    • Fixed and cleaned up monster memory related functions. This should drastically cut down on potential errors.
    • Fixed and cleaned up some master storage functions. Hopefully reduces or eliminates the chances of master storage closing abruptly.
    • Fixed skill descriptions for various skills such as Frost Joker, A Whistle, and more.
    • Fixed clan dungeons being inaccessible after a clan territory has been taken.
    • Fixed Mortenz's "Make a Pet Egg" being misleading. It now says "Make a Pet Tamer."
    • Fixed forged weapons with three star crumbs providing an incorrect amount of additional ATK.
    • Fixed Star Gladiator's Hatred and Feeling skills setting incorrect timers for the 6 hour delay on re-use.
    • Fixed Emveretarcon selling for cheaper than intended from Christopher in Geffen. It should now be selling for 3,000z at all locations.
    • Fixed Battle Manuals from the Izlude Academy not mentioning that they are only usable for levels 70 and below.
  • Changes
    • Homunculus now gain 25% of the EXP that its master earns in both a party and solo setting.
    • Master Account bonus EXP changes.
      • As long as no players in the party have a duplicate master account, there is a +12% bonus to EXP earned.
      • The bonus is no longer displayed as a separate EXP gain, but is now lumped in with the main EXP gain when killing a monster.
      • Having a second client, with the same master account, on the same map, no longer penalizes the party as long as the second client is not in the party.
    • Reduced the delay on Wooden Golems (um_dun02) that spawn in certain areas from 4~5 minutes to 30~90 seconds.
      • Note: the vast majority of Wooden Golems on the map still have no respawn delay.

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