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Changelog 05/18/2019

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  • Additions
    • Added a cut-off time of 30 days for all rankings on the main site. Characters related to accounts that have not had a login in 30+ days will not be included on the rankings.
      • Note: you do not need to log in to the specific character to stay on the rankings, but need to have logged into the game account associated with the character.
    • Added status icons for the following skills
      • Friend of the Gladiator
      • Kaina
      • Kaiwu
      • Kaafe
      • Kauup
    • Added in an aura for ranked blacksmith as well as ranked alchemists in the top 10 lists from /blacksmith and /alchemist.
    • Added in the ability to use a Reset Ticket on combination resets as well.
    • Added a few more helpful features to the introduction of the game.
      • Added a forced navigation to another small island when asked to hunt monsters on the Izlude Isle to help the player better understand how to navigate the small islands.
      • Added a mention of the discord channel and provided a link before leaving the Izlude Isle.
      • Added a forced navigation to the docks of Izlude to assist the player in finding the Izlude Academy after finishing at the Izlude Isle.
    • Added in a new hairstyle, or lack-thereof, for female characters.
    • Added in new permanent donation items to the donation shop. As usual, these have absolutely zero stats and are converted to costumes after selection. Previews below.
      • Close Helm (ID 5131)
      • Flower Crown (ID 5303)
      • Skull Cap (ID 18539)
      • Eremes Guile's Scarf (ID 31057)
      • Mitra (ID 19962)
      • 3D Glasses (ID 5788)
    • Added in Mystery Egg monsters to the south end of Izlude. Useful for testing damage.
      • Mystery Egg A - Neutral. Zero DEF. Zero MDEF. Zero Flee.
      • Mystery Egg B - Earth. Zero DEF. Zero MDEF. Zero Flee.
      • Mystery Egg C - Neutral. 50 DEF. Zero MDEF. Zero Flee.
      • Mystery Egg D - Poison. Zero DEF. 40 MDEF. 200 Flee.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed Kaiwu (Soul Linker Skill) not dispelling on death as well as lasting longer than the intended duration.
    • Fixed Kaiwu (Soul Linker Skill) not updating HP to party members after healing.
    • Fixed Soul Linker's spirit skills from consuming more SP than intended.
    • Fixed the aura not showing up for Taekwons in the top 10 ranking.
    • Fixed Taekwon being able to chain combo kicks without having done 50 missions first.
    • Fixed Taekwon gaining access to all skills without having done 50 missions first.
    • Fixed Esma (Soul Linker Skill) not being usable after Eswoo, Eske, and Eska.
    • Fixed Star Gladiator's comfort skills still requiring the proper day. These only require the proper map.
    • Fixed Monster Memory kill counter counting twice if the player was in a party and killing solo.
    • Fixed bow damage scaling exponentially for weapon attacks beyond 100 weapon attack.
    • Fixed Flying Side Kick (Taekwon Skill) not applying the 2x damage modifier if used in the running state.
    • Fixed Flying Side Kick (Taekwon Skill) not removing the running state and applying the spurt status after use.
    • Fixed Furious Baby Desert Wolf spawning on pay_fild09 instead of prt_fild09.
    • Fixed the first job quests still mentioning manuals which were already given to the player at the Izlude Isle.
  • Changes
    • Adjusted description of Kaiwu in-game to help clarify that it targets the ground and all targets in a 5x5 area.
    • Soul Linker's spirit skills can now only be used on party members.
    • Changed the Weapon vs. Monster Size table for weapons that had a 50% damage penalty.
      • Dagger vs. Large 50% -> 75%
      • One and Two-Handed Axes vs. Small 50% -> 75%
      • Knuckles vs. Large 50% -> 75%
      • Whip vs. Large 50% -> 75%
      • Book vs. Large 50% -> 75%
    • Drum on the Battlefield and Ring of Nibelungen no longer have a bow penalty as the bow weapon attack formula was fixed.
    • MvP cards now drop at the same rate as normal and mini-bosses at 0.10%. Note: Many MvP and some mini-boss cards have changed effects for balancing purposes.
    • MvP and select mini-boss card changes. If it is not mentioned here, the effect hasn't changed.
      • Baphomet Card - Endows a weapon with damage that will splash 9 cells around the character with each attack. HIT - 20
      • Berzebub Card (not yet implemented) - Reduce Casting Time by 20%. Does not stack with a second Berzebub Card.
      • Dark Lord Card - Add a 5% chance of auto casting Level 5 Meteor Storm on an enemy when the user receives Physical Damage. [+ Dark Illusion Card] Maximum HP and SP + 12%. Reduce cast time by an additional 10%.
      • Detale Card (not yet implemented) - MDEF -50. Gains immunity against Frozen status. Has a 5% chance of autocasting Level 1 Land Protector around the user when the user receives magical attack.
      • Doppelganger Card - Enable faster Attack Speed so long as the weapon to which this card is compounded is equipped. Aspd + 8%
      • Drake Card - Nullify reduction in damage inflicted on enemies resulting from enemy's size. ATK + 20.
      • Eddga Card - Enable effect of the Endure skill so long as the Footgear to which this card is compounded is equipped. Maximum HP - 33%
      • Fallen Bishop Hibram Card (not yet implemented) - MATK + 10%, Maximum SP - 50%. Increases damage inflicted on Demihuman and Angel monster by 15%.
      • Gloom Under Night Card (not yet implemented) - Increase damage inflicted on Holy Property, Shadow Property, Angel monster and Demon monster by 25%.
      • Golden Thief Bug Card - Grants MDEF + 7 * refine level at the cost of doubling SP Consumption cost when using skills.
      • Ktullanux Card (not yet implemented) - Increases damage against Fire Property monsters by 25%. Add a 3% chance of auto casting Level 10 Frost Nova on an enemy when the user receives Physical Damage.
      • Lady Tanee Card (not yet implemented) - Maximum HP - 50% Maximum SP + 30%. Add a 2% chance of gaining 'Banana' each time a monster is killed. Double Banana's healing rate.
      • Maya Card - Reflect single target attack Magic back at the caster (Success Chance 15%).
      • Osiris Card - Enable full HP and SP restoration when resurrected. Max HP/SP + 3%
      • Phreeoni Card - HIT + 80
      • Deviling Card - Add a 30% resistance against Neutral Property attacks. Receive 15% more damage from other property attacks.
      • Ghostring Card - Enchant an Armor with the Ghost Property. Max HP - 20%
      • Salamander Card - Inflict 15% more damage with Fire Pillar and Meteor Storm.
    • The following MvPs are classified as "low tier" and now all have a respawn of 60~70 minutes.
      • Amon Ra
      • Doppelganger
      • Dracula
      • Drake
      • Eddga
      • Evil Snake Lord
      • Garm
      • Golden Thief Bug
      • Incantation Samurai
      • Stormy Knight
      • Maya
      • Mistress
      • Moonlight Flower
      • Orc Hero
      • Orc Lord
      • Osiris
      • Pharaoh
      • Phreeoni
      • Tao Gunka
      • Ygnizem
    • Teleport and Fly Wings are now enabled on Amatsu Dungeon 1st Floor.



In order of left to right: Close Helm, Mitra, Flower Crown, Skull Cap, 3D Glasses, Eremes Guile's Scarf

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