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Changelog 03/13/2019

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  • Additions
    • Added in new Base EXP and First Job EXP tables.
      • Overall, the Base EXP required to reach level 99 is only minimally reduced. However, there is no longer a harsh increase in EXP at level 70.
      • Overall, reaching job level 50 as a first job class will be much easier.
        • For comparison, this is roughly the equivalent of reaching job level 42 in vanilla pre-renewal RO and the equivalent of reaching job level 45 before this patch in Asgard Legend.
    • Added in the Rigidity System.
      • ‚ÄčEvery refinable-equipment will now have a rigidity state on the item.
      • This occurs for items with modifications found from monsters as well as items without modifications purchased at an NPC.
      • These states indicate if an item will be saved or destroyed (deleted) upon a failed refine attempt.
      • These states are the following and will appear as a label in the same manner as random modifications.
        • ‚Äč"Sturdy Rigidity. Item saved on failed refines."
        • "Weak Rigidity. Item saved on failed refines."
        • "Fragile Rigidity. Item destroyed on failed refines."
      • For more detailed information please see the announcement here: 
    • Added a Fish Chef that sell the Fresh Fish item in the following locations
      • alberta,173,138
      • amatsu,206,150
      • comodo,225,164
      • aldebaran,163,97
    • Added a new clothing color option to the Stylist for second job classes. The color is black for most classes.
    • Added in the Orc's Dungeon instance intended for use for levels 40~60.
      • Start location: gef_fild10, 242, 202
      • Requires only one party member to start (i.e. can be done solo)
      • Requires level 20 ~ 80
      • Has a cooldown of 2 hours on a per-character basis.
    • Added in the Endless Tower instance intended for use for level 80+.
      • Start location: alberta 214,77
      • Requires 2+ party members.
      • Requires level 60+ to participate.
      • Has a cooldown of 6 days, 20 hours on a per-character basis.
      • Note: a drop rate penalty of 50% is applied to the entire instance if the same master account generates the instance within 6 days, 20 hours.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed the description of the Orange healing item not properly display HP and SP heal amounts.
    • Fixed critical rate still applying a cap of 100%. It no longer has a maximum.
  • Changes
    • Item Finding (Novice Skill) will now only show items from monsters that spawn naturally.
      • Note: this means that if the monster is spawned via any other method, the item will not show as dropped. An example of this would be Lord of the Dead.
      • Note 2: you may need to get more specific (such as entering in the item ID) if you your searched item does not appear.
    • Monster Memory (Novice Skill) data for all character as been wiped and replaced with a revamped version of the skill.
      • Monsters that don't provide EXP, JEXP, or drop items are no longer added to your memory. I.E. MvP slave monsters are excluded.
      • The search box now accepts both monster names and monster IDs to allow for more accurate results in the off-chance there is a discrepancy.
      • If a monster has been killed before, the following data is now displayed.
        • All monster stats and drops. (same as before)
        • Where the monster spawns at (same as before)
        • The number of times you've killed the monster (new)
        • The number of cards you've found from that monster (new)
    • Magnus Exorcismus (Priest Skill) receives overhaul to be more useful in more situations.
      • Now hits all monsters as long as they have at least one of the following criteria.
        • Elements: Shadow (Dark), Ghost, and Undead
        • Races: Undead and Demon
      • Overall duration increased from 15 seconds to 16 seconds
      • Hit interval decreased from 3 seconds to 2 seconds.
        • Note: this means that the skill has gone from hitting a maximum of 15/3 = 5 times to now 16/2 = 8 times.
      • After-cast Delay reduced from 4 seconds to 1 second.
    • Tomahawk (Item) now has different effects due to merchant classes already having Cursed Tomahawk skill.
      • Retained wind element.
      • Grants additional curse rate at 3% per refine level.
      • Grants an additional +50% damage when using the Cursed Tomahawk skill.
    • Warp Portal (Acolyte Skill) changes
      • Now grants 3 memo locations per skill level. (Max of 9 possible memo locations)
      • The selection menu now shows map name and coordinates instead of the map description to avoid confusion on similar description names.
        • Before: Prontera Field
        • After: prt_fild01 (319,125)
    • Knight / Crusader Skill Changes
      • Brandish Spear no longer requires the player to be mounted on a peco peco.
      • Peco Peco Ride
        • No longer grants maximum weight capacity simply by riding, it is now based on Movement Mastery skill level.
        • Now grants the spear size fix whether the player is mounted or not. I.E. having this skill grants 100% size damage to medium when using a spear regardless of peco.
        • Note: Riding a peco still provides a +25% movement speed.
      • Cavalry Mastery renamed to Movement Mastery.
      • Movement Mastery now grants the following for each skill level:
        • Regains 10% of the lost ASPD while riding a peco. (Maximum level 5: 100% of normal ASPD)
        • Gain a passive +3% per skill level movement speed when unmounted. (does not stack with riding peco speed)
        • Gain +100 maximum weight per skill level when unmounted.
        • Gain +200 maximum weight per skill level when riding a peco (does not stack with unmounted bonus)

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