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Changelog 02/13/2019

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  • Additions
    • Added limited time Valentine's Day themed headgears in place of the New Years headgears. (In-game screenshot showing these headgears in order at the bottom of this post)
      • Strawberry Hat
      • Red Flower Hairband
      • Lover in Mouth
      • Valentine Heart Hairband
      • Pink Heart Eye Patch
      • Memory Of Lovers
      • Love Daddy
    • Added Master Storage and Guild Warehouse options to Kafra's that offer only storage options.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed defense reversing damage from including Angelus and Iron Defense in calculations. Example: using Ice Pick will now deal the same amount of damage regardless of if the target has these two skills. Will be fixed next maintenance.
    • Fixed Lightning Bolt, Fire Bolt, and Cold Bolt not correctly applying additional bolts when used by the sage job class.
    • Battlegrounds Fixes
      • Fixed the lack of BGM on battlegrounds maps.
      • Fixed !joinbg and !leavebg commands requiring an @ symbol.
      • Fixed Battleground's consumables not being usable in Stone Control.
    • Fixed Tailor's EXP rings not mentioning that you can only equip one at a time.
  • Changes
    • All donation headgears now have the same description mentioning that they do not provide stat bonuses of any kind.
    • Unlimited EXP Share should now be referred to Scaling EXP Share Range in order to more accurately describe this aspect.
    • Scaling EXP Share Range follows a new set of formulas for determining how much EXP is earned. The level differences where you will notice a difference are highlighted in orange. Most notably:
      • There is no longer any penalty for being 15 or less levels apart.
      • EXP now scales less harshly and extends further than the previous share range.
    • Battlegrounds Changes
      • The minimum level to participate is now level 70+
      • Announcements about battlegrounds are now only made if there are 2+ people in the queue.
      • Triple Inferno reduced to only 25 skulls needed to win.
      • The Battlegrounds Supplier now offers 1 Bravery Badge for 20 of either Concentration, Awakening, or Berserk Potion.



Valentine's Day Hats



In order: Strawberry Hat, Red Flower Hairband, Lover in Mouth, Valentine Heart Hairband, Pink Heart Eye Patch, Memory Of Lovers, Love Daddy



Scaling EXP Share Range



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