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Battlegrounds and Modification Changes

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With the most recent patch comes two major changes: the introduction of the battlegrounds system and an overhaul of the random modification system. Please read below to stay informed about these important features!


The battlegrounds waiting area can be accessed by speaking with the Maroll Battle Recruiter located in most cities (Such as Izlude 101, 172). There you purchase supplies, purchase rewards, or hang out until the next round. To leave the area, speak with the Teleporter who will send you back to your save location.



Players can join or leave the queue at anytime, anywhere by typing !joinbg (type !leavebg to leave the queue). Game modes are rotated every 120 seconds and once there are enough players in the queue, a match will begin. Players of the queue will then be divided into teams based on their job class with the aim of balancing teams as much as possible. Each team is assigned a fake guild emblem and team color as well as a few guild skills that the team leader is able to use.


There are a few important things to note before participating.

  1. There is currently not a minimum level requirement to participate to allow for more participate to ensure that all game modes are functioning properly. Eventually, there will be a base level requirement of level 75.
  2. There are currently no rewards outside of Battlegrounds-only supplies until battlegrounds as been fully tested.
  3. There are not currently any timers to allow kicking of other players due to inactivity. This will be set based on feedback.


Battlegrounds follows the exact same mechanics as WoE mechanics. For ease of understanding we will refer to (WoE, BG, and GvG) mechanics as simply GvG mechanics. The idea is to introduce battlegrounds before WoE in order to allow for proper balancing of skills on a one-by-one basis. It's important to note that any changes made to balance skill damage or function in GvG mechanics will not apply to using the skill in PvM settings. GvG and PvM are very different and need to be balanced completely separate from one another.


You'll notice that global modifiers are different from vanilla pre-renewal GvG mechanics. This was done to allow more job classes to be useful as DPS. Again, skills will be balanced on a one by one basis as needed.


GvG Adjustments

  • Non-skill melee attacks (i.e. regular attacking) - 95% of original damage
  • Non-skill ranged attacks (i.e. regular attacking) - 90% of original damage
  • Weapon-based skill attacks - 85% of original damage
  • Magic-based skill attacks - 60% of original damage
  • Misc-based skill attacks - 60% of original damage
  • Flee penalty: 20%

Healing Items (all healing items used in GvG)

  • 1 second cooldown between use
  • Healing value is 3x that of what the item would heal in PvM.



Game Modes

  • Team Death Match (4v4)
    • Requires 8 players in the queue to start. Players are then placed on opposite ends of a map with a total of 20 lives for each team. Each death will result in a reduction of 1 life point for the team. Once a team has 0 lives left, they lose the game and the match is over.
  • Triple Inferno (3v3v3)
    • Requires 9 players in the queue to start. Each team fights against 2 other teams. When a player dies, they drop their team color's skull as well as any other skulls they may have on them. Returning skulls of enemy team colors to your base will result in points. The first team to 50 points wins the match.
  • Stone Control (4v4)
    • Requires 8 players in the queue to start. Stones are spawned in the middle of the two teams and players much return the stones to their base. The more stones at your team's base, the more points are obtained each tick. Players can steal stones from bases as well. The first team to 100 points wins the match.
  • Capture the Flag (4v4)
    • Requires 8 players in the queue to start. Each team has a flag in their base that the other team is trying to capture and return to their own base to score points. Holding the flag makes the player incapable of using skills or items. The first team to score 2 points wins.
  • Rush (5v5)
    • Requires 10 players in the queue to start. Two teams compete in a miniature version of WoE:FE and attempt to take and defend a castle.
  • KvM (3v3) - Currently unimplemented, but planned for a future date.
    • Requires 6 players in the queue to start. Each team spawns together on a corner of the map and works to kill the opposing team. The goal is to kill all players from the enemy team. If all players are not killed, the team with the most survivors wins.



At the end of each match, badges are awarded to the winners and losers. Bravery Badge are used for purchasing battlegrounds-only supplies. Valor Badge are used for purchasing all other items. Note that winning, losing, or tying does not change the amount of bravery badges earned as to not influence the amount of supplies the player has for the next match of battlegrounds.

  • Winning
    • 10 Bravery Badges
    • 10 Valor Badges
  • Losing
    • 10 Bravery Badges
    • 4 Valor Badges
  • Tie
    • 10 Bravery Badges
    • 2 Valor Badges



Battlegrounds Only Items
These items are purchased with the Bravery Badges each player earns after completing a match. These are usable within battlegrounds only and will not function elsewhere. The numbers are based off of the fact that each player receives 10 Bravery Badges for completing a round. All items obtained with bravery badges are unable to be sold to NPCs.

  • 1 Bravery Badge - 50 Slim White Potion
  • 1 Bravery Badge - 15 Blue Potion
  • 1 Bravery Badge - 50 Small Acid Bottles
  • 1 Bravery Badge - 50 Small Fire Bottles
  • 1 Bravery Badge - 200 Gold Coin (used for Mammonite)
  • 1 Bravery Badge - 50 Poisoned Gemstone (used for Venom Splasher)
  • 1 Bravery Badge - 30 Blue Gemstone
  • 1 Bravery Badge - 20 Red Gemstone
  • 1 Bravery Badge - 10 Yellow Gemstone



WoE Only Items
These items are purchased with the Valor Badges earned from completing a match. These items also cannot be sold to NPCs and if directly consumable, are only usable inside WoE maps during WoE hours.

  • TBD



Hats and Equipment
The following items are also purchasable with Valor Badges, are completely tradeable, and provide bonus stats as listed

  • TBD



Random Modification Changes
The first aspect that has been changed are the percent chances of finding items with modifications. Below are the new chances of finding items based on the number of modifications. This means that finding an item from a monster is now guaranteed at least one modification, with the other possibilities being increased as well. The overall increase in randomly finding modifications is due to the overall increase in possibilities of modifications as well as to allow more players to experience the system while still retaining the rarity of items with multiple modifications.


Modifications Chances

  • 1 Mod(s) - 100% Chance
  • 2 Mod(s) - 35% Chance
  • 3 Mod(s) - 7% Chance
  • 4 Mod(s) - <0.40% Chance



Weapon Modifications
As of the latest patch, weapon modifications are broken down into categories. Once a modification for a weapon is chosen, no more modifications from the given category can be added to the same weapon again. This means that weapon modifications within the same category cannot exist on the same weapon except in the case of a weapon with 4 modifications. The change was made to allow for increased values and to have more control over modification possibilities to prevent any weapon from becoming too overpowered. Below are the categories.


Category A

  • +4~8% Magical damage against <element> monsters (+2~4% for Level 1/2 Weapons)
  • +4~8% Magical damage against <race> monsters (+2~4% for Level 1/2 Weapons)
  • +3~6% Magical damage against <size> monsters (+2~3% for Level 1/2 Weapons)
  • +4~8% Physical damage against <element> monster (+2~4% for Level 1/2 Weapons)
  • +4~8% Physical damage against <race> monsters (+2~4% for Level 1/2 Weapons)
  • +3~6% Physical damage against <size> monsters (+2~3% for Level 1/2 Weapons)
  • +8~15 critical rate against <race> monsters (+4~8 for Level 1/2 Weapons)

Category B

  • +3~5% ignoring magical defense against all races (+2~3% for Level 1/2 Weapons)
  • +3~5% ignoring physical defense against all races (+2~3% for Level 1/2 Weapons)
  • +3~5% Reduced after cast delay. (+2~3% for Level 1/2 Weapons)
  • +3~5% Reduced cast time (+2~3% for Level 1/2 Weapons)
  • +5~10% Increased effectiveness of healing skills (used by the player) (+3~5% for Level 1/2 Weapons)
  • +4~8% Increased critical damage (+2~4% for Level 1/2 Weapons)
  • +2-3% ASPD (+1~2% for Level 1/2 Weapons)
  • +7~12 HIT (+3~7 for Level 1/2 Weapons)
  • +3~5 critical rate (+2~3 for Level 1/2 Weapons)
  • Indestructible Weapon (except in upgrade attempts)

Category C

  • +2~3% ATK (+1~2% for Level 1/2 Weapons)
  • +2~3% MATK (+1~2% for Level 1/2 Weapons)
  • +6~10 ATK (+2~6 for Level 1/2 Weapons)
  • +9~14 MATK (+4~9 for Level 1/2 Weapons)
  • +2~3 of a Stat (STR, AGI, VIT, DEX, INT, LUK) (+1~2 for Level 1/2 Weapons)



Armor Modifications
Armor modifications are now unable be repeated on the same armor. If a modification is listed in a category below, it no other modifications from that category can exist on the same item (except in the case of 4 modifications). Again, this is to reduce the possibility of obtaining any rare, but overpowered items.

  • Monster Mods
    • +2~3% Resistance against <neutral element> attacks
    • +3~5% Resistance against <other element> attacks
    • +2~3% Resistance against against <race> monsters
    • +2~3% Resistance against <size> monsters
  • Health Mods
    • +75~200 HP
    • +1~2% Max HP
  • SP Mods
    • +7~20 SP
    • +1~2% Max SP
  • +5~10% Increased effectiveness of healing skills (used on the player)
  • +10~20% Base HP regeneration rate
  • +5~10% Base SP regeneration rate
  • +2~4% Decreased SP Consumption
  • +1~2 DEF
  • +2~3 MDEF
  • +2~4 Flee
  • +1~2 Perfect Dodge
  • Indestructible Armor (except in upgrade attempts)

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