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Open Beta Information

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Open Beta

As of August 17th, 2018, Ragnarok: Asgard Legend will officially be in open beta. This means that you can register a master account via the forums, register a game account on the main site, and start playing! The purpose of this open beta is to gather feedback and suggestions from players actually playing and experiencing the game.


What to Expect

There are a few important things to note, however. Firstly, it is a beta and there will likely be bugs or other imperfections to the game that will need tweaking or revisiting. Secondly, this is a passion project that is worked on in my free time; updates and fixes will happen as my schedule allows. I wanted to open the beta up to those interested as to gain feedback as the project is being worked on. There are currently a few features that are missing that will come in later updates to the beta prior to a grand opening. Below is a list of those upcoming features. Otherwise, Asgard Legend should play as advertised on the main site. There are quite a few differences between Ragnarok Online and Asgard Legend; however, the feel the game is going for is a revitalization of pre-renewal mechanics. Below is an incomplete list of some notable features you'll see in-game. There are many, many changes. You'll have to experience the game to find them.


Upcoming Features

  • 2-1 and 2-2 classes - At this time, these classes are complete, but the job quests are not yet released.
  • Hat Quests and Achievements - These are on the very end of the to-do list as they are very dependent on the base game, which needs to be more solidified first.
  • More lore and storyline quests - There are a few NPCs scattered about that hint at some background/lore of the game. However, full-fledged, lengthy quests are not available yet since there may be many changes made to the base-game first.
  • Dungeons/Instances - These are currently unavailable until a decision is reached on how dungeons should be implemented. There is an on-going discussion about how these should be implemented.
  • More areas of the world map - Currently, only a portion of the entire RO world is available. More areas will be released as time passes in the same episode format as before.



How to Help

If you have a passion for Ragnarok Online and like to hunt for bugs, make suggestions, provide feedback, or just want to experience something entirely new in RO, there's only a few steps to start out.

  1. Register a master account by registering on the forums. (Only one per person!)
  2. Create a game account or two on the main site.
  3. Download the client from the main site.

Feel free to create a character or two, explore the world, change jobs, change professions, etc. Since there are quite a number of differences between Ragnarok Online and Asgard Legend, there's plenty to test, experience, and provide feedback on.


EDIT: The download links are now available on the main site: https://www.asgardlegend.com/main/play

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Extremely excited for this project, thank you very much for your work!

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Updated the first post for anyone that might have missed it.


The download links are now up for anyone who wants to download and install prior to August 17th. https://www.asgardlegend.com/main/play

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