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Changelog 12/13/2018

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The last changelog before launch! Be sure to run your patcher before playing to avoid any errors.



  • Additions
    • Added a 2,000z discount on Inn fees for members of the clan that owns the territory. Does not apply to all Inns as not all Inns are part of territories.
    • Added in the beginning of the main story line. It is automatically initiated after leaving the Izlude Academy, though it is completely optional.
      • Currently does not reward EXP or items, though has other benefits.
      • Note that the main story is an on-going quest that will be added to over time.
    • Added population logging by the hour to be able to see what hours are most active and other analysis purposes.
    • Added two thief-only bows to assist with becoming a bow rogue without having to reset stats. Both are sold in the Payon weapon dealer. Note that when you change jobs to Rogue, you can no longer use these bows.
      • Bow of Thieves [3] - 1,750z - 11 cell range - 29 ATK - Weapon level 1 - Required Base Level 10
      • Bow of Rogue [1] - 24,500z - 11 cell range - 75 ATK - Weapon level 3 - Required Base Level 33
    • Added the following headgear quests for launch. More to come! View the full list here: https://www.asgardle...ble-hat-quests/
      • Alarm Mask
      • Drooping Cat
      • Smokie Leaf
      • Lazy Smokie
      • Blue Fish
      • Kitsune Mask
      • Helmet of Orc Hero
      • Doctor Band
      • Feather Bonnet
      • Opera Masque
      • Sakkat
      • Baby Pacifier
      • Mystic Rose
  • Fixes
    • Fixed some of the wizard job change questions.
    • Fixed the guild skill extension in-game text. It now correctly states +2 spaces per guild extension level.
  • Changes
    • Changed possible CRIT (non-race-based) bonuses from weapon modifications
      • Level 1 and Level 2 weapons CRIT bonus is now +1~2
      • Level 3 and Level 4 weapons CRIT bonus is now +1~3
    • Changed Double Strafe (Rogue Only) pre-requisites. It now only requires Vulture's Eye level 5.
    • Changed Auto-Counter (Knight Skill) to be level-selectable

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