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Changelog 12/09/2018

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  • Additions
    • Added in Mr. Tester to Izlude (top-left island)
      • Each master account created before the beta ended will have the ability to choose one costume hat from the list (see in-game)
      • The player is able to preview the headgear before making a final selection.
      • Upon selection, the player will receive an achievement and "Bug Squasher" title.
    • Added in all of the achievements for launch day. Too many to list out here! View them in-game under the achievement window.
      • Launch has 65 achievements related to various aspects of the game, but more will be added as time rolls on.
      • Rewards for these are very minimal, if at all, as achievements are intended to be just for fun and optional.
    • Added !autotrade command for normal players
      • Removed the autotrade scrolls from tool dealers.
    • Added in the Christmas 2018 event. See here: https://www.asgardle...gend-christmas/
      • Runs from December 14th through December 31st.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed an issue related to the new trap skill formula when used by monsters.
    • Fixed the costume maker not properly listing items.
    • Fixed status bonuses, like box of resentment, from not showing up in the window.
    • Fixed zipper bear card not properly awarding bonus ATK.
    • Fixed critical wounds from quick strike not properly applying the effect.
    • Fixed looting-type monsters from consuming items if they have no more room. They simply will not consume items once "full."
    • Fixed the rendering effect in the Christmas Izlude version.
    • Fixed some monster name discrepancies. The following monsters now have the standardized names as they are listed below.
      • Seal
      • Archer Skeleton
      • Soldier Skeleton
      • Snake (formerly known as Boa)
      • Sidewinder (formerly known as Side Winder)
      • Shell Picky (formerly known as just Picky)
      • Axe Kobold
      • Hammer Kobold
      • Mace Kobold
      • Knife Goblin
      • Flail Goblin
      • Axe Goblin
      • Hammer Goblin
      • Mace Goblin
      • Goblin Steamrider
      • Baby Desert Wolf
      • Arclouze
      • Firelock Soldier
      • Evil Nymph
      • Dumpling Child
      • Samurai Specter
      • Zealotus
      • Ogretooth
      • Wanderer
      • Abysmal Knight
      • Nereid
      • Hermit Plant
      • Taoist Hermit
      • Enchanted Peach Tree
      • Miyabi Doll
      • Mutant Dragonoid
      • Egnigem Cenia
      • Wickebine Tres
      • Armeyer Dinze
      • Errende Ebecee
      • Kavach Icarus
      • Laurell Weinder
      • Seyren Windsor
      • Eremes Guile
      • Howard Alt-Eisen
      • Margaretha Sorin
      • Cecil Damon
      • Kathryne Keyron
  • Changes
    • The Ring of Nibelungen - Damage bonus decreased from 40 per skill level -> 30 per skill level
    • A Drum on the Battlefield - Damage bonus decreased from 20 per skill level -> 10 per skill level.
    • Finger Offensive
      • Each cast still only consumes 1 spirit sphere, but now does number of hits equal to spirits available.
        • Example: if you use level 5 with only 4 spirit spheres, it will only do 4 hits.
      • Damage decreased from 50% per level to 25% per level.
      • Cast time reduced from 1000ms + (1000ms * spirits) to 500ms + (500ms * spirits)
    • New formula for potion brewing as an alchemist that doesn't rely on stats to better align it with other stat-less crafting.
      • Base Success = (Learning Potion Level × 1%) + (Pharmacy Level × 3%) + (Job Level x 1%) + ((Base Level + 1) x 0.11%)
      • Success + 10% if wearing merchant card set
      • Success -10% for Blue Potion, Anodyne, Aloevera, Embryo, and Elemental Potions
      • Success -15% for Slim Yellow Potion, Slim Red Potion, Slim White Potion, and Glistening Coat
    • Added in the merchant card set to blacksmith forging formula
      • Forging Success + 10% if wearing merchant card set
    • Drop rate changes (Karvo/Detri/Alcohol)
      • Horong alcohol drop rate increased from 0.5% -> 3.25%
      • Black/Red Mushroom (Karvodailnirol/Detrimindexta/Alcohol) drop rate increased from 0.5% -> 1.5%
      • Remover karvodailnirol drop rate increased from 1% -> 3.25%
      • Poison Spore karvodailnirol drop rate increased from 0.5% -> 1%
      • Deviace detrimindexta drop rate increased from 2% -> 5%
    • Party buffs no longer cause flinch via a casting animation. I.E. You won't say the skill name and stop moving. The following skills are affected
      • Gloria
      • Magnificat
      • Angelus
      • Adrenaline Rush
      • Over Thrust
      • Weapon Perfection
    • Changed Kafra position in Izlude to the south side of the main area for easier access. (119,126)
    • Changed Pirate Skeleton Card. It now grants a chance of casting level 1 Coin Sap on attacking. Still attaches to accessory. Card prefix changed from "discount" to "cash".
    • Clans now have a percentage cap on the maximum number of members relative to other clans.
      • This is to promote people selecting different clans and to prevent everyone from being in one clan.
      • Once a clan's member count reaches greater than 33% of the total population of clans, joining is disabled for that clan.
      • This does not apply if the clan has below 30 members total for the sake of joining clans at launch.
    • Clans will now auto-kick members that have been inactive for over 2 weeks.

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