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Changelog 09/17/2018

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  • Additions
    • Added a Master Storage option to the Kafra Employees. This is a storage that is linked between all game accounts under your master account.
    • Added in the following commands for all players in order to help test out game mechanics.
      • Note: There are many items and job classes that are not available in-game, but are selectable through @commands. Please do not report issues with things that are not normally available in-game as a regular player. Do not create items or do anything of which you are unsure of as you may crash your game and/or get your character stuck. These commands are intended for testing what is currently available.
      • Commands: @commands to view all available.
    • Added in the Homunculus System. The skill is available simply by completing the alchemist job change test. Notes about homunculus below.
      • Intimacy is earned about 2.5x faster than before.
      • All homunculus require the item "Pet Food" to feed them.
      • All homunculus are small size at first, then medium size once evolved.
      • All homunculus are considered demi-human race.
      • All homunculus are considered neutral element.
      • Mental Change on Lif simply swaps MATK and ATK (alongside the stat boost). It does not do double damage.
        • EX: If your Lif's MATK after using Mental Change is 1345, you will do ~1300 damage, and not ~2600 damage
      • Homunculus have had a stat rework. In general, the homunculus should be filling the following niches much better without any of them feeling pointless to use.
        • Lif - Support role. Good for keeping the alchemist healed.
        • Amistr - Tank role. Good for taking the damage away from the player while dealing heavy, but slow damage.
        • Filir - The high DPS role. Good for dealing high levels of DPS, but is very vulnerable to damage itself.
        • Vanilmirth - Decent at all roles, but not the best at any.
    • Added spears to the weapon shop in Izlude.
    • Added a weapon dealer to prt_monk (135, 263) that sells maces and fists.
    • Added in a costume system for future use in hat quests. Costume items are displayed as "Costume's Hat" and will equip as a costume with no stats.
  • Fixes
    • Fly Wings and Butterfly Wings are now usable while mounted.
    • Fixed Efficiency skill description as well as fixed the client-sided with it's max level.
    • Fixed Acid Terror and Demonstration not mentioning the item requirements for the different skill levels.
    • Fixed homunculus skills being usable while mounted with the "Call Mount" skill.
  • Changes
    • Refinement System Changes
      • Note: Armors remain the same in terms of success rates and DEF bonuses as in pre-renewal.
      • Weapon Upgrade Bonuses (Note that +4 is the new safe limit for all weapons)
        • Weapon Lv. 1 - Every +1 upgrade gives +3 ATK (+4 ATK for every upgrade beyond +4).
        • Weapon Lv. 2 - Every +1 upgrade gives +4 ATK (+5 ATK for every upgrade beyond +4).
        • Weapon Lv. 3 - Every +1 upgrade gives +7 ATK (+12 ATK for every upgrade beyond +4).
        • Weapon Lv. 4 - Every +1 upgrade gives +13 ATK (+20 ATK for every upgrade beyond +4).
      • Weapon Upgrade Success Rates from +1 ~ +10
        • Weapon Lv. 1 - 100%, 100%, 100%, 100%, 80%, 80%, 80%, 60%, 40%, 25%
        • Weapon Lv. 2 - 100%, 100%, 100%, 100%, 80%, 70%, 60%, 40%, 25%, 25%
        • Weapon Lv. 3 - 100%, 100%, 100%, 100%, 80%, 60%, 60%, 25%, 25%, 25%
        • Weapon Lv. 4 - 100%, 100%, 100%, 100%, 60%, 40%, 25%, 25%, 25%, 10%
      • Rough Oridecon and Rough Elunium are now converted in mass amounts through the NPC instead of having to convert each one.
      • Emveretarcon when purchased from NPCs is now 3,000z each and sells for 500z to NPCs as to not change the value of any monsters.
        • This is done to balance out +4 Lv. 2 Weapons vs +0 Lv. 3 Weapons making them more comparable in terms of price since they will typically do similar damage on low to mid-leveled characters.
    • Weapon Modification System Changes
      • Level 1 and Level 2 weapons now have lower maximum values for randomly generated modifications.
      • Level 3 and Level 4 weapons have slightly higher maximum values in comparison to Level 1 and 2.
    • Mastery Skill Changes
      • All Weapon Mastery skills now grant +25 ATK and +5% damage at maximum level when wielding the appropriate weapon
        • NOTE: Spears gain +35 ATK when mounted on a peco.
    • Quick Strike (Thief Skill) now deals additional damage when the user is wielding two daggers or swords.
      • Quick Strike also will do the /omg emote when critical wounds are successfully applied.
    • Merchant Skill Tree Changes
      • Overcharge and Discount skills are removed.
      • Axe Mastery passive skill has been added.
      • Ore Discovery skill has been added.
    • Rogue Skill Tree Changes
      • Added Preserve skill. Requires Plagiarism Level 10.
    • Removed the skill Power Up from MvPs as it is not needed for second classes vs. MvPs.
    • Homunculus SP regeneration is halved to prevent endless homunculus skill spam. (Should be more akin to normal pre-renewal).
    • Slightly reduced overall attack of Filir in aims to balance their damage output.
    • Removed monster talk with the one quest-related exception.

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Okay, about the DC/OC change...


I feel it's a bit too much to remove them as a whole even though I understand all the reasoning behind it and completely support it. I just think that this would be removing one of merchant's core mechanic, the reason people create them and also a great utility for merchants and evolutions.


What I suggest is adding an Active quest skill that's called 'Merchanting', said quest would be pretty easy and trivial to be completed for low level merchants. When clicking that skill, it would trigger a /navi behaviour directing the merchant to a random store across rune midgard (Think of Taekwon's Mission skill, that it "announces" on top of the player's screen + /navi). This store would be the only one you'd be able to sell items with OC/DC lv.4 effect for a determined amount of time before the effect fades away and would randomly pick one of the MISC Vendors, not the major ones. 


Once the merchant evolves to Blacksmith/Alchemist it'd automatically improve the skill level to 2. At level 2, this skill would prompt an option when the skill is used (kinda like Teleport lv.1 vs. Teleport lv.2) with the options Major Vendors -OR- Misc Vendors and would also increase the effect of OC/DC to lv.8. That way, these classes would have higher chances of getting better and more convenient vendors (as it'd make more sense lore-wise as a more reputable merchant would have easier access to bigger vendors in major cities) while making them move around in order to get better prices. As that's basically what merchanting means. 


So before we start, let me just define what'd be Major and Misc city vendors:


Major Vendors:

  • Tool, Weapon & Armor Dealers at major cities (Prontera, Morroc, Alberta, Payon, Geffen, Izlude or Al De Baran)
  • Comodo's Tool Dealer (the only one that sells Berserker potion)
  • Class Specific Weapon Dealers (Fist Weapons, Whips, Musical Instruments, etc)


  • Tool, Weapon & Armor Dealers from small cities or random places (Alberta, Amatsu, Kunlun, Treasure Island, Pyramids, etc)
  • Misc Vendors (Butcher, Flower Lady, etc) at big cities (Prontera, Morroc, Alberta, Payon, Geffen or Al De Baran)


I think it adds a nice mechanic that actually makes sense with the class lore and it wouldn't mess with the new passive skills you guys are thinking about that I think that are amazing additions to the class. Also, it encourages people to actually level Merchants and focus on them, unlike today that merchants are usually just leveled up until they get OC/DC + Shop to lvl 10. 



I don't know if that's mechanically possible or if it's TOO complicated but I'm open for any feedbacks. 

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For starters, we don't have the /navi system with the exception of clicking on mini-map icons. Though it wouldn't be too troublesome to re-add the system. I just disabled it because I think aside from the mini-maps it's clunky and would contain a bunch of inaccurate information and/or require a bunch of work to make it compatible with such a custom overworld.
But I do like where you're going to sticking to the merchant class "theme" or "lore" where they are the kings of trade and haggling, getting items for cheaper and selling items for more. I think that's a pretty hard system to balance when you consider that anyone can make an alt merchant and have access to the skills while playing something completely different. It negates the uniqueness of the class. But I am all for adding in new ways to add to the merchant theme.
My only worry with what you suggested would be that it might just add an extra step of tedium to the game. So I could sell my misc items for 100,000z to the NPC, but if I only I stored all my misc items, made an alt merchant, used the merchanting skill, and walked to the vendor, I could turn that 100,000z into 120,000z. So if I didn't go through those steps, I'd feel like I was missing out, but doing those steps would likely be annoying for most people. I already get annoyed that I have to waste time storing items to sell on an OC/DC alt merch as-is because if I don't, I feel like I'm just missing out on free zeny.

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Ok, still on OC/DC idea but actually adding a new interesting mechanic to the class. The idea would be to reward the merchant with a Delivery Token for completing a Merchanting Mission. 
It'd be a skill that every merchant has at lv.1 (without spending any skill pts) as soon as it changes its job to merchant. Once clicked, the skill would randomly choose a Vendor for the player to talk to. The assigned NPC would give the player a delivery crate and a recipient that'll always be another vendor somewhere else. The player has to deliver that box, just like Merchant's Job Quest. Once completed, the player receives a Delivery Token which is an useless, stackable and weightless item. 
You can exchange these tokens on the Merchant's guild for a bunch of goodies relevant to the class. It could be like:
  • 3 tokens = (Random) Item Discount Coupon (i.e:  15% OFF Katar Discount Coupon - where the type of item and the % are random values)
  • 8 tokens = (Random) City Discount Coupon (i.e: 25% OFF Morroc Discount Coupon - where the city and the % are random values). 
  • 10 tokens = Exclusive Costume Hat
  • 15 tokens = Combat Loan (Item that grants free mammonitas for x mins when used)
  • 20 tokens = Selected Item Discount Coupon (i.e: 12% OFF (Selected Type) Discount Coupon - where just the % is the random value)
  • 25 tokens = Selected City Discount Coupon (i.e: 17% OFF (Selected City) Discount Coupon - where just the % is the random value)
  • 50 tokens = Hire Merchanting Spy - When bought, this upgrade now tells the player where his delivery spot is (i.e: Meet Comodo's Tool Dealer to start the Merchanting Mission - He needs his goods delivered to Payon)
  • 75 tokens = Grand Merchant Title


This opens up for a shit ton of potential rewards and also creates an entire new system that merchants can use even though they're not REQUIRED to do that if they don't feel like it. Also it makes use of a very simple mechanic that's long forgotten after you complete the merchant job change quest. It was really hard to think of the rewards and these are just placeholders so you guys are free to help me out with these if you want to hahah

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