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Asgard Legend in 2022

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The Upcoming Year in Asgard Legend


Happy New Year, everyone! Asgard Legend has now been open and running for three years, and I just wanted to take a moment to thank the community for all of their continued feedback, suggestions, and contributions in helping make Asgard Legend the server that it is today. As a thank you, and in honor of our third year anniversary, there will be some gifts available to all of our veteran players in the coming month who have continued to support us.


While development has slowed since starting a new career, rest assured that the server isn't going anywhere and that we will still be updating the server as much as possible. Below is a tentative outline of what is planned and a general order of operations for our goals of 2022. Of course, there is an ever-growing list of bugs and suggestions to be implemented that will be included throughout the year when possible.


Upcoming Additions/Features:

  1. Expanded Third Job Classes
    • This will first consist of Kagerou/Oboro (identical classes) followed by Star Emperor and Soul Reaper second (separate classes).
    • Our top priority currently is to make sure that every job class is complete with their third job class available before moving on to other content.
  2. Revisiting and Expanding the Main Storyline
    • This has been long overdue and nearly untouched since the launch of Asgard Legend. The original goal of the main storyline was to give the player some potential structure, if so desired, but to make sure that it is entirely optional. However, we recognize that there needs to be some reward, and with all of the changes to EXP tables, skills, and new classes, the beginning of main storyline needs revisiting to ensure that it is something the player can follow from the start of the game, the questing matches the player's ability, and that the player feels correctly compensated for their efforts.
    • After revisiting the current main quest, expect to see some further additions which will include more lore and areas to explore. This includes, but is not limited to, a Prontera Prison Instance, a server-wide concentrated effort to revive Prontera's Town, and the beginnings of finding new worlds outside of Midgard.
  3. Alternative 3rd Job Classes (3-2)
    • Since all job classes should have the ability to change into 3rd job classes by this point, 3-2 classes will be introduced one-by-one with no particular order in mind at the time of this post.
    • This is also a reminder that if a character is created before the 3-2 job is introduced, players are given the opportunity to switch (with a job level reset) one time from 3-1 job classes to 3-2 job classes. Characters created after a 3-2 job is introduced will not be eligible for this opportunity.
  4. Mini-Games and Time Trials
    • One of the biggest things missing in Asgard Legend is the ability for the player to "create" their own content and partake in things outside of the usual monsters hunting for EXP or drops. The remedy for this is to create unique mini-games, time trials, and other forms of content for the player to do both solo or in a group that don't simply revolve around EXP/item farming.
  5. Status Effects Overhaul
    • This has been discussed for quite some time and will be quite a large undertaking requiring much discussion, feedback, and testing as we work our way through the many statuses of Ragnarok. The purpose of the overhaul is to make sure that statuses are not something that are considered all or nothing and that they have more function in general gameplay in order to create a more interactive experience. Currently, you either completely ignore the status via 100% resistance / inconsequential effects or you are on the opposite end, rage-quitting because the status resulted in instant death. The goal is to make most status effects fall somewhere in the middle of this spectrum and ensure that status effects more correctly match the shorter duration of monster interactions that exist in RO.
  6. And much more!
    • There are likely tons of things not covered by this post as there is already a massive backlog of ideas, feedback, and suggestions left by the community over the years. We do our best to make sure that nothing is overlooked or forgotten, but always be sure to use !suggest on discord to make sure that your idea is logged.



Here's to a great 2022!

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