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Changelog 09/09/2021 - [Asgardian Mode]

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  • Additions
    • Added in Asgardian Mode (see below for details).
      • Available from the Izlude Ship when creating a brand new character.
      • Asgardian Mode is intended to introduce an optional challenge for those who seek it.
    • Added in Spell Book(Jack Frost) to the Spell Book dealer in Geffen.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed Gloom Under Night being holy element when it should be ghost element.
    • Fixed Gloom Under Night not regenerating HP when not being attacked.
    • Fixed the map iz_ac01 disallowing !memo when it should only be iz_ac02 (the second floor of The Izlude Academy) that is blocked.
    • Fixed the Bargain Hunter's Catalogue for the following items: Evil Bone Wand, Blush, Goibne's equipment, Shadow Walk.
    • Fixed Chain Lightning (High Wizard Skill) description regarding number of hits if there are no chains possible.
    • Fixed !settings not having the menu option setting to disable BG announcements.
    • Fixed Rekenber Wing not warping to correct locations.
    • Fixed a few Morroc fields missing night time effects.
    • Fixed an issue regarding the invisible mini-map of ra_temin.
    • Fixed missing Tiyanak Card image.
    • Fixed NPC_INITIATIVE (Monster Only Skill) not working as intended.
    • Fixed Sabbath in-game item description regarding the weapon's attack.
    • Fixed Battlegrounds-Only items not working in Flavius game mode.
    • Fixed status icon description for the clan statuses.
    • Fixed Convenio (High Priest Skill) recalling buying and vending shops.
  • Changes
    • Gremlin monster now uses sonic blow only on ra_san05 and uses a lower level of sonic blow when uncloaked.
    • Adjusted drop rates and experience of Gremlin.
    • Adjusted spawn rates on Rachel Sanctuary Floor 5.
    • Increased EXP of all Rachel Sanctuary monsters by ~20%.
    • Increased Tusk EXP by ~60%.
    • Item ownership timer (non-mvp items) reduced from 30s to 15s.
    • Natural HP regeneration is now allowed during movement.
    • Introduced a monster-only Teleport Lv 11 skill which teleports the monster into a random cell in a 26x26 area rather than map-wide.
    • Green Ferus, Red Ferus, Gold Acidus, and Blue Acidus now make use of the above Teleport Lv 11 when rude-attacked.
    • Union Status is now removed on logout to prevent errors upon re-logging in union state.
    • Baphomet Card splash damage area increased by 1 cell radius.
    • Apocalipse Card effect changed. Now only provides +1 VIT, but Max HP for being refined to +8 increased to 1300.
    • Armor Charm + Padded Armor combination now additionally increases DEF by +10%.



Asgardian Mode - Identified with (A) next to name.

  • Experience Earned
    • Base and Job experience is earned at a different rate based on base level.
      • EXP = Original EXP * ((Base Lv / 3) + 17) / 100
    • In a party with EXP Share enabled:
      • If there are any non-Asgardian Mode players in the party, EXP is further reduced by 90%.
        • Note 1: If there are only Asgardian Mode players in the party, this penalty does not apply.
        • Note 2: This only affects the individual and does not affect other party members.
      • Asgardian Mode players must be within the same visible area as the monster being killed and must not be considered idle to receive EXP.
        • Note: This means that in order to receive party-share EXP, you will need to active and close enough to see the monster being killed in order to benefit.
  • Death
    • There is no experience loss on death.
    • The player cannot be resurrected by other players and must return to save point.
  • Healing
    • Skills used on Asgardian Mode players heal for 50% of their original values.
      • Note: Other methods of healing, such as natural regeneration and using items are unchanged.
    • Inns are always free, but do not provide status enhancements when used (likewise, leveling up does not provide status enhancements)
  • Stats, Skills, and Resets
    • Stat resets are not allowed; however, players are able to reallocate up to 10 of a base stat, once per week (done via the Mesmerist)
    • Skill resets are not allowed.
    • Exceptions to this rule:
      • Any drastic changes to skills that necessitate resets for skills, stats, or both may happen due to balancing changes.
      • After changing to 2nd job class, the Mesmerist offers a full reset of stats and skills as long as the player is meets the following criteria: 2nd job class, less than base level 70 and less than job level 10.
  • Traversing Maps
    • Fly Wings and Teleport are allowed; however, if the players meets one of the following criteria in the last 3000 ms, teleport is disabled.
      • Logging in
      • Receiving damage
      • Being casted upon
  • Base Mechanics
    • Asgardian Mode players must pick between a -15% flee penalty, +20% increased damage received, or both.
    • There is no longer a +35% hit rate minimum for Asgardian Mode players in the hit/flee formula. Instead, final hit rate is multiplied by 1.15x.
      • Note: If the player picks both penalties, they are able to retain the 35% hit rate minimum.
  • Item and Zeny Restrictions
    • Asgardian Mode players are required to be self-sufficient in that all items and zeny must be earned on the Asgardian character and trading is prohibited.
    • Asgardian Mode players are unable to access the bank.
    • Asgardian Mode players are unable to trade items or zeny by any means; however, they are able to access a character-specific storage via Kafras.
    • In order to pick items from the ground, the item must have been placed there by a monster killed by an asgardian.
  • Rewards and Other Benefits
    • Exclusive Asgardian Mode costume hats received at various levels to be claimed in the Izlude Training Group.
      • Level 40: Izlude Academy Hat (18730)
      • Level 70: Old Rune Circlet (18971)
      • Level 90: Fortier Mask (18737)
      • Level 99: Garuda Hat (18508)
    • Option to enable/disable the "bio 3" effect around your character at all times.
    • 500 Kafra Points upon reaching level 99.
    • The cost to remove cards from equipment at the Wise Old Woman is reduced from 10,000,000z to 100,000z.
    • Access to a special item shop in the Izlude Training Group that offers general supplies.
  • Miscellaneous Things to Note
    • Asgardian Mode is currently not enabled for Ninja or Taekwon branches as their 3rd job classes do not exist.

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